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Jenni Bergal

Public Safety

Early Warning System Pinpoints Flooded Roads in Some States

Nearly a dozen states are using real-time, hyper-local monitoring to assess potential flooding at specific bridges or roads.

Public Safety

Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals Put Patients at Risk

In 2020 and 2021, U.S. health care facilities faced at least 168 such attacks.

Public Safety

Residents Left Behind as Pandemic Hurts Bus Companies

Publicly funded bus services in rural communities fared better, but “in a lot of major urban areas, commuters aren’t coming back.”

Tech & Data

Ukraine War Puts US Cities, States on Cyber Alert

Local governments are seeing more phishing probes from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Tech & Data

States Use Road Sensors to Combat Treacherous ‘Tire Carcasses’

A growing number of states are hoping to use sensor technology embedded in the pavement to fight climate change, keep traffic flowing and save lives.

Tech & Data

Think Twice Before Scanning That QR Code

“Cybercriminals always look for disruption to cause disruption.”


Fraudsters Set to Pounce on Massive Infrastructure Money

“Monitoring is critical. You have to have somebody looking,” says president of the Association of Inspectors General.


Small Cities Worry Cybersecurity Money Won't Reach Them

Ransomware attacks have wreaked havoc on state and local governments. There are new federal cybersecurity grants to help but small places may lack the staff resources to get them.


No More Stairs: Cash Influx to Make Transit More Accessible

More than 25 million Americans have self-reported travel-limiting disabilities.

Public Safety

Surging Catalytic Converter Thefts Spur State Crackdowns

The pollution control devices contain precious metals worth thousands of dollars per ounce.

Tech & Data

Natural Disasters Can Set the Stage for Cyberattacks

Indiana and some other state and local governments are trying to prepare by holding drills or creating preparedness plans.

Health & Human Services

Cities See Trash Cleanup Programs as a Way to Combat Homelessness

“At first, I said, ‘Picking up trash?’ I had to let my pride go—and I did.”

Tech & Data

Biden Signs School Cybersecurity Bill

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will study the cyber risks facing elementary and secondary schools and develop recommendations to assist schools in facing those challenges.


Transit Agencies Lease Real Estate to Generate Much-Needed Cash

They must replace revenue from riders, who have been slow to return.

Tech & Data

Expired Driver’s Licenses Open Lane for Cybercriminals

Fraudsters send out texts or emails falsely warning that the target’s license needs to be updated, is missing information or is expiring.

Tech & Data

Cybercriminals Strike Another Hospital System

Hackers struck Memorial Health System, which operates facilities in Ohio and West Virginia.

Public Safety

Deadly Crashes on Rural Roads Prompt New Safety Efforts

The fatality rate on rural roads is twice as high as on urban ones.

Tech & Data

States Weigh Bans on Ransomware Payoffs

The idea is that this would deter attacks because cybercriminals would know they couldn’t get paid.