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Jacob Fischler


Rural Electric Co-Ops to Get $10.7B in Clean Energy Grants, Loans

The Agriculture Department says the money marks the largest single funding effort for rural electrification in the U.S. since the 1930s.


House GOP Would Make It Easier for Feds to Give Public Lands Away to States

The rule would apply to any land owned by the federal government, almost all of which is in 11 Western states and Alaska.


U.S. Senate votes to bar TikTok from government devices as state bans multiply

The states that have announced bans in the past two weeks include Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, New Hampshire and Tennessee. 


A Pivotal Moment for States and Localities Electrifying Their Fleets

Technology breakthroughs, federal funding and grants are reducing barriers to going electric with government-owned vehicles.


A $5B Turning Point for Reducing Homelessness

Long-term efforts to get homeless people into permanent housing will be jump-started by the massive infusion in federal relief funds flowing into localities and states.


Why States Have Been Slow Paying Out Billions in Federal Rental Aid

Congress approved over $46 billion to help cover overdue rent. Struggling households and frustrated landlords are still waiting on the money.


Biden’s Pause on Oil Leases Could Squeeze State Budgets

But experts caution that it’s hard to know at this point what the financial toll could ultimately look like.

Digital Government

California’s Unemployment Backlog Grew to Over 1 Million Applications. Will Automation Speed Up Payments?

State unemployment agencies have started automating identity verification in the hopes of more quickly processing record numbers of new applications. But experts say more fixes to flawed systems are also necessary.

Digital Government

States Urge Congress to Help with Skyrocketing Tech Costs

As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, states spent big on information technology as employees started working from home and antiquated systems like unemployment websites needed fast upgrades.