Health & Human Services

Two States Now Offer Free In-home Nurse Visits for New Parents

The visits, offered in Oregon and now New Jersey, include a health and wellness check for both the baby and the parents, an effort to improve maternal mortality rates and boost family well-being.

Farmers Markets are Growing Their Role as Essential Sources of Healthy Food For Rich and Poor

COMMENTARY | Many farmers markets enjoyed their strongest-ever sales in 2020.

Covid-19 Delta Variant FAQs for Government Leaders

Answers for state and local officials, including should residents keep wearing a mask if they are vaccinated to why are vaccinated people still contracting the virus.

Amid State Hospital Closures, a Federal Funding Plan to Shore Up Mental Health Staffing

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam proposed a $485 million spending package to increase high turnover and vacancies at state-run behavioral hospitals, which have struggled during the pandemic.

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New Tools Help State and Local Governments Battle Ransomware, Other Big Disasters

When governments find themselves being ransomed, their choices are typically to pay, which will undercut their ability to deliver key services to their communities due to budget restrictions, or not pay, resulting in the immediate inability to serve their communities and the loss of key data that will inevitably plague them for years afterwards.

The Fittest Cities in the U.S.

The American College of Sports Medicine’s fitness index ranks the nation’s largest cities based on how well they can support healthy living for their residents.

Students and Staff Should Mask Up in Schools, CDC Recommends

The CDC revised mask wearing guidance on Tuesday to help contain the spread of Covid-19. But nine states ban school districts from enacting mask mandates.

Community Colleges Begin Using Federal Coronavirus Funding to Erase Student Debt

The money, from the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act, is available for students who have struggled financially as a result of the pandemic.

California Passed Guaranteed Income for Aged-out Foster Youth. Other States Might Follow

The chair of the New York state Senate Committee on Children and Families supports establishing a similar program.

Covid-19 ‘Long-Haulers’ Join Ranks of Disabled Americans

On the anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a new wave of public employees and other workers with disabilities are adjusting to their new normals.

America Is Getting Unvaccinated People All Wrong

They’re not all anti-vaxxers, and treating them as such is making things worse.

3 States Pursue Public Option for Health Coverage as Feds Balk

Although the Affordable Care Act has increased enrollment in health insurance, three states, Colorado, Nevada and Washington, have passed public option health insurance plans to try to boost the numbers even more.

4 Reasons I’m Wearing a Mask Again

Our vaccines are extraordinary, but right now they need all the help they can get.

Pay Us More and Let Us Work From Home, State and Local Employees Say

Morale is improving, but concerns about pay and working conditions are on the rise, too, a survey shows.

States Braced for a Wave of Covid Lawsuits. It Never Arrived.

About 30 states have enacted laws to shield businesses from being sued if a patron or worker contracts Covid-19.

Only 1 in 4 nursing homes are confident they can survive a year

Mounting costs from the pandemic have made a system's shortcomings untenable, leaving residents, workers and families in a precarious position.

‘We Don’t Have Much, but This Is Our Home’

At least 3.4 million people nationwide are likely to be evicted within weeks, according to a recent federal survey.

Some State and Local Employees Aren’t Getting Vaccinated Because They Don’t Trust Government

Most workers report they are fully vaccinated, but a surprisingly large percentage have no intention of getting the vaccine.

Delta Is Driving a Wedge Through Missouri

For America as a whole, the pandemic might be fading. For some communities, this year will be worse than last.

Urban Heat Islands Pose ‘Extreme Public Health Risk’

Five cities with the highest scores for heat islands, which cause a variety of health and environmental issues, are in Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Texas and California, according to a new analysis.

Cash for Kids Comes to the United States

The new child tax credit will radically reduce poverty, but millions of the poorest children might miss out.