Climate Change

Supreme Court Deals a Major Blow to the EPA, and All Federal Agencies

A decision from the court's conservative majority limits agencies' ability to write new rules on major issues. The case centered on a challenge brought by West Virginia and other states.

The Push to Ban New Gas Stations is Coming to Los Angeles

L.A., the capital of car culture, could be the first big city to enact such a ban.

What Flooding Costs These US Cities

Urban areas will see an increase in three types of flooding by 2050, which will force local governments to spend much more on climate disasters, according to a recent report. 

How Cities Can Respond to Extreme Heat

A new report offers a practical framework to help communities ensure urban heat resilience planning efforts are as effective and equitable as possible.

The Biden Team Announces Pay Raises of Up to $20,000 Annually for Federal Firefighters

The pay increases, authorized as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, will be retroactive to October 2021.

FEMA Chief: Top Priority Is Ensuring Adequate Staffing For Emergencies

Employees and managers alike continue to warn lawmakers about the impact that growing demands will have on the agency's ability to respond to disasters.

Historic Floods Hammer Yellowstone, Shuttering Park and Stranding Residents

A combination of heavy rain and rapid snowmelt has pushed rivers in the region to their highest recorded levels.

Record-breaking Heat Wave Sprawls Across US

Medical experts worry that extreme heat is exacting a rising and deadly toll on public health.

The Legal Clash Over a City’s Landmark Natural Gas Ban

Since Berkeley, California prohibited gas connections to most new buildings, dozens of cities have followed suit with similar policies. Now, a federal appeals court will decide whether the local statute is allowed under federal law.

North Carolina House That Collapsed Into the Sea is a Warning for Millions of Americans

States and the federal government can do more to protect homebuyers, like reforming flood disclosure laws.

Biden’s Attempt to Identify ‘Disadvantaged’ Communities is Proving to be Complicated

The initiative could set some places up to receive more federal investment, but critics are worried that a draft version of the program excludes areas in need of extra help.

Climate Change May Push the US Toward the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for West Nile Virus

Colorado recently recorded the most West Nile virus deaths and cases of neuroinvasive infections in nearly two decades. Scientists warn that climate change will make conditions ripe for more West Nile transmission.

Coastal Homebuyers are Ignoring Rising Flood Risks, Despite Clear Warnings and Rising Insurance Premiums

COMMENTARY | Part of the problem may be mortgage lenders and appraisers aren’t factoring in properties’ vulnerability to sea level rise, so risk isn't necessarily priced in to houses.

There’s a Push to Get More Electric School Buses on the Streets—Moms Are Driving It

They just got a boost from Vice President Kamala Harris, after she announced the EPA would distribute $17 million to convert diesel school buses to electric and low emission buses.

Cloud Seeding Might Not Be as Promising as Drought-troubled States Hope

Several states are experimenting with weather modification to try to generate snow as water supplies shrink. An atmospheric scientist explains the history behind it and the challenges.

States Must Expand Data Sources for Strategic Flood Resilience

Failure to incorporate forward-looking climate data and demographic trends will limit states’ ability to develop effective flood mitigation plans, new research finds.

City Trees Suck up More Carbon Than We Thought

Trees and soils on the outermost edge of forests may have a role in fighting climate change—but the benefits might not last, according to a new study.

States Use Road Sensors to Combat Treacherous ‘Tire Carcasses’

A growing number of states are hoping to use sensor technology embedded in the pavement to fight climate change, keep traffic flowing and save lives.

The Coastal Cities Expecting the Greatest Sea-level Rise

A new government report describes the vulnerabilities coastline communities are facing from climate change and the effects of rising ocean waters.

Rihanna Commits Millions to US Climate Change Efforts

The superstar singer's foundation is doling out grants to organizations focused on and led by women, youth, Black, Indigenous, people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities.