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Jim Tyrrell

Jim Tyrrell is a principal JBoss solutions architect, Public Sector, Red Hat.
Digital Government

Java is alive and well in federal IT

The 20-year-old programming language can help agencies create faster, more flexible and efficient development processes.


Middleware can help agencies excel in an Industry 4.0 and 3rd Platform world

Core infrastructure blocks of traditional middleware can collect, empower and disseminate information, provide insights to users and become the highway for moving data around.

Digital Government

More steps to making mobile-first a winning strategy

IT managers who want to turn their agencies into mobile technology powerhouses must help navigate cultural shifts, embrace constant innovation and enable increased security.

Digital Government

5 steps to a mobile-first strategy

In the ever-changing mobile world, a sound strategy includes the careful selection of projects and technologies that facilitate agility and flexibility.


5 steps to building a microservices foundation

Standardizing on ecosystems and platforms that free up resources and correct failed workloads can serve as the basis for microservices.