There’s Bipartisan Interest in Reworking the Brownfields Program

The infrastructure law tripled funding to clean up and redevelop polluted sites. Two key senators are looking at ways to help more communities take advantage of the additional money.


How Much Federal Covid Aid are Cities Spending to Help Kids?

New research looks at how local governments are using the money to address the fallout the pandemic has had for children in areas like education and mental health.

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How do you drive digital transformation while managing security and operational risks?

Local governments are facing an increasing number of cyberattacks that threaten to shut down local services.

Tech & Data

Communities Collect Granular Broadband Data Amid Wait for Better Federal Maps

Whether gathering address-level availability data from internet service providers or anecdotal evidence from households, communities are working to get a baseline understanding of local broadband access.


Rethinking How to Solve the Nation’s Housing Shortage

Industry experts are floating ideas they say could help, many of which would involve state and local policy-makers taking action.


Senate Reaches Deal to Avoid Shutdown, Punts Threat for 10 Weeks

Lawmakers agreed to drop controversial provisions and set up a new deadline for a lame duck Congress.


Manchin Drops Push to Overhaul Energy Infrastructure Permitting

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin wanted to speed environmental approvals for projects like power plants and pipelines. But he couldn’t muster the votes to tie his proposal to legislation needed to keep the federal government open.


Daytime Electric Vehicle Charging at Work Could Cut Costs

COMMENTARY | "With less home charging and more daytime charging, the western U.S. would need less generating capacity and storage," says one of the authors of a new study.

Public Safety

Philadelphia Mayor's Ban on Guns in Parks and Rec Centers Criticized as ‘Meaningless’

Critics question whether Mayor Jim Kenney's executive order can be effective given state firearms laws. It comes after a parks and recreation worker was struck by a stray bullet and killed.

Health & Human Services

Audit Reveals Why One City’s Efforts to Curb Homelessness Fall Short

Oakland, California, doesn’t have the data to tell if it’s making any progress on reducing homelessness, a new audit shows.

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Red Hat Virtual Training and Certification Options

Build and validate Red Hat technologies skills from anywhere with virtual training and certification options.


House Republicans Slam Buttigieg Over Infrastructure Law Rollout

They say the Transportation Department is flouting Congress with how it is managing programs funded by the $1.2 trillion package.


3 Reasons Hurricane Ian Poses a Major Flooding Hazard for Florida

COMMENTARY | A meteorologist explains why the looming storm could be especially dangerous for the state's Gulf Coast.


As Self-Driving Cars Hit the Streets, New Equity Concerns Emerge

States and localities will have a key role in ensuring vulnerable communities aren’t harmed by the new transportation technology, or miss out on its benefits.


The Battle Over a 'Millionaires Tax' Heats Up in Massachusetts

Voters will decide this November on a measure that would impose the tax on income over $1 million. Supporters say it would raise needed revenue for roads, transit and schools, while opponents argue it will revive the state's reputation as “Taxachusetts.”

Tech & Data

Colorado Now Accepts Crypto for State Tax Payments

The Department of Revenue has added cryptocurrency as a payment type, allowing residents to pay individual and business tax through PayPal.


California’s 2030 Ban on Gas Heaters Opens a New Front in the War on Fossil Fuels

The first-of-its-kind plan will purge gas from existing buildings, not just new construction.


How Manchin’s Permitting Plan Would Restrict State Power

The senator’s proposal seeks to codify into law Trump-era rules narrowing how states can evaluate projects like gas pipelines and power plants under the Clean Water Act.