Gun Violence

Chicago is the latest city rethinking disputed technology that listens for gunshots

More than 150 U.S. cities use ShotSpotter, but a growing body of research shows that the tool has not succeeded in reducing gun violence, has slowed police response times to emergency calls and often did not lead to evidence recovery.

Active shooter training: State-specific requirements for schools and law enforcement

No states mandate annual active shooter training for police officers, according to an analysis by The Texas Tribune, ProPublica and FRONTLINE. In comparison, at least 37 states require such training in schools, typically on a yearly basis.

Gunfire, screams, carnage: As mass shootings proliferate, training gets more realistic

Law enforcement and medical workers experience the sights, smells and sounds of gun violence to prepare for tragedy.

10 lessons learned from the Justice Department's review of the Uvalde school shooting

COMMENTARY | The critical review of the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting offers key takeaways to help policymakers, practitioners and schools avoid the same failures if faced with a similar situation.

States begin tapping Medicaid dollars to combat gun violence

Despite national homicide rates declining, some cities still see violence prevail. And with the number of gun purchases at a historical high in the U.S., states are turning to Medicaid funding to support violence prevention programs.

Cops want guns off the streets. But are buyback programs the way?

Some observers say buyback programs are ineffective at best and can sometimes detract from other violence prevention efforts. 

A Richmond program to reduce gun violence has had rare success. Now it’s expanding.

Research shows that 76% of its nearly 2,000 participants were less likely to be readmitted to the hospital for gun violence.

New White House office will work with communities to curb gun violence

The office will look to build off of last year’s landmark gun legislation and has been applauded by national local government associations who have called gun violence an “incredibly serious issue in America.”

Researchers quantify communities' risk of a mass shooting

The new statistical analysis model would allow state and local agencies to understand the risk of a mass shooting and what they can do to prepare ahead of time.

Cities have ways to curb gun violence; feds are giving them more money

Lawmakers have recognized community violence intervention programs save lives and taxpayer dollars.