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Sahalie Donaldson

is an associate City Hall reporter at City & State New York.
Health & Human Services

New York City Agencies to Involuntarily Admit More Severely Mentally Ill People for Evaluations

Mayor Eric Adams clarified that people do not have to be a danger to themselves or others to receive help.

Public Safety

E-bike Battery Fire Spike Spurs NYC Council to Rethink Regulation

Lawmakers reconsidered how to best maintain safety without hurting disadvantaged workers' livelihoods.

Health & Human Services

Elected Officials Past ‘Child-bearing Age’ Bristle at Lawmaker's Tweet

A New York state senator suggested older officials won’t fight as hard for reproductive rights. It reignited a longtime debate over what ageism looks like for people who hold political office.

Health & Human Services

New Yorkers Are Scrambling For Public Restroom Access With Limited Availability

New legislation would require city departments to identify a new restroom location in every ZIP code, but stops short from ordering their completion.


Major Findings From AG’s Report Into NY Gov. Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment

Investigators spoke with women who had not previously come forward and corroborated accounts from women who had made accusations publicly.