Public Safety

‘An Insurrection’: When Police Reject a City’s Vaccine Mandate

Chicago employees were required to report their vaccination status by Friday or risk losing pay. The local FOP is encouraging officers not to do so.


Emerging Trends in Real Estate Impacting Cities and States

Two-thirds of real estate professionals surveyed believe that fewer than 75% of workers will come back to the office at least three days a week in 2022, and that the need for more office space will likely decrease by up to 15% in the next three years.

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How Glastonbury Police Uses Digital Evidence to Solve Child Exploitation Cases and Put Offenders Behind Bars

Glastonbury Police faced a massive challenge when they were faced with having to sort and analyze a mountain of data from more than 50 devices.

Public Safety

Why Cars Don’t Deserve the Right of Way

COMMENTARY | The simplest way to make roads safer and reduce police violence at the same time.

Public Safety

Using Rapid Drug Analysis to Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths

A partnership between the Maryland State Police and Maryland Department of Health will allow for faster and broader testing of illicit drugs found in the state.


Past Due: How to Fix the Broken Emergency Assistance Programs

COMMENTARY | The eviction cliff demonstrates that the United States needs to build stronger financial safety nets for the American people.

Health & Human Services

How Food Became the Perfect Beachhead for Gentrification

COMMENTARY | Ethnic food is cheap, and it appeals to adventurous eaters. Real estate agents and investors have caught on.

Health & Human Services

Cities See Trash Cleanup Programs as a Way to Combat Homelessness

“At first, I said, ‘Picking up trash?’ I had to let my pride go—and I did.”

Tech & Data

Most and Least Fashionable Cities in the U.S.

New York City ranks as the most fashionable city while Wichita, Kansas comes in last, according to a recent report.


7 Offshore Wind Leases Could be Economic Boon to US Coastal Communities

The Interior Department is "laying out an ambitious roadmap" for the proposed wind power sites in waters off eastern and western states by 2025.


How to Budget for Equity and Drive Lasting Change

COMMENTARY | State and local governments should prioritize equity in their budgets by using data, being outcome driven and engaging the whole community.

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Cloud Optimization

As the country begins to look out at the next normal, agencies are once again reevaluating priorities and looking to how cloud optimization can better help them achieve their mission.

Public Safety

When the Place You Live Becomes Unlivable

After Hurricane Ida, New Orleanians are weighing the emotional, cultural, and financial costs of leaving the place they call home.

Health & Human Services

Public Health Departments Need 80,000 New Employees. But That's Not Enough for Another Pandemic.

A recent analysis found that state and local health agencies should increase staffing levels by 80% just to deliver basic services. Federal Covid-19 relief money can pay for some positions, but stability requires permanent funding.

Public Safety

The Best and Worst States for LGBTQ+ People

Nevada ranks as the best state for LGBTQ+ residents while Alabama comes in last, according to a report.

Tech & Data

States Move Towards Embracing Artificial Intelligence Technology

Processes that are labor intensive, and that involve high volumes of information are among the areas where it could prove useful.


State and Local Government Job Growth Lags Behind Private Sector

City and county payrolls are down more than 5% from pre-pandemic totals, excluding education positions, according to a report.

Health & Human Services

Snip Snip: One Plan to Mandate Vasectomies to Prevent Pregnancies

A Pennsylvania lawmaker said his “parody legislation,” outlined in a sponsorship memo, is meant to garner discussion about reproductive rights.

Tech & Data

Biden Signs School Cybersecurity Bill

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will study the cyber risks facing elementary and secondary schools and develop recommendations to assist schools in facing those challenges.

Public Safety

Drought-Stricken Western Towns Say No to Developers

“We need to protect the people who live here before we let more people come in.”