Diversity and Inclusion

California Bill Would Require Corporate Boards to Diversify

The measure would require at least one person from an underrepresented community to sit on the board of publicly held corporations in the state.

There Are Nine Finalists—and No Mosquitoes—for Mississippi's New State Flag

The state's flag previously featured the Confederate battle flag, widely considered a racist symbol. It was retired in June after nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd renewed calls to replace it.

Will George Floyd’s Death Actually Change How Cities and States Are Run?

COMMENTARY | Institutionalized racism has been an existential threat to the black community for centuries. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, it’s up to state and local leaders to usher in badly needed systemwide reform to end racial injustices.

COVID-19 Is Crushing Black Communities. Some States Are Paying Attention.

Black Americans are much more likely than whites to die of COVID-19.

State Legislation to End Hair Discrimination Gets a Mention at the Oscars

The winner of the animated short category mentioned the CROWN Act, a bill that prevents workplace and school discrimination against people with natural black hair.

Black Americans Mostly Left Behind by Progress Since Dr. King’s Death

COMMENTARY | Today’s black poverty rate of 21% is almost three times that of whites.

Children of Color Already Make Up the Majority of Kids in Many U.S. States

COMMENTARY | Between 2010 and 2018, the number of white children fell by 2.8 million, or 7.1%. In contrast, nonwhite children grew by 6.1%.

Some Mayors Are More Likely to Get Threats Than Others

New research shows that mayors who are younger, female, in strong mayor systems, and in larger cities are more likely to face abuse.

The Deferred Dream of an Equal Rights Amendment

Newly empowered Democrats are likely to make Virginia the final state needed to ratify the long-dormant ERA.

Midwest Cities Among the Worst Places to Live for African Americans

A new report finds that the Midwest has some of the highest racial disparities in the country across factors like education, employment, income, homeownership, and access to healthcare.

More States Say Goodbye to Columbus Day

The debate over the holiday has split more statehouses this year, growing heated as it touches on immigration, race and equality at a time when those issues increasingly divide the country.

Tackling the Teacher-Student Diversity Gap in K-12 Schools

A partnership between a university and three community colleges in California aims to create more bilingual teachers while also diversifying the state's teacher pool.

Talk of Reparations for Slavery Moves to State Capitols

This year’s legislative activity marks the first time that states have explored reparations in a significant way.

Reparations Are Essential to Eliminating the Substantial Wealth Gap Between Black and White Americans

COMMENTARY | The average white family owned more than nine times as much total wealth as a black one in 2016.

Some States Move to Curtail Suspension and Expulsion of Students

California and Texas have both made strides to keep young students—and particularly students of color—in the classroom.

Are State-Mandated Quotas for Women on Corporate Boards Effective?

In 2018, California passed a bill requiring companies to have at least one woman on their board. A mid-year report shows just how hard that law will be to enforce.