City Government

Governments Begin Pushing Back on Investors Snatching Up Homes

Institutional investors purchased nearly 20% of all U.S. homes for sale in the last three months of 2021, turning most into rentals. Now, some state and local officials want to slow the trend, worried it is boxing residents out of homeownership.

Fireworks Are Cancelled Yet Again in Cities and Counties Across the US

Potential fire risks, supply chain issues and worker shortages have put a damper on these popular Independence Day events.

Safety Group Offers Warnings on Emerging Transportation Tech

They’re urging state and local government leaders to prepare for new types of vehicles and to look beyond industry hype as they design policies to reduce crashes.

Low-cost Sensors are Helping Communities Find Gaps in Air Quality Data

Portable air sensors are helping citizen-scientists living near fracking or industrial operations collect data on volatile organic compounds -- pollutants not tracked by EPA monitors.

What Flooding Costs These US Cities

Urban areas will see an increase in three types of flooding by 2050, which will force local governments to spend much more on climate disasters, according to a recent report. 

Pandemic’s Impacts on How People Live and Work May Change City Centers for Decades

Barbershops, restaurants and other businesses that have long concentrated in traditional business districts may need to follow workers to suburbs or smaller cities to survive, new research shows.

How Cities Can Respond to Extreme Heat

A new report offers a practical framework to help communities ensure urban heat resilience planning efforts are as effective and equitable as possible.

Infrastructure Tops Mayors’ Concerns for 2nd Year

The National League of Cities’ analysis of local leaders’ speeches finds renewed interest in maintenance and construction projects, and worries about how they will handle billions in new federal dollars.

Satellites Zoom in on Hottest Neighborhoods to Help Combat Urban Heat Island Effect

Satellite and population data can help cities create detailed maps so they can prepare for and respond to risks associated with extreme heat, a top weather-related killer.

For Taxpayer-funded Stadiums, the Renovation Boom Has Arrived

The bill is coming due for upgrades to pro sports venues built decades ago. It won’t be cheap.

Philadelphia's Mayor Opens Up About His Proudest Moments in Office – and His Biggest Mistakes

In an exclusive interview, Mayor Jim Kenney talks about the city's soda tax, gun violence, Covid-19 and his plans for the future.

Here Are the US Cities That Will Host World Cup Soccer Matches in 2026

Twenty-two locations were in the running for the high-profile tournament, 16 across the U.S., Canada and Mexico won out.

Cybersecurity is No. 1 Priority for City, County IT Leaders

Thanks to the attack on Colonial Pipeline and the growing risk of international threats related to the war in Ukraine, 97% of IT leaders cited cybersecurity as their biggest concern in an annual survey.

Rents and Home Prices Are Blowing Up in Florida's Miami-Dade County

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava has declared a rent emergency, as middle and working class families are hardest hit.

Automated Buses Will Still Need Skilled Human Operators

Even as buses incorporate more automated features, the complexity of driving near pedestrians and in changing weather will require trained human operators, a new report says.

Police Oversight Boards Proliferate After George Floyd's Death

A new report says that the growth of review boards could “reshape the landscape of civilian oversight.” 

As Remote Work Persists, Cities Struggle to Adapt

The shift to remote work will prompt cities to focus on broadband access and remote shared workspaces, as they contend for workers who can live anywhere.

Greener Cities Could Prevent Thousands of Deaths

COMMENTARY | Increasing green space in U.S. cities may substantially reduce mortality from all causes, according to a new study.