City frames art as a way to bolster mental health services

A pilot program in Chicago looks to address mental health workforce shortages, while exploring the benefits of holistic treatment through mediums like art.

Job opportunities targeting workers with ADHD and autism gain traction

North Carolina wants to attract more neurodivergent people to IT work. It is one of many such initiatives in government.

A $10K incentive opens the door to homeownership for city employees

In a bid to attract and retain workers, Baltimore will double its financial incentive for city employees who purchase a home in one of its “middle neighborhoods.”

Program helps manufacturers train workers for an all-electric future

Through the initiative, Minnesota is looking to address a lack of electrification courses designed for employees. The state also believes it will create employment growth in Minnesota.

What are strike funds? A labor-management relations expert explains

Despite setting labor standards, most states do not provide unemployment insurance compensation to striking workers. As a result, unions often help workers pay for essentials while they negotiate with their employers.

Who are your rising stars?

Nominations are open for the 2023 Rising Stars program. We're looking to spotlight innovators across federal, state and local governments and up-and-coming talent at contracting firms.

Transportation is feeling the heat

As cities nationwide get hotter, addressing extreme temperatures and their effects on roads, bridges and rail is becoming a priority.

What does it mean when the homeless workforce can’t afford housing?

It means there’s fewer people to help the unhoused, exacerbating the homelessness crisis, a new report says. It estimates that $4.8 billion is needed to adequately pay current workers.

How improvements in onboarding can lower employee turnover

One of the greatest challenges confronting state and local governments is a badly understaffed workforce. Here’s one technological and personal way to confront that problem.

9 leadership behaviors that create great places to work

COMMENTARY | Creating a great place to work requires a culture of trust, and leaders who master these nine behaviors will create that culture and more successfully attract and retain talent.

More cities address ‘shade deserts’ as extreme heat triggers health issues

Cities are trying to build heat resiliency into their infrastructure—including by boosting their tree canopy— all while experts warn of a public health threat growing more severe each year.

Flexible work options keeps the public sector competitive in these post-pandemic times

COMMENTARY | Agencies that offer remote work options find it easier to hire and retain talent and meet their diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

The strikes rippling across the US seem big, but the number walking off the job remains historically low

COMMENTARY | More workers are advocating for better pay and improved working conditions, but research shows employees are not leaving their jobs as often as the frequency of protests suggests.

‘Who’s going to work there?’: Lawmakers grapple with labor shortages

Affordable housing, reliable child care and available mental health services could be the key for state and local governments desperate to fill vacant job positions in their communities. Lawmakers are finding ways to meet workers' needs through legislation and funding.

127,000 New York workers have been victims of wage theft

An analysis of federal and state databases sheds new light on the prevalence and scale of wage theft in New York restaurants and other industries, placing the total wages stolen in one five-year period at more than $203 million.

New ‘kidfluencer’ law allows child social media stars to sue parents

Illinois became the first in the nation to require parents to set aside kids’ gross earnings in a trust. If they don’t, children can sue.

Why some Wisconsin lawmakers and local officials have changed their minds about letting undocumented immigrants drive

“If we suddenly kicked out all of the people here, the undocumented, our dairy farms would collapse,” one lawmaker said. “We have to come up with a solution.”

San Jose and the reemergence of the donut city

COMMENTARY | Post-pandemic pressures are compounding stresses cities were already facing, leading to the hollowing out of some American cities.

Most cities' climate plans don’t plan for a green workforce, report says

As cities look to meet ambitious climate goals, many are missing key details in their plans to build the workforce they will need.

‘Conscience’ bills let medical providers opt out of providing a wide range of care

One state will block patients' ability to take legal action against health care providers who refuse to participate in procedures such as abortion or medically assisted death, a move critics say will restrict individuals' rights to essential care.