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Nir Kshetri

Nir Kshetri is a professor of management at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Cybercriminals use pandemic to attack schools and colleges

Thanks to unsafe devices, distracted security staff and COVID-inspired phishing schemes, cyberattacks have hit schools and colleges harder than any other industry during the pandemic.


Ransomware criminals are targeting US universities

Cybercriminals can launch massive phishing attacks targeting users of campus networks and gain access to highly desirable and sensitive information related to research, patents and other types of intellectual property data.


Blockchain voting is vulnerable to hackers, software glitches and bad ID photos -- among other problems

The few small-scale tests run so far have identified problems and vulnerabilities in the digital systems and government administrative procedures that must be resolved before blockchain-based voting can be considered safe and trustworthy.

Emerging Tech

Chinese internet users turn to the blockchain to fight against government censorship

Truly decentralized blockchains can challenge authoritarian nations' grip over their populations, but government-friendly versions are being developed that help suppress content objectionable to the Chinese.


As digital threats grow, will cyber insurance take off?

Although cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated, the cyber insurance market’s extremely small size suggests that organizations might have underrated its importance.


Using blockchain to secure the 'internet of things'

Blockchain-based systems that check in for updates would help all IoT manufacturers secure their devices.