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Florida allows doctors to perform C-sections outside of hospitals

The law aims to lower costs and make maternity services more widely available, but doctors and the hospital industry say that performing C-sections in doctor-run clinics will increase the risks for women and babies when complications arise.


Halfway through ‘unwinding,’ Medicaid enrollment is down about 10 million

While many beneficiaries no longer qualify because their incomes rose, millions of people have been dropped from the rolls for procedural reasons like failing to respond to notices or return paperwork.


Most people dropped in Medicaid ‘unwinding’ never tried to renew coverage, Utah finds

Medicaid officials in Utah conducted a survey to answer a burning question in health policy: What happened to people dropped from the program in the post-pandemic "unwinding"?


1 in 3 people dropped by Utah Medicaid left uninsured, a ‘concerning’ sign for nation

Without Medicaid coverage, more individuals nationwide are left without uninsured. Observers warn people may delay seeking needed care or be left with unaffordable bills when they get it without access to health insurance coverage.


‘Worse than people can imagine’: Medicaid ‘unwinding’ breeds chaos in states

States have terminated Medicaid coverage for more than 10 million Americans since March, leaving families and individuals scrambling to seek alternative health insurance plans or apply for coverage renewals.

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As pandemic-era Medicaid provisions lapse, millions approach a coverage cliff

Now, states face steep challenges: making sure they don’t disenroll people who are still entitled to Medicaid and connecting the rest to other sources of coverage.


Stopping the Churn: Why Some States Want to Guarantee Medicaid Coverage From Birth to Age 6

Oregon has become the first state to allow kids to stay in the government health care program from birth to age 6, no matter if their household income changes. California, Washington, and New Mexico are pursuing similar policies.


States Have Yet to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Federal Dollars to Tackle Covid Health Disparities

A year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded states and local health departments $2.25 billion to help people of color and other populations at higher risk from Covid. But a KHN review shows public health agencies across the country have been slow to spend it.


Who doesn’t text in 2022? Most state Medicaid programs

State Medicaid agencies often opt for snail mail when communicating with enrollees about renewing coverage because they don’t have the technology or information about enrollees to use faster, more economical methods such as texting.


Biden Quietly Transforms Medicaid Safety Net

President Joe Biden has considered expanding Medicaid eligibility to new mothers, inmates and undocumented immigrants and adding services such as food and housing.


Vermont Is 1st State to Give Minority Residents Vaccine Priority

Covid cases have disproportionately affected the state's Black residents, so officials are moving them to the front of the line for vaccination before the state expands eligibility to all.


In America, Covid Vaccine Eligibility Is a ‘Crazy Quilt’ of State Rules

Across the country, a mishmash of rules to qualify for the Covid-19 vaccine is creating difficulties for people seeking the shots.


In Alabama, South Carolina and Louisiana, CVS Vaccine Appointments Go Unfilled

“We know we have work to do to engage with the community to get the word out about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine,” says one public health expert.


As Biden Gets Sworn In, White House Will Get Scrubbed Down

The executive mansion will get a deep clean after two COVID-19 outbreaks this fall led to President Donald Trump and members of his staff and family becoming infected.


Farmworkers, Firefighters and Flight Attendants Jockey for Vaccine Priority

Everyone — from toilet paper manufacturers to patient advocates — is lobbying state advisory boards, arguing their members are essential, vulnerable or both — and, thus, most deserving of an early vaccine


As Long Waits for Results Render Covid Tests ‘Useless,’ States Seek Workarounds

Montana is switching from using one of the nation's largest diagnostic testing companies to processing test results in Montana State University's lab, as well as contracting with a different private laboratory.


As Covid Testing Soars, Wait Times For Results Jump To A Week—Or More

People going to coronavirus testing sites are finding it often takes a week or more to get results back. That means patients don't have the information they need to change their behaviors.


Covid Pandemic Jeopardizes Vote On Oklahoma Medicaid Expansion

Advocates are concerned that turnout for the summer primary election could be hampered by fears of contracting Covid-19 at voting stations and by Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt’s about-face on the issue.


Experts Question Whether Dental Offices Are Reopening Too Fast

Providers and patients alike are eager for dental services to resume. But experts worry about the risks of Covid-19.


Furor Erupts: Billions Going To Hospitals Based On Medicare Billings, Not COVID-19

The Trump administration confirmed Friday it would give hospitals and doctors coronavirus bailout money according to their historical share of revenue from the Medicare program for seniors—not according to their caseload burden.