Climate Change

States take a more measured approach to ESG mandates

There's great recognition—on both sides of the issue—that strict pro- and anti-environmental, social and governance investing strategies can lead to unintended costs and administrative challenges.

FEMA will now consider climate change when it rebuilds after floods

The federal agency is overhauling its disaster rules in a bid to end a cycle of rebuilding in unsafe areas.

The sweeping impact of the Supreme Court’s Chevron reversal

Repealing the 40-year-old doctrine throws laws on climate, conservation, health, technology and more into doubt.

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Biden administration announces new rule to protect workers from heat-related illnesses

The rule would cover 35 million workers whose jobs include being in the heat and require activities that could raise core body temperatures, like construction, agriculture and landscaping, as well as those in indoor environments, like kitchen workers.

Governors seek more say over grid planning process

As states scramble to find reliable sources of electric power amid ever-growing demand for energy, four Democratic governors are seeking more say in their regional electric grid operator's future planning.

One state is pioneering paying for roof upgrades as storms boost insurance costs

The approach aims to make Alabama a more attractive place to do business. At least five other states are trying to duplicate its roof program.

The time is now: Harnessing rigorous evaluation in a post-ARPA America

COMMENTARY | Cities and states can use the federal funds to evaluate the effectiveness of new programs.

How hot weather can tamper with your words

As a heat wave continues to impact many parts of the Midwest and Northeast, a new study finds that politicians tend to use shorter words in speeches on hot days.

Communities step up their resilience and climate planning

COMMENTARY | A county in Florida is leveraging federal funding to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency in public buildings and invest in renewable energy infrastructure.

Feds invest $60M to boost local climate resilience, workforce development

The Climate-Ready Workforce initiative looks to place individuals in good-paying jobs that help advance coastal communities’ climate resilience.

Congestion pricing: If it can’t make it in New York, can it make it anywhere?

Other cities are considering it, but all eyes were on the city that never sleeps. By trying to quell controversy over the downtown toll plan, the New York governor sparked new questions about transit funding, environmental goals and political consequences.

States beg insurers not to drop climate-threatened homes

Property insurance companies say they’re taking losses amid escalating disasters.

The homeowner mutiny leaving Florida cities defenseless against hurricanes

The federal government is refusing to restore eroded beaches in Pinellas County unless homeowners agree to one condition: public access.

How ‘kitty cats’ are wrecking the home insurance industry

Supercharged thunderstorms and tornadoes are ravaging the Midwest, driving insurance costs to record highs.

This Utah county will buy your lawn to save water

Would you ditch your grass for less-thirsty plants? In a place where every drop of water counts, a little cash compels residents to say yes.

Texas flooding brings new urgency to Houston home buyout program

The Houston area is the site of perhaps the country’s longest-running experiment in the adaptation policy known as “managed retreat.” But the past week’s flooding has demonstrated that even this nation-leading program hasn’t been able to keep pace with escalating disaster.

The surging demand for data is guzzling Virginia’s water

The commonwealth is home to the data center capital of the world. Can it handle AI's thirst?

As a critical deadline approaches, the Biden administration issues a flurry of regulations

The new rules cover subjects as varied as marijuana policy, vehicle pollution, civil rights for transgender students, and drinking water safety.