City Government

Federal Policies Help Spur Municipal Bond Market, but Headwinds Remain

Analysts are generally optimistic about the stability of government finances, but lingering issues—Covid, inflation and supply chain bottlenecks—pose economic and fiscal risks in the short term.

Traffic Fines Lead to Potential 'Misaligned Fiscal Incentives'

More than 40 states use money generated from speeding tickets for criminal justice and other services, but even minor adjustments to shore up local budgets can hit individuals hard, according to a new report.

The Messiest Local Government Issue

The problem of building, maintaining and expanding sewer systems never seems to go away. 

How Cities Should Think About Equity and Revenues

COMMENTARY | City leaders are tackling structural inequities in access to wealth and opportunity. An infusion of federal dollars provides an opportunity to rethink past fiscal choices.

The $1.6B Federal Plan to Spur Local Zoning Reforms

A grant program proposed in Democrats’ massive spending bill is designed to help with zoning code rewrites. But how much can it do to boost the supply of affordable housing?

How One City is Working to Make Spending Data More Transparent

Efforts by Los Angeles' controller to open up city fiscal data took on an added dimension when Covid-19 hit.

How Cities Are Addressing Mental Distress

Successful programs include partnerships between social workers and first responders, incorporate data and recognize larger social factors affecting health and well-being, like racism, experts say.

Buttigieg Emphasizes Need for Regional Cooperation on Infrastructure Grants

Speaking to city leaders, the transportation secretary also said his department would strive to make programs "user friendly" for communities of all sizes and highlighted road safety efforts.

For City Leaders, an Upbeat Moment Mixed With Challenges Old and New

Historic amounts of federal funding are flowing to the local level. But cities are also grappling with a host of difficult problems.

Cyber Insurance for Local Governments Costs More, Covers Less

More governments have cyber incident coverage than ever before, but the escalated risk of ransomware and cyberattacks means higher premiums, rising deductibles and greater scrutiny of security protocols.

One County Will Give $76 Million in ‘Hero Pay’ to Public Employees for Covid Response

Most full-time workers in California’s Santa Clara County will receive $2,500 bonuses, all paid for with the county's federal Covid-19 relief allotment.

The 311 Lifeline: How Governments Enhanced Call Centers During the Pandemic

State and municipal governments established special hotlines or expanded the type of services residents could access through 311 call centers during the pandemic.

New Survey Finds Differences in How Local Agencies Adopt Software

The poll of over 800 local government officials looks at trends with how departments are embracing specialized software and how satisfied they are with it.

$1B for Urban Highway Removals On the Way, More Money Could Follow

Advocates say $4 billion in domestic spending legislation that could help revamp roads that split apart cities is a crucial addition to funding in the infrastructure bill Congress approved last week.

Homelessness, Homicides and Hospitality: One City’s Ongoing Reputation Problem

Portland, Oregon, once a popular travel destination for business travelers, foodies and nature lovers, is struggling to regain its tourism footing after months of social justice protests and record crime rates.

Lessons From the Virginia Governor’s Race: Pay Attention to Voters’ Concerns Instead of Making It All About National Politics

COMMENTARY | A former speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush watched the Virginia governor’s race through the eyes of her students at the University of Virginia, whose concerns were shared by most voters.

Moderate Democrats Prevail in Notable Local Races, as a High Profile Police Reform Initiative Fails

But progressives also scored some key wins. Experts caution that off-year elections typically do not serve as a great barometer for the nation's political leanings.

First-time Mayors Elected in Major Pennsylvania Cities

Democratic candidates in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Allentown supplied significant wins for their party. Plus, Pittsburgh has its first Black mayor and Allentown its first Latino leader.

Thousands of City Workers Suspended Without Pay Over Vaccine Noncompliance

About 91% of New York City’s municipal workforce is vaccinated, but the police and fire departments are getting vaccinated at lower rates.