Top Democrats Announce Deal on Raising Revenue for $3.5T Package

The announcement comes as President Biden is trying to shore up support within his party for sweeping domestic legislation that would direct funding towards areas like education, health care and climate initiatives.

Voters Have No Clue How Much Money State Lawmakers Make

Registered voters overshot their lawmakers’ annual pay by large margins in a recent survey. When given the correct salaries, respondents were more likely to support pay increases for legislators.

How New York is subsidizing Amazon

Local agencies across the state lure the retail giant to town using generous tax incentives.

10 States Didn’t Pay Off Unemployment Loans Ahead of Interest Deadline

States that borrowed money from the federal government to cover unemployment benefits began to accrue interest Monday. Together they have more than $45 billion in loans outstanding.

The States With the Strongest Personal Income Growth

Pandemic relief spending by the federal government contributed to historic gains in the amount of money Americans collected during the first quarter of the year.

This Week in Federal Funding

In the latest edition, we take stock of the themes that have emerged so far during the rollout of the American Rescue Plan Act's state and local aid programs.

States Borrowed Billions to Pay Unemployment Benefits. Soon Interest is Due.

Fourteen states owe $54 billion to the federal government for loans to keep unemployment trust funds solvent during the pandemic.

State Tax Limits Can Hamper Local Fiscal Stability

States should consider adjusting policies that tightly restrict budget flexibility for cities and counties, according to a report from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

This Week in Federal Funding

In the Aug. 24 edition, we hear from California State Auditor Elaine Howle. Plus, the outlook for transit agencies, ARPA funding for unemployment benefits, updates from Atlantic City and Missouri.

An Income Gap That Goes Beyond Wages

New research shows how earnings from assets like stocks and real estate have become increasingly uneven across the U.S.

This Week in Federal Funding

In the Aug. 17 edition, we talk with Shamiah Kerney, director of Baltimore's new Office of Recovery Programs. Also, updates from St. Louis, Hoboken, N.J., and Memphis.

Pandemic Relief Aid Highlights Gaps Reaching Underserved Americans

Lessons learned so far could inform how states and localities design new programs funded with an influx of federal dollars.

What Works? Evidence and Evaluation Key as States and Localities Spend Aid

The federal government is urging states and localities to study the results of their American Rescue Plan Act spending and to adopt programs with proven track records.

Governments Doling Out Bonuses for Public Employees, 'Gratitude Grants' for Grocery Workers

For public sector and service workers, covid fatigue took its toll. Now states and localities are saying thank you using American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Senate Democrats Release $3.5T Budget Framework with Affordable Housing, Climate Funding

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has set a Sept. 15 deadline for committees to draft legislative text for the proposal, which will fund domestic initiatives.

The Accounting Burden for Spending Federal Stimulus Funds

Localities and states have a variety of challenges coming out of the pandemic. But one concern is widespread: how to stay on top of the financial reporting requirements of the American Rescue Plan Act.

Only 1 in 4 nursing homes are confident they can survive a year

Mounting costs from the pandemic have made a system's shortcomings untenable, leaving residents, workers and families in a precarious position.

This Week in Federal Funding

In the July 20 edition we check in with the state and local lead for the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, a federal watchdog overseeing ARPA programs. Also: the outlook for broadband spending and updates from Massachusetts and Maine.

The Many Flavors of 'Transformative' State and Local ARPA Spending

Transformative government projects using American Rescue Plan Act funds can run the gamut from improving a local park, to spending tens of millions to alleviate homelessness.

Why There’s Rising Interest in Giving More Updates to Bondholders

Investors and others would like to see more timely information about developments with municipal borrowers’ finances. “Voluntary disclosure” can help, experts say.