Climate Change

How Washington Raised $300 Million for Climate Action From Polluters

The state's first "cap-and-invest" auction nearly doubled the price of carbon recently sold in California.

New College Corps Program in California Offers Students Debt-Free Pathways

Working on issues like climate mitigation, education, and food insecurity, students from rural schools help solve some of the most pressing issues rural communities face today.

Federal Grant Requirements Make it Hard for Rural Communities to Prepare for Climate Change

A 2023 study from Headwaters Economics shows that qualifications from federal grant programs disproportionately hurt under-resourced rural areas.

A New Strategy for Western States to Adapt to Long-term Drought: Customized Water Pricing

Even after January’s storms, California faces a water-scarce future. An economist and an engineer propose a way to test higher water prices as a conservation strategy without hurting low-income users.

The Politics of ESG Investing

COMMENTARY | Leaders in conservative states are hesitant to adopt ESG-related principles. Are their positions purely political or substantive as well?

The States Gaining the Most Clean Energy Jobs

A new analysis finds companies have announced more than 100,000 positions in fields like solar and wind power and battery-making since Democrats pushed through a massive climate law.

Minnesota to Require 100% Carbon-free Electricity by 2040

Utilities can use a mix of solar, wind, hydropower, nuclear, hydrogen power, and biomass—energy obtained from burning wood and trash—to meet the 2040 goal.

Over $1 Billion Now Available to Convert Bus Fleets to Cleaner Fuels

Purchases of electric and hydrogen-powered buses are among the projects eligible for a new round of federal grants.

5 Ways to Build Cities That Can Better Withstand Climate Extremes

Smarter land-use and nature-based solutions are among the approaches highlighted in a new report, which also focuses on equity considerations and how to pay for projects.

Wind Farms Deliver Economic Jolt to Rural Middle America

Wind farms boosted seven of 10 counties with the nation’s largest economic output gains.

To Get Off Fossil Fuels, America Is Going to Need a Lot More Electricians

A shortage of skilled labor could derail efforts to "electrify everything."

EPA Unveils $100 Million in Environmental Justice Grants

The Environmental Protection Agency announcement is part of a larger effort by the Biden administration to fight climate change and curb environmental harm in long-neglected communities.

A Water War Is Brewing Over the Dwindling Colorado River

Diminished by climate change and overuse, the river can no longer provide the water states try to take from it.

EVs, Building Emissions Among Biden’s Sustainable Energy Priorities

Public and private sector leaders discussed the first steps to overhauling the nation’s infrastructure in pursuit of a sustainable future.

Climate Change Impact on the Mississippi River Has Major Consequences

COMMENTARY | More frequent low water levels on the Mississippi River, driven by climate change, mean that river transport is likely to face more backups and delays in the future.

Lyft Offers Incentives to Drivers Who Switch to Electric Vehicles

The move comes amid new federal subsidies for EVs and as California is mandating emissions cuts for app-based ride-booking companies over the next decade.

How a New Subsidy for ‘Green Hydrogen’ Could Set Off a Carbon Bomb

Using electricity to make hydrogen could drive down greenhouse gas emissions. Or it could underwrite a process that actually increases emissions.

A Pivotal Moment Has Arrived for Transforming Coal Country

COMMENTARY | Federal infrastructure, climate and industrial development laws have unlocked billions in new subsidies. Now comes the hard work of ensuring that the Appalachian region successfully taps into these resources.