The race heats up for massive IRA state and local climate funding program

The Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program will award $4.6 billion to states and metro areas this year to implement aspects of local climate action plans.


Releasing suspects pretrial doesn’t lead to higher crime rates, experts say

Some states and jurisdictions are taking different approaches to cash bail.


Municipalities taxing stay-at-home workers during pandemic was OK, court says

The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a temporary state law that allowed employers to withhold municipal income tax irrespective of where their employees performed their work. The ruling sets a precedent in the state.

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GovExec TV: Five Questions with Thomas MacLellan

Sit down with Palo Alto Networks's Thomas MacLellan, Director of government affairs and strategy for SLED, to discuss the “whole-of-state” approach and how state and local governments are advancing in the cybersecurity realm.

Emerging Tech

States clash over what responsible AI looks like

While some states are still establishing task forces and preparing to take advantage of the tech, others are more hesitant, warning of job losses and federal influence on a nascent industry.


States turn up the heat on ESG investing

At issue is whether mandates about environmental, social and governance investment strategies infringe upon a state fiduciary’s duty to maximize returns.


8 states move to ban utilities from using customer money for lobbying

Utilities have come under fire for lobbying to stall climate policies and keep fossil fuel plants running.


No fare! Free bus rides raise questions of fairness, viability.

The strategy is especially helpful to lower-paid workers, but it might not be sustainable.


City extends police department’s ‘life changing’ 4-day workweek pilot

The decision comes after the data shows that the 32-hour workweek resulted in faster emergency response times and cost savings


Are the Build America rules slowing infrastructure progress?

State DOTs, transit agencies and the construction industry want the White House to make it easier to comply with rules designed to include American-made products in infrastructure projects.


Whole-of-state procurement gives local agencies better pricing, expert advice

Initially used to extend cybersecurity throughout government, the whole-of-state concept is also being used to push training and software licensing contracts to local agencies.

Digital Government

Herding elk: Drone use takes off in wildlife management

Wardens and biologists are finding ever-expanding uses for unmanned aircraft, which are being deployed across Wyoming and other states, saving on time and resources.

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Fueling the Government Talent Pipeline: How to Build, Train and Retain a Highly Skilled Workforce

Learn how encouraging ongoing education enables agencies to compete with the private sector and retain talent within the government ranks.

Digital Government

After promising to make government health care data more accessible, the Biden administration now wants to clamp down

Researchers across the country fear a new proposal by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will increase fees and decrease access to data used to support major health care reforms.


'Graffiti bombing' hits abandoned skyscrapers in Los Angeles and Miami

COMMENTARY | Graffiti artists in both cities recently tagged swiftly and extensively downtown skyscrapers that had been abandoned. The form of activism, which has a long history in cities, was met with a mix of admiration and condemnation.

Emerging Tech

Policies to expand access to psychedelics could be ‘short-sighted’

While research shows psychedelics’ potential to mitigate the effects of substance use disorders, observers warn states might be better off waiting for federal guidance before legalizing their use and possession.


States look to rein in ballot initiatives with more ballot initiatives

Ballot measures in recent years have been used to expand Medicaid, preserve abortion rights and raise minimum wages. Now, state lawmakers are turning to them to put more restrictions on the process.


Dead smoke alarms, moldy rooms, empty first aid kits: Farmworkers endure unsafe and substandard housing across US

The federal government requires all states to inspect housing for temporary agriculture workers annually, but only some states inspect known migrant labor camps.


Federal permitting hampers climate goals and natural disaster mitigation, counties say

Officials, who are calling for reforms, say environmental regulations shouldn’t lead to yearslong waits to build transmission lines or impede their ability to respond to natural disasters.


FTC cracks down on AI impersonation scammers

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to extend its authority to target fraudsters impersonating individuals in scams. The proposed rule covers the misuse of generative artificial intelligence and other technologies.