New York State Pumps the Brakes on Crypto Mining

With the value of cryptocurrency dropping and environmental concerns moving front and center, New York considers a two-year pause on fossil-fuel powered crypto mining operations.

How Cities and Counties Are Thinking Big With Their ARPA Plans

Across the country, some local governments are using federal aid from the American Rescue Plan to launch "transformational" projects in areas like affordable housing, public safety and ridding homes of lead—things that will endure long after the money is spent.

This Federal Committee Is Watching Over Your Pandemic Funds Spending

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee is on the lookout for fraud and other issues with trillions in federal Covid aid. But the watchdog is also assembling a wealth of data on programs the money is going to.

Feds Launch $1B Initiative to Rework Infrastructure That Cut Apart Cities

The Biden administration says places that prioritize community outreach as they design project proposals will have an advantage over others.

How Cities and States are Gathering Data as They Spend Federal Aid

A watchdog agency responsible for monitoring the historic infusion of pandemic relief dollars is promoting data collection to encourage transparency and uncover fraud and abuse.

$53.3 Million. 33 Jobs. No Plan. That’s How Mississippi Lawmakers Are Spending BP Oil Spill Money.

Business leaders hoped the state would use money from the 2010 oil spill to transform Mississippi’s coastal economy. Instead, lawmakers are using much of it to fill gaps in local government budgets and fund projects with few metrics for success.

Instead of Relief at the Pump, California Moves to Put Cash in Pockets

State leaders are opting for direct payments up to $1,050, rather than a gas tax suspension as they look to provide residents a break from skyrocketing prices.

How One State Used Its Giant Budget Surplus

Idaho this year had extra revenue that was equal to nearly half the amount of its general fund revenues, and that was on top of federal aid. Here's what lawmakers did with the money.

Biden's Push on Gas Tax Relief Will Likely Fall to States

His plan to suspend the federal tax to help ease high gas prices has low odds of passing Congress. The president says states are in a solid financial position to take action, but experts have doubts about whether gas tax holidays at any level are good policy.

Pandemic’s Impacts on How People Live and Work May Change City Centers for Decades

Barbershops, restaurants and other businesses that have long concentrated in traditional business districts may need to follow workers to suburbs or smaller cities to survive, new research shows.

For Taxpayer-funded Stadiums, the Renovation Boom Has Arrived

The bill is coming due for upgrades to pro sports venues built decades ago. It won’t be cheap.

States Where Gas Prices Are Over $5 Per Gallon

California is the only state where average gasoline prices are more than $6 per gallon, and there are five states where the average price is around $4.50, the lowest in the U.S.

Booming State Budget Growth is Headed for a Slowdown

Governors are calling for a 4.2% increase in general fund spending, compared to 13.6% this year, according to a new report.

House Republicans Attack ARPA as ‘Boondoggle.’ Mayor, Democrats Say it Prevented Layoffs, Saved Lives

The clash is the latest instance of GOP lawmakers assailing pandemic relief spending under the American Rescue Plan Act.

The Best-Performing Cities in the US

The top large and small cities based on job, wage and high-tech growth are mainly in the western and southern regions, according to a recent report.

The Big Debate Around Statehouses: What to Do With Budget Surpluses

States had another year of exceptional revenue growth driven by a number of factors, but the conversation around how to reward taxpayers is complicated.

States With the Highest and Lowest Rainy Day Funds

Wyoming leads the nation in the operating days in its fund, while Washington has a negative balance.

Casinos Pled Poverty to Get a Huge Tax Break. Atlantic City Is Paying the Price

Despite growing profits, casino operators used predictions of “grave danger” to convince the state to slash their tax burden, denying millions to the city, its school district and the county.

Feds Unveil $368M in Grants for Dozens of Rail Projects

The money will go towards upgrades on both freight and passenger lines in 32 states.

How Government Workers Can Plan For a Secure Retirement

COMMENTARY | Public sector employees need more active support to build financial security for retirement. Here are three ways to help them.