White House Launches New Push to Help States Remove Lead Pipes That Carry Drinking Water

Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will be part of the Lead Service Replacement Accelerators program.

State & Local Roundup: Wealth Tax Proposals on the Rise

While some states debate the so-called millionaires taxes, others are weighting cuts to levies on income and property. Plus: News you can use from across the country.

New Boil Water Notices Are Being Issued Every Other Day in Jackson

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves lifted the citywide boil water advisory on Sept. 15, 2022. Since then, 70 new boil water notices, or more than one every other day, have been issued.

A New Initiative Seeks to Help Small Cities Access Infrastructure Funding

The program will work with communities to assemble strong grant applications that can win some of the billions of dollars available.

Railroad Tracks Can be an Obstacle for High-Speed Internet Buildouts

State lawmakers are looking at the issue. Virginia’s Legislature wants to cap fees and streamline reviews for fiber infrastructure that crosses rail rights-of-way. Railroads say existing procedures are important for safety.

Executive Order Blocks State Business With ‘Evil Foreign Governments’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s order will ensure companies associated with hostile nations do not access state infrastructure or data through IT or telecommunications contracts.

5 Ways to Build Cities That Can Better Withstand Climate Extremes

Smarter land-use and nature-based solutions are among the approaches highlighted in a new report, which also focuses on equity considerations and how to pay for projects.

When the Infrastructure Boom Meets the Workforce Crash

With federal dollars pouring into state and local governments for infrastructure, there’s one huge challenge: Who will do all the work?

A Recipe for Supporting Our Innovation Nation

COMMENTARY | How should the public and private sectors work together to ensure the U.S. remains the global leader in technology? Here are four key steps.

Miami-Dade Debuts Plan to Tackle Extreme Heat Problem

The Florida county, which has the most days of extreme heat in the nation, will, among other things, plant more trees and install cool pavement.

A ‘Bootcamp’ to Help Smaller Cities Win Infrastructure Grants

Small and midsize localities tend to lack the dedicated grant-writing teams and expertise that bigger towns use to score federal dollars. A new–and free–initiative aims to get them onto more equal footing competing for the funding.

How California Could Save Up Its Rain to Ease Future Droughts

COMMENTARY | Instead of watching epic rainfalls just drain into the Pacific Ocean, the state could put it in the ground to replenish groundwater supplies.

After Years of Legal Action from States, 3M Will Stop Making ‘Forever Chemicals’

Legal experts estimate future PFAS litigation could cost the company more than $30 billion.

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ Expected to Hit the Infrastructure Sector

Roughly 17 million infrastructure workers will retire in the next 10 years, raising worries about who will erect and maintain America’s roadways and buildings.

Federal Memo on State Highway Spending Faces Sharper Criticism

The agency that issued the document outlining Biden administration road priorities maintains it is non-binding. But a federal watchdog says the memo should undergo congressional review and GOP lawmakers are pushing to rescind it.

States and Localities Poised to Gain New Flexibility With ARPA Funds

The massive spending bill moving ahead in Congress was amended to allow for American Rescue Plan Act aid to go toward new uses, including disaster recovery and transportation infrastructure.

Senators Press FCC on Map That Will Guide Billions in Broadband Infrastructure Funding

State and local officials and others have raised questions about the accuracy of the The Federal Communications Commission map and the process to make corrections to it.

Pittsburgh Bridge Set to Reopen One Year After Collapse

Officials credit the infrastructure law for its swift completion. The Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed in January just as President Joe Biden was set to visit to discuss infrastructure improvements.

$600M Slated for Jackson Water in Massive Federal Spending Bill

President Biden declared a state of emergency this summer in the most affected areas of the Mississippi city, where its water system is plagued with numerous problems.