Tech & Data

The Other Digital Divide

Jobs using technology are more common in some parts of the country than in others, according to a recent study. The divide is leading to a widening wage and skills gap.


State & Local Roundup: Top Counties Return to Pre-pandemic Populations

Plus: Seattle gig workers get paid sick leave; Chicago and Wisconsin go to the polls; California’s insulin experiment hits a bump; Big gaps in electric vehicle ownership; and more news you can use from around the country.


As Book Bans Gain Favor, Some Say Libraries Could Go

The number of school libraries and librarians has been dwindling for decades.

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Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases

Proactively monitor the health and performance of all your database platforms. From one simple-to-use console, Foglight can quickly diagnose and resolve emerging issues to prevent business interruption.


Biden Administration Releases Road Map to Scale Up Nuclear, Hydrogen and Energy Storage

The reports address key challenges and potential solutions for getting these clean energy technologies off the ground.


How to Make Office-to-Housing Conversions Work

A panel of experts looked at what it would take to revitalize downtowns by turning offices into homes. They coalesced around five things cities need to do to succeed.


Old Zoning Laws Share Blame For Housing Shortage

A new report highlights zoning strategies that cities can adopt to bolster housing development equitably and sustainably, including overhauling single-family regulations.


Nashville Attack Renews Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

COMMENTARY | Data shows that there were fewer mass shooting deaths during the 10 years in which the U.S. banned sales of assault weapons—a trend that reversed as soon as the ban expired.

Health & Human Services

$50 Billion in Opioid Settlement Cash Is on the Way. We’re Tracking How It’s Spent.

Spending the money effectively and equitably is a tall order for state and local governments, and a lack of transparency in the process is already leading to fears of misuse.

Public Safety

Congress Looks to Undo Another D.C. Law

The police reforms under scrutiny this time deal with hiring and the release of body camera footage, among other things.


A Crash in Baltimore Puts Construction Worker Safety in the Spotlight

Industry groups say they’ve been unsuccessfully pushing for worker safety provisions for years.

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Cutting The Red Tape: Why Governments Are Investing In Digital Workflows

This report will explore how government IT is changing how it looks at document workflows and internal processes.

Tech & Data

How Data Insights Can Solve Geographic Inequity and Build Regional Economies

The Commerce Department’s Regional Economic Research Initiative will provide accessible data tools, visualizations and expert services to help federal, state, local and tribal decision-makers better understand what kind of projects will promote growth.

Tech & Data

The CHIPS Act Challenge for State and Local Governments

The federal government has a powerful policy vision for the development of a vibrant U.S. semiconductor industry. How those visions play out is of intense interest.


Key Steps in Creating a Diverse Broadband Workforce

COMMENTARY | States urgently need to identify and build robust workforces now or risk being left behind.

Tech & Data

ChatGPT for State and Local Agencies? Not so Fast.

Tasks that can benefit from automation such as software development, traffic management or rote tasks are good candidates for ChatGPT, but those that need more subjectivity still require human intervention, experts say.


All Aboard: Passenger Rail Is Rolling Along the Atlantic Coast

Two Southern states have set record-high ridership numbers and are looking to expand their networks. Here’s how they did it.


States With Legal Pot Consider How to Protect Cannabis Workers

In some states, so-called labor peace agreements have figured prominently in efforts to set up legal pot marketplaces.