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Sara Dorn

is a breaking news reporter for City & State New York.

Texas Governor Escalates Feud with NYC Mayor by Sending Buses of Migrants to City

The move follows New York City Mayor Eric Adams' refusal to accept Gov. Greg Abbott’s invitation to visit the Texas border towns where migrants are crossing into the U.S.


15 Mayors to Target Manufacturers of Guns Used in Crimes

Possible legal action may come against the top five producers of firearms used for illegal activities.


A Mayor Defends the Use of His ‘Secret’ Office Away From City Hall

New York City Mayor Eric Adams downplayed a report revealing the workspace, housed in high-rise building, saying he'd only been there four times.


Police Could Have Used New York’s Red Flag Law to Stop the Buffalo Shooting Suspect

State police said they did not file for a protection order under the law after they were called to the accused shooter’s school, where they reportedly investigated a “murder-suicide” threat he made.


A Call for a Gas Tax Suspension as Biden Bans Russian Oil

New York Republican state lawmakers previously proposed halting the state's gas tax to alleviate the effects of inflation.


Local Lawmakers Plead for Federal Help in New York’s Gun Violence Crisis

Federal legislation, funding and coordination are part of a range of proposals to stop the flow of illegal guns into New York.


One State Nabs $539M in Federal Funds for Struggling Homeowners

New York says it is the first state to receive federal monies for low- and moderate-income homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments due to the pandemic.


All Adult New Yorkers Now Eligible For Covid-19 Booster Shot

New York City made the announcement Monday as cases have ticked up. It joins Colorado, California and New Mexico in expanding booster eligibility.