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Maurice Uenuma

Maurice Uenuma is vice president, federal and enterprise, at Tripwire.

Maintaining zero trust over time: Why set-it and forget-it won’t work

Zero trust requires continuous revalidation of trustworthiness -- of the devices, services and identities connecting into an enterprise environment, as well as the systems to which they are connecting.


Sustaining large-scale, long-term remote telework security

If maximum telework becomes the norm for government agencies, it is likely to impact every area of business from network infrastructure to security clearances.


Why integrity matters in 2020

In the coming decade, agencies must refocus on integrity by protecting data and systems from modification or deletion by unauthorized parties and ensuring damage can be repaired or reversed.


Is the inability to baseline systems crippling cybersecurity progress and oversight?

Rather than just guessing where attackers may be or trying to harden systems in a tactical sense, baselining actually operationalizes enterprise risk management.