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Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is senior contributing editor for Defense Systems.
Digital Government

How do you test for peak tax filing performance?

In testing e-File, the IRS' biggest challenge was to create a test comparable to peak tax season performance.

Digital Government

E-file system makes life less taxing for IRS -- and citizens

The IRS' Modernized e-File system consolidates business e-returns and individual electronic filings from tax preparation services into a single system, saving an estimated $128.1 million in processing as well as an additional $35.7 million in paper storage costs.


What's ahead for DOD's cyber forces

The Defense Department is putting in place the infrastructure and tools needed to achieve its cyber protection goals and objectives.


Cyber Command puts its philosophy into action

The Defense Department in 2010 established a unified Cyber Command and set to work on a new philosophy on how to defend networks.

Digital Government

DISA restructuring to provide more agile services

DISA’s leadership is working to transform of the agency into an agile, flexible service provider that can rapidly respond to the mission needs of all its customers.


Air Force lays foundation for strong cyber defense

Maj. Gen. Richard Webber, commander of the 24th Air Force, highlights the work that's been done to build a true cyber capability in the Air Force.


How researchers enhanced using semantic technology

A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute team adds value to government data sets using Resource Description Framework data interchange model.

Infrastructure shows how not to do open government

Speakers at the Open Government and Innovations conference say too much of the data on isn't usable by everyday people or even developers. That needs to change if agencies are to deliver on the Open Government Initiative.

Emerging Tech

Open source is NASA's next frontier

NASA's new CTO proposes a brave new universe for the space agency -- one in which officials will have to conquer their fears of open-source projects.

Digital Government

Air Force writes a book on social media protocol

Air Force strategist offers a few do's and don'ts on putting together an effective social media guidebook.


Encryption may end flash drives' exile for good

In late 2008, the Strategic Command's Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations put in place an immediate ban on the use of flash drives -- USB storage devices that have become the modern version of the floppy disk.


New threats compel DOD to rethink cyber strategy

The Defense Department's diversity remains its Achilles' heel in the race to improve information assurance.

Digital Government

Army demos electronic jammer for helicopters

The Army demonstrated during the C4ISR On-the-Move 2009 event held in September a new electronic jammer that can be installed on rotary-wing aircraft and used to disrupt signals from enemy forces.

Digital Government

Control systems cited in unmanned aerial vehicle crashes

A series of mishaps involving unmanned aerial systems operating in Southwest Asia has Army and Air Force officials revisiting key operational procedures.

Digital Government

Navy lays course for Second Fleet migration to NMCI

The Navy’s Second Fleet Commander will use the Navy Marine Corps Intranet to support its newly established Maritime Operations Center in a move to further collaboration and boost cybersecurity capabilities.

Digital Government

DISA to deploy new command-control software suite

The Defense Information Systems Agency will fully deploy the Global Command and Control System–Joint Block V, giving national leadership and joint military commanders tools to analyze situations and direct military units in the field.

Digital Government

Director Pollet discusses evolution of DISA's mission

Lt. Gen. Carroll Pollett, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency, reiterated the importance of the contract workforce to DISA at an industry presentation Aug. 7, especially, he said, as the agency faces moving its staff to Fort Meade next year.

Infrastructure, SIPRNet collaboration begins

UPDATED—A new version of the Defense Information Systems Agency's software development tool has been set up for use on the Pentagon's Secret Internet Protocol Router Network.

Emerging Tech

NASA plans improved ‘Internet in space’

NASA’s Deep Space Network is on the way toward becoming a true Internet in space, thanks to the agency’s research and investment in software-defined radios.

Digital Government

DISA gets new chief

Army Major Gen. Carroll F. Pollett has been nominated for the directorship of the Defense Information Systems Agency and command of Joint Task Force'Global Network Operations.