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Sidney Fussell

Sidney Fussell is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he covers technology.
Public Safety

Did Body Cameras Backfire?

Body cameras were supposed to fix a broken system. What happened?

Tech & Data

How an Attempt at Correcting Bias in Tech Goes Wrong

Google sent contractors to Atlanta, Los Angeles, and college campuses across the country to collect biometric data that it could use to train the facial-recognition software in its Pixel phones.

Tech & Data

People Are Starting to Realize How Voice Assistants Actually Work

The secrecy surrounding AI products makes even basic information about them a scandal.

Tech & Data

The AI Supply Chain Runs on Ignorance

Tech companies often fail to tell users how their data will be employed. Sometimes, the firms can’t even anticipate it themselves.

Public Safety

Parkland Is Embracing Student Surveillance

A new report—and some parents—calls for police to gain broader-than-ever access to students’ data.


The Quiet Ways Automation Is Remaking Service Work

Workers may not be replaced by robots anytime soon, but they’ll likely face shorter hours, lower pay, and stolen time.

Tech & Data

Who Wins When Cash Is No Longer King?

Several cities are considering bans on cashless stores and restaurants.

Public Safety

A Rare Issue Is Causing Police Body Cameras to Explode

The nation’s largest police force is changing its body-camera policy after a malfunctioning camera started a fire.

Public Safety

The Always-On Police Camera

Body cameras that automatically activate in response to the sound of gunfire could forever change people’s expectations about public spaces.