One-Fourth of Low-Income Immigrant Households Avoided Public Benefits in 2020

Despite financial hardships brought on by the pandemic, some households did not seek benefits because of concerns due in part to the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule.

Republican Governors Block Unaccompanied Migrant Children

Their states have no federally funded foster care providers for unaccompanied minors.

Biden Seeks to Squelch Trump Immigration Deals with States

The agreements, struck in the final days of the Trump administration, promised a six months’ heads-up on federal immigration policy changes.

Illinois Is First in the Nation to Extend Health Coverage to Undocumented Seniors

Undocumented immigrants without health insurance often skip care.

With Census Count Over, Concerns Linger About Accuracy

Community groups raced to get more people to complete census questionnaires before the count ended Friday, but they still believe many were missed after the deadline was pushed up.

Trump Census Plan Might Leave Out Some Legal Residents

Many U.S. citizens who live in rural or tribal areas lack a paper trail.

Gulf Coast Advocates Call for a Halt in Immigration Enforcement in Wake of Hurricane Laura

Advocates for undocumented immigrants say that migrants are less like to access evacuation help or emergency aid when they fear deportation.

The Frontline Health Care Workers Facing Threats of Deportation

Thousands of medical staff leading America’s pandemic response are subject to ever-shifting immigration policy.

This Rural Town Swelled With Immigrants. But Will the Census Count Them?

“They’ve saved our community,” Milan, Minnesota's mayor says about a group of people from the Federated States of Micronesia now living in his small town.

Immigrants Might Be Reporting Crimes Even Less Now. Here's Why

COMMENTARY | The Trump administration’s decision to create doubt about the validity of U visas that protect crime survivors hurts already vulnerable immigrant populations.

Appeals Courts Split on Whether Trump Administration Can Enforce 'Public Charge’ Rule

A federal appeals court says the rule penalizing immigrants for using public assistance programs can’t be enforced in three northeast states. But another court found the administration can move forward with its new standards.

With U.S. Borders Closed by Covid-19, How Will I Afford Insulin?

COMMENTARY | The Covid-19 response has choked off medical tourism — and exposed the broken nature of the U.S. pharmaceutical system.

Postcard From The Edge: L.A. Street Vendors Who Can’t Stop Working

Shutting down the economy because of the coronavirus has made the hardscrabble life of Los Angeles' sidewalk vendors even harder.

Covid-19 Shows Us Why We Should Keep ICE Out of Hospitals

COMMENTARY | Fearing Trump’s immigration police, people are avoiding health care facilities. That’s dangerous, particularly now.

California Didn’t Become More Dangerous After It Passed a Sanctuary Law, Study Says

Law enforcement warned that California’s sanctuary policy would endanger public safety. New research found that hasn’t been the case.

Trump Says Federal Funding for ‘Sanctuary’ Cities Will Be Withheld

The president’s statement comes after a federal appellate court ruled that the administration could withhold law enforcement grants from jurisdictions that don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

‘Public Charge’ Rule Targeting Immigrants Takes Effect

Prospective immigrants seeking green cards will be subject to new scrutiny of their wealth and possible reliance on public benefits under a new immigration rule authored by the Trump administration.

‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Versus ‘Illegal Alien’: Lawmakers Debate What to Call Migrants

Proposals at the city, state, and national level seek to remove official references to “illegal aliens” in favor of the term “undocumented immigrant.”

Hundreds of County Jails Detained Immigrants for ICE

COMMENTARY | Between 1983 and 2013, the number of immigrants detained in rural county jails increased. Being sent to remote jails can be detrimental to detainees.