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These federal grants can help ease multiplying election threats

Cyber and physical threats are some of the biggest issues local election officials face ahead of the November presidential contest. Researchers said while there is a finite amount of funding, federal grants can help ease the pressure.

Neediest areas are being shortchanged on government funds

COMMENTARY | A recent study of the Community Development Block Grant program showed that neighborhoods with the largest share of low- to moderate-income families were less likely to receive CDBG funds than communities that were closer to the 51% threshold.

Initial funding for digital equity plans is available. But how do states plan to use it?

Some have identified creative solutions to address affordability, digital skills and accessibility issues. But one approach—reliance on the federal internet subsidy that is about to expire—could force some states back to the drawing board.

States are banning private funding of elections. Some worry about unintended consequences.

Wisconsin voters approved a ballot measure banning such cash infusions earlier this month. Proponents of the bans say they limit interference in elections, but opponents say chronically underfunded elections offices need help.

Grants and growth: The infrastructure funding surge demands masterful management

COMMENTARY | To leverage federal funds to strengthen their economies and invest in the future, state and local governments need strong, centralized grant management support.

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As cyber grant program hits the halfway mark, feds laud states’ progress

Two years into the $1 billion program, state and local governments are better prepared for cyber attacks. But funding remains an obstacle as under-resourced cybersecurity budgets struggle to keep up with mounting threats.

Local govs need a helping hand from states to build climate resiliency

North Carolina offers technical assistance to help local leaders assess their communities’ climate vulnerabilities and develop sustainable solutions.

How communities can navigate the tangled web of federal grants

Streamlined grants management and cross-sector partnerships can help governments with limited resources overcome barriers to accessing federal grants.

New bill aims to simplify federal grant applications, boost funding for underserved communities

Complicated grant applications could deter underserved communities from applying for and receiving federal funds. The Streamlining Federal Grants Act looks to improve applicants' customer experience by modernizing grant systems.

One state’s grant management breakthrough

With the One Stop portal, organizations in Massachusetts can apply for economic development grants across three agencies, and grant administrators can more easily manage programs and ensure regional equity.