Paper Shortage Threatens to Cause Election Problems

Troubles finding paper for ballots and other materials is just one of the challenges state election officials raised in testimony Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Public Safety

North Carolina House That Collapsed Into the Sea is a Warning for Millions of Americans

States and the federal government can do more to protect homebuyers, like reforming flood disclosure laws.


The Case for Going Big With Infrastructure Spending

One mayor sees a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” with the wave of public works dollars, but he’s also concerned ambitious projects could get passed over.

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Elements of a Strong Cyber Defense Program for SLTTs

It's no secret that developing a robust cyber defense program can be a challenge, especially if you're in the public sector.

Tech & Data

How a Virginia County Wooed Amazon and Boeing

It takes more than tax breaks to get big tech companies to move to a locality, government officials say.

Smart Cities

How to Draft Effective Energy-Efficient Building Policies

A new report offers recommendations to governments about better design and implementation of these policies and the program evaluations.

Public Safety

Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals Put Patients at Risk

In 2020 and 2021, U.S. health care facilities faced at least 168 such attacks.


New Online Hub to Help Cities Apply for Federal Infrastructure Funding

The $50 million initiative will provide advice and resources to municipalities, especially small towns, through public sector groups and nonprofits, according to Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Public Safety

With Complaints Rising, Transit Agencies Search for Alternatives to Police

As they look to win back riders lost during the pandemic, bus and subway operators are looking beyond traditional law enforcement to address their concerns.

Health & Human Services

Public Health Workers Still Fighting the Pandemic, Even as Policy Makers Move On

"It's not over," warns Dr. Georges Benjamin of the American Public Health Association in an interview with Route Fifty.

Tech & Data

Autonomous Vehicle Camera Footage Could Aid Police Investigations

Data collected by the vehicles in one city shows promise, but privacy advocates say the evidences shows law enforcement agencies are expanding their pervasive surveillance.

Tech & Data

Code for America Unveils First States in Safety Net Cohort

The nonprofit aims to help states build digital tools and services to connect people with health, food assistance and other benefits programs. 

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Closing the Digital Divide: Approaches from Local Government Leaders

Internet access is no longer a want, it’s a need. Providing equal access to broadband connectivity has become top of mind for local government leaders country wide.

Health & Human Services

States Have Yet to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Federal Dollars to Tackle Covid Health Disparities

A year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded states and local health departments $2.25 billion to help people of color and other populations at higher risk from Covid. But a KHN review shows public health agencies across the country have been slow to spend it.


Why I Remain a Local Government Employee

COMMENTARY | Many public sector workers are leaving their jobs. Here’s why I am staying.


'Woke Bond Rating’? The Muni Finance Fight Over ESG Scores

Utah officials recently lashed out at a rating agency's use of environmental, social, governance rankings. Investors have an appetite for the metrics, but critics say they're too subjective.


US Traffic Deaths Hit Highest Mark in Over 15 Years

Federal estimates show the incidents claimed 43,000 lives in 2021. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warns of a safety “crisis” on the nation’s roadways.


How to Recruit and Manage Short-term Workers

State and local governments have greater reliance on temporary staff, but challenges abound. There are new ways to make these arrangements work.

Health & Human Services

Online Data Could be Used Against People Seeking Abortions if Roe v. Wade Falls

COMMENTARY | Women in states where abortion becomes illegal who rely on the internet for information, products and services related to reproductive health would be subject to online policing.

Public Safety

Police Could Have Used New York’s Red Flag Law to Stop the Buffalo Shooting Suspect

State police said they did not file for a protection order under the law after they were called to the accused shooter’s school, where they reportedly investigated a “murder-suicide” threat he made.