Consumer Protection

‘Death by a thousand cuts’: A look at Big Tech’s efforts to influence data privacy

Maine’s struggles to pass such a law have familiar ring for Maryland lawmakers.

States Should Crack Down on Bogus Online Reviews, Advocates Say

They’re pushing for tougher enforcement efforts, along with stronger protections against lawsuits for consumers who post negative reviews for businesses on sites like Yelp.

State AGs Want Power to Hit Airlines for Consumer Complaints

Thirty-eight attorneys general sent a letter to Congress seeking the change.

It Turns Out State Lawmakers Hate Auto-Renew Contracts, Too

Automatic renewal plans have prompted class action lawsuits.

California Law Banning Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics Will Transform Industry

When the law takes effect in 2025, it will mark the first major action to remove toxic substances from beauty products in almost a century.

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Proposal Would Require Full Refunds for Student Travel Trips Canceled Due to Covid-19

Legislation in Massachusetts would expand consumer protection laws to require full refunds for student trips that are canceled due to "a declaration of emergency."

State and Federal Prosecutors Target Bogus Cures and Treatment Scams

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an avalanche of products that are misleadingly marketed to make consumers believe they are effective treatments or prevention measures for the virus.

Proposed Federal Rule Will Undercut State Lending Protections, AGs Warn

The attorneys general are concerned about a strategy that high-cost lenders can use to get around state interest rate caps.

Interest Rate Cap on 'Payday Loans’ Yields Positive Results, Group Says

South Dakota imposed the 36% cap under a 2016 ballot measure. At least 15 other states have similar limits on the books.

Figuring Out How to Go After International Robocallers

The FCC will vote on a proposed rule next month that would ban malicious caller ID spoofing for text messages and robocalls that originate outside the United States. State attorneys general have long requested federal assistance with complaints about robocallers from out of the country.

FCC Votes to Stop More Suspected Robocalls

Complaints about robocalls have been a major issue for state attorneys general, who advocated for more federal action.

Americans Are Going Bankrupt From Getting Sick

Doctors’ bills play a role in 60 percent of personal-bankruptcy filings.

Auto Loan Delinquencies Higher in Southern States

States with delinquency hotspots should reconsider harsh vehicle repossession policies and improve consumer protections, said one Urban Institute researcher.

States Look at 'Kill Switches' Used to Disable Cars With Late Payments

Legislation would require more disclosure to consumers ahead of devices being installed on vehicles.

California AG Blasts Closure of CFPB’s Students and Young Consumers Office

Consumer advocates see it as a sign that the Trump administration has deprioritized scrutiny of predatory college lending.

State AGs Have Questions for Facebook’s Zuckerberg

And they expect the social network CEO’s ‘full cooperation’ while they ensure the consumer privacy of users.

Many State AGs Know That Consumer Protections Aren't Safe Under Trump

Reforms could save billions of dollars from predatory lenders at the state level, but it’s not long before presidential appointees to federal regulatory agencies likely look to preempt them.