3 Things Get People to Return to Rural Hometowns

COMMENTARY | A new study identifies the reasons that draw people back a decade or two after leaving: public schools, population density and other college-degree holders in the community.

The Push to Ban Books in Texas Schools Spreads to Public Libraries

Some Texas residents are asking for greater say in what titles appear on public library shelves.

Can Pay Raises Help Solve a Teacher Shortage? States Hope So.

They’re trying to retain teachers and attract beginners in a political climate that’s seen educators targeted by parents and policymakers over how history is taught and mask and vaccine mandates are enforced.

How to Help All Families Save for College

COMMENTARY | While Americans chase affordable higher education, the ability to save for college has never been more attainable.

How K-12 Spending Has Slipped as a Share of State Economic Output

A new study concludes that school spending was billions short in recent years compared to where it would have been if spending trends during the early 2000s continued.

The (Long) Waiting Game to Get My Student Loans Forgiven

COMMENTARY | The student loan forgiveness process for public servants is a disaster. After almost five years, I’m still waiting to have all my loans forgiven.

The Cost for States to Expand Free Pre-K Under the Biden Plan

The Build Back Better proposal provides money for free preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds. States are required to contribute a percentage and will likely incur costs for workforce development, pay increases and adjusting elementary school curriculum.

Biden Releases $1.75T Social Spending Framework to Win Over Democrats

The White House scaled back the original $3.5 trillion proposal, dropping paid family and medical leave and some Medicare expansions.

What Stays and Goes as Democrats Trim Biden’s Domestic Spending Bill

Funding for free community college tuition is likely to be cut and a child tax credit and paid family and medical leave could be limited.

A Breakdown of the Black-White Homeownership Inequality Gap

Homeownership is less achievable for Black Americans and they live in neighborhoods with houses valued at $48,000 less than white families’ homes, a new report reveals.

Census Prompts Push for More Indigenous School Lessons

The number of people listing Indigenous heritage increased by almost 4.5 million.

‘Moms for Liberty’ Group Sets Sights on Local Government 

Leaders hope to create a national ‘parental rights’ movement, starting with school board activism. The group already has 135 chapters in 35 states.

Biden Signs School Cybersecurity Bill

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will study the cyber risks facing elementary and secondary schools and develop recommendations to assist schools in facing those challenges.

More Than 500,000 Public Workers Likely to See Debt Relief Under Student Loan Forgiveness Overhaul

The U.S. Department of Education announced a host of changes Wednesday to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which guarantees debt forgiveness to qualifying public sector employees.

As Heat Waves Intensify, Tens of Thousands of US Classrooms Will Be Too Hot for Students To Learn In

America’s public schools, which are over 40 years old on average, are not equipped to handle rising temperatures due to climate change, a new study reveals.

States With the Most and Least Student Loan Debt

Utah tops the list for states with the least student loan debt while West Virginia comes in last place, according to recent report.

Deploying the National Guard to Fill a School Bus Driver Shortage

Schools across the country are finding it difficult to recruit and retain school bus drivers.

State Efforts to Ban Mask Mandates in Schools Mirror Resistance to Integration

COMMENTARY | Southern states ignoring federal educational guidance is not new.

Educators Want to Leave Their Jobs More Than Other Government Workers Do

Half of teachers and staff say they feel stressed and burned out and more than a third say they want to quit, according to a new survey.

How Students Will Rely on the Vaccinated to Stay Safe

Most kids aren’t eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccination, which leaves their protection up to those around them.