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Kevin Coleman

Kevin Coleman is a senior fellow with the Technolytics Institute, former chief strategist at Netscape, and an adviser on cyber warfare and security. He is also the author of "Cyber Commander's Handbook." He can be reached by e-mail at:

Does keeping cyberattacks secret endanger US?

Undisclosed cyber incident information in the nonclassified environment puts U.S. security and the economy at great risk, writes blogger Kevin Coleman.


Are hackers too much for US defense forces?

The blur between criminal acts in cyberspace, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and acts of cyber aggression by rogue nations has placed the United States in a very precarious position.


Lack of cyber pros puts US in dangerous position

A severe shortage of experienced cyber professionals leaves the nation vulnerable to cyberattacks that might inflict death and damage.


Those behind Stuxnet attack might not be who we think they are

The countries with the ability to pull off an attack like this, often mentioned as suspects, would also be able to cover their tracks.


Browser exposure

Researchers have identified a critical Zero-Day vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and IE 7 that hints at a larger problem, writes Kevin Coleman, a senior fellow with the Technolytics Institute.