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‘It’s Patchwork’: Rural Teachers Struggle to Connect in Pandemic

Some teachers are hand-delivering reading material to students’ homes.


Biden Criticizes ‘Neanderthal Thinking’ as Two Governors Roll Back Mask Mandates

The Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi this week announced plans to ease public health restrictions, prompting the rebuke from the president.


Coming Soon to a Snowy Road in Minnesota: 'Plowy McPlowFace'

Plowy McPlowFace was the runaway winner in an online contest to name eight Minnesota Department of Transportation snowplows.

Health & Human Services

These Steps Can Help Build Trust in Vaccination Programs

COMMENTARY | States and localities should prioritize using clear, science-based communication, restoring trust and providing better data to address the hesitancy some people have about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Public Safety

A Las Vegas Judge Approves $1.4 Million Payment to Wrongfully Convicted Man Who Served More Than Two Decades

Fred Steese, who spent decades behind bars for murder — despite the fact that Nevada state prosecutors had documents showing he was in another state at the time of the crime — will receive cash, fees and a certificate of innocence.

Health & Human Services

'It’s Putting Us in The Firing Line': Some Small Business Owners Worry About Gov. Greg Abbott Lifting Coronavirus Restrictions

Abbott’s order will leave it to business owners to decide whether to require customers wear masks inside their establishments. Some say they will keep coronavirus restrictions in place, but some business owners worry those decisions could anger potential customers.


The Biden Administration Increases the Social Cost of Carbon

A new policy brings back an old approach to tallying the cost of carbon, but critics say it has limitations.

Health & Human Services

Gov. Greg Abbott Says He's Rescinding Statewide Mask Mandate and Capacity Limits on Businesses

The change, which comes as the seven-day average of new coronavirus deaths in Texas remains above 200, will go into effect March 10.

Health & Human Services

Covid-19 Revealed How Sick the U.S. Health Care Delivery System Really is

COMMENTARY | The pandemic has exposed flaws like subpar IT systems and lacking coordination between public health agencies and medical providers.

Health & Human Services

Covid Infections Fall Steeply in Nursing Homes Since Vaccine Rollout

Since December, infection and death rates among residents and workers in long-term care facilities have significantly declined and fewer health care workers are refusing vaccines.

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The States Where Driving Was Up and Down the Most After Covid Hit

A new report shows wide variation between states when it comes to how often people got behind the wheel after March of last year.

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Prevent Ransomware Attacks from Disrupting Your Business with Thales Data Security - White Paper

Baseline security best practices such as security awareness training, applying latest security patches, deploying email/web security gateways and DNS countermeasures are not enough to detect and prevent ransomware attacks.


An Initiative to Improve Street Safety through Public Art

Officials used street murals and planters to transform a hazardous intersection in Kansas City, Missouri, tapping grant funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies' Asphalt Art Initiative.

Health & Human Services

Travel Bans do Little to Stem Covid-19 Spread

COMMENTARY | New research finds that limiting personal mobility through travel restrictions and similar tactics is effective only in the first phases of the epidemic, and reduces in proportion to the spread of infection across a population.


House to Vote on Elections Bill That Would Set New Standards For States

Supporters say the legislation will protect voter access. Republican officials argue that it will encroach on states’ rights.

Tech & Data

Police Departments Experiment With 70-Pound Robot Dog

Departments have deployed the cyber K-9s in hostage situations and as part of the covid response. Proponents say the robots can help keep officers out of harm's way, while critics worry how they could be used without clear policy guidelines in place.

Health & Human Services

Texas Workers Struggle to Pay for Groceries and Rent after Losing Wages During Winter Storm

Many hourly wage employees across the state lost working hours last week during the storm and power outage disaster. Now, they’re left with a choice between paying for rent or groceries.


As More Americans Struggle to Pay Water Bills, Affordability Solutions Are Past Due

COMMENTARY | With utility shutoff moratoriums expiring, millions of people, particularly people of color and low-income families, are at risk of losing water service.

Health & Human Services

Where the Economy Tanks, Heart Attack Deaths Rise

COMMENTARY | The diverging economic fortunes of different parts of the country in the period after the 2008-2009 recession is linked to differing death rates from heart disease and stroke among middle-aged Americans, researchers report.

Health & Human Services

Black Churches Fill a Unique Role in Combating Vaccine Fears

“I have tried to suggest that taking the vaccine, social distancing and protecting themselves in their household is something that God requires us to do as good stewards," says one pastor.