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Terry Costlow

Terry Costlow is a contributing writer for Defense Systems.
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MUOS begins new era for defense satellites

The launch of the first Mobile User Objective System satellite in February marked a major step forward for the military's communications-on-the-move projects.

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Military mission: Avoiding geospatial overload

Improved tagging and better standards are making it simpler to merge an overwhelming amount of geospatial images, maps and related data.

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Improved image tagging refines battlefield situational awareness

As networking makes all types of data readily available to warfighters, technical planners are continuing to enhance techniques to make sure warfighters can find the files they need.

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Army's Global Network Enterprise closer to reality

The Global Network Enterprise, which was developed to improve compatibility within the LandWarNet architecture, is moving from concept to implementation.

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DOD refines video teleconferencing for network-centric warfare

As video teleconferences become more common throughout the Defense Department, network managers are improving image and sound quality while ensuring that mobile personnel can set up meetings without worrying about security.


Mobile devices propel geospatial intell into warfighters' hands

The emergence of powerful, portable consumer products is helping the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency get imagery into the hands of warfighters.


CIA changes the info-sharing game

The CIA now makes all sorts of data available to more than 100,000 authorized users through its Worldwide Intelligence Review.

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Commercial satellites plug bandwidth gap for military satcom

The Defense Department is increasingly turning to commercial satellite providers to relay messages and images for networked warfighters.