Senate, White House Reach Deal on Third Coronavirus Package

Negotiations between Senate and House leaders and the Trump administration ended Wednesday morning with a deal on the nearly $2 trillion economic stimulus proposal.

How Congress’ Competing Coronavirus Bills Would Help State, Local Governments

The latest Senate bill would pit businesses and state and local governments against each other for $500 billion in economic stabilization loans, while a House proposal would set aside $200 billion for states and another pot for localities.

States Ease Access to Unemployment As Claims Climb

Unemployment claims jumped 33% this week and are expected to climb much higher as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Federal Government Floats Sending Americans Cash to Address Outbreak

The Trump administration is considering providing “business interruption payments” for American workers as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Weak Business Growth Across Rural America Highlighted in New Report

It’s some of the latest research to look at the growing divide between thriving cities and other parts of the country that are lagging economically.

America is Aging and That Could Present Problems for Some States

In about 15 years, the number of people 65 and over is expected to outnumber those under 18 for the first time in U.S. history.

Positive Yelp Reviews Don’t Mean Stronger Profits For Businesses in Black Neighborhoods, Study Finds

“Location in Black-majority neighborhoods eliminates the benefit of being a highly rated establishment,” according to the new report, which looks at data for thousands of businesses.

How States Use Annual Caps to Control Tax Incentive Costs

ANALYSIS | Limits on economic development spending provide fiscal protections.

A State Seeks to Boost Air Travel Within its Borders

There are no direct flights between cities in Idaho, so travelers must take connecting flights out of state to travel between them. One lawmaker hopes to establish a committee to tackle the problem.

In State of the Union, Trump Touts Trade Deals, Economic Wins

On the eve of an impeachment vote, President Trump underscored a recent agreement that he said will restore the United States’ “manufacturing might.”

States With Most Jobs Losses Due to Trade Gap With China Identified in New Report

All 50 states have seen jobs eroded as a result of the country’s growing trade deficit with China over the past 20 years, the research found.

How States and Localities Could Spur More Companies to Share Profits With Their Workers

A new report says profit sharing and employee ownership can benefit both companies and workers, recommending state and local policies to help support these business models.

Tax Incentives Fail to Spur Broad Economic Growth, Study Finds

Researchers analyzed state and local governments tax incentive spending, finding little evidence that the deals spurred job growth outside the specific industry implicated.

Remote Workers Moving to Tulsa? Foundation Doubles Down on Recruitment Efforts

The Remote Tulsa program is now offering $10,000 to 250 people to move to the Oklahoma city for a year, citing success in its first year.

Farm Subsidies Favor South, Irking Other Regions

U.S. farming subsidies were worth as much as $14.5 billion in 2019.

Governments Increasingly Rely on Evaluations for Tax Incentive Reform

ANALYSIS | More states and cities are requiring rigorous analyses.

A Plan for Closing the Gap Between ‘Superstar’ Cities and Other Metro Regions

Just five U.S. metro areas were home to more than 90% of tech sector growth between 2005 and 2017. How can policymakers change that?

They’ve Built It, but Will People Come to the Midwest?

COMMENTARY | Several Midwest cities like Indianapolis are experiencing an economic renaissance. Yet, the region’s inability to attract people threatens long-term prospects.

Concerned About Her City's Lack of Affordable Housing, a Councilwoman Decided to Build Some

Jillian Johnson, mayor pro tem of Durham, N.C., is constructing a duplex next to her house with the goal of renting its two units to low-income families who need stable housing.

The Economic Driver Next Door: Universities

COMMENTARY | Instead of placing big bets on projects like Amazon HQ2, state and local governments should look to institutions like universities to usher in economic productivity.