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Jim Richberg

Jim Richberg is public sector field CISO and VP of information security at Fortinet.

It takes a team to secure operational technology

State and local governments must look for federal and private-sector partners.

Digital Government

Why Neighboring States and Localities Should Collaborate on Cybersecurity

COMMENTARY | With $1 billion in federal grants on the way, it's a prime moment for governments to look at new ways to partner on cyber issues, including by reaching across state lines.


Protect elections by prioritizing public awareness of cyber defenses

By turning the spotlight on the processes and technologies that undergird election security, state and local cyber leaders can thwart malign foreign influence activities before they can take hold.


Staying strong against evolving ransomware

As cybercriminals expand the ransomware-as-a-service market with new variants to increase their potential profits, governments must significantly step up efforts to protect agencies, networks, personnel and citizens.


Pandemic underscores the importance of security, agility for remote work

Secure, remote work environments enhance productivity, ensure continuity of operations and open the door to recruiting and retaining a more diverse and motivated government workforce.