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Mapping clean air centers to protect residents against wildfire risks

As wildfire smoke or poor air quality descends upon California residents, officials hope a data map will help them find pockets of fresh air across the state.

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Eliminate Manual Processes Route and Approve Invoices from Anywhere

Today’s finance teams carry a heavy burden, supporting everything from growth strategies to long-term planning – all while continuously delivering monthly and quarterly numbers and keeping cash flowing. But even as demands on finance departments grow, many still spend excessive time using paper, spreadsheets, and e-mails to process vendor invoices, approvals, and payments.

Was Los Angeles schools’ $6 million AI venture a disaster waiting to happen?

The vision for what the much-hyped chatbot could do is ‘really not possible with where the technology is today,’ one insider says.

Is age verification technology an ‘undue burden’? The Supreme Court will decide.

The high court has agreed to take up a case that focuses on legislation passed to prevent minors in Texas from accessing pornography. A decision could have implications for state efforts to limit children’s access to social media as well.

How the pandemic led to innovation in one state’s public health response

The Washington State Department of Health has undertaken a major push to transform its offerings, not just by looking to new technologies but reimagining some of its old processes.

What is your home’s wildfire risk?

An updated online tool allows towns and counties to get a sense of their wildfire risk without having to pay for expensive studies.

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Supreme Court sends Florida, Texas ‘censorship’ laws back to lower courts

The justices left in place preliminary injunctions blocking the two laws but said the appeals courts must further study their First Amendment implications.

Supreme Court rules that government can ask social media platforms to remove misinformation

Justices said in a 6-3 decision that Louisiana and Missouri did not have standing to sue. The ruling comes as a relief to state and local officials as they look to crack down on election-related misinformation ahead of November.

Undercover ‘secret shopper’ program shows city agencies breaking language access laws

Multilingual interns post as "secret shoppers," visiting New York City government offices to evaluate how well agencies are meeting language accessibility standards.

As mobile IDs proliferate, concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy mount

New York is the latest state to adopt a mobile driver’s license. But while the technology holds promise and is convenient for users, there remain concerns.

¿Cómo Se Dice? California loops in AI to translate health care information

State health policy officials hope to save money and make critical health care forms, applications, websites and other information available to more people in what they call the nation’s most linguistically diverse state.

No shortcuts: Only well-managed AI will deliver on its promise

COMMENTARY | Artificial intelligence opens new opportunities for policymaking and service delivery, but success still depends on understanding residents’ needs and on the thoughtful handling of their data.

Bills restricting social media advance amid continued legal battles

New York lawmakers just passed legislation to ban the use of algorithm-driven feeds for minors without their parents’ permission, while Utah’s law is facing more legal action over its age verification requirements.

These wrongly arrested black men say a California bill would let police misuse face recognition

Three men falsely arrested based on face recognition technology have joined the fight against a California bill that aims to place guardrails around police use of the technology. They say it will still allow abuses and misguided arrests.

For equal access, consider both physical and digital accessibility

COMMENTARY | Features such as clear navigation, readable text and multimedia alternatives improve the customer experience for everyone, leading to higher levels of satisfaction, engagement and trust.

Mayoral candidate pledges ‘digital by default’ city services

In his bid to become the next mayor of San Francisco, Mark Farrell promised to digitize government services within two years.

School's out for summer, but virtual learning is in

Momentum for virtual learning has been building for years, and come fall, it will be offered in hundreds of more schools.

States are already collecting more abortion data. And HIPAA won’t always keep it private.

As states pass laws mandating health care providers compile more information on patients' pregnancies and abortions, experts warn of privacy concerns.

23M households will no longer receive monthly federal internet subsidy

The Affordable Connectivity Program has officially run out of money. But more than a dozen internet providers have pledged to offer plans at $30 or less through 2024 for low-income households.

Town turns to text messaging to boost community engagement

Andover, Massachusetts, operates under the town meeting system. Amid abysmal meeting attendance, officials turned to SMS to manage its meetings and various initiatives.

Meet Emma, Amarillo’s AI assistant and ‘digital human’

The Texas city’s generative artificial intelligence assistant will assist residents through voice conversations in multiple languages.