Greater Housing Density Would Mean a Better Shot at Grants Under New Biden Plan

The White House wants to drive down housing prices by boosting the supply of homes.

Infrastructure Week Finally Yields Actual Infrastructure Projects

Inflation and workforce shortages are causing difficulties. Still, local officials and the Biden administration are touting progress.

Biden Administration Releases $45B for Broadband to States

Guidance for the infrastructure program says states must make affordable broadband available to the middle class, too, and cannot exclude cities from being considered for the funding.

Signals Along 'Smart Spines' Optimize Traffic Flow

With artificial intelligence-powered adaptive signaling technology at nearly 150 city intersections, Pittsburgh plans to improve traffic flow and reduce idling times for buses.

Internet Service Essentially Free for Millions Under New Biden Program

With a discount already in place, 20 companies have agreed to offer service for $30 a month. Advocacy groups are hoping states will adopt similar pricing requirements. 

EV Charging Station Map Highlights Disparities

Today’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is concentrated along the coasts and in major cities.

Smart Pavement Powering EV Charging, In-road Traffic Sensors

With the installation of smart pavement at five downtown intersections, a Kansas town is driving smart infrastructure adoption.

White House Wants to Ensure Good Stewardship of Infrastructure Funds

New guidance directs agencies on implementation of the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

How Cities are Trying to Combat the Nation's Deadliest Weather Risk

Heat doesn’t get the same attention as hurricanes or wildfires, but city officials are paying more attention to it as hot temperatures become more common.

Federal Covid Aid is Funding a Pickleball Court Construction Boom

Pickleball is the nation's fastest growing sport and cities and towns are using money from the American Rescue Plan to build facilities for the legions of new players.

States Experiment With Orange Highway Striping in Work Zones

It’s among the latest attempts to cut down on crashes in construction areas.

Making the Case for State Infrastructure Czars

A leading consultancy is backing the Biden administration’s idea that states should have a lead person to help navigate programs in the new infrastructure law.

Biden Reverses Trump's Rollback of Environmental Reviews for Infrastructure Projects

Critics say the latest update to the rules could bog down project timelines. But state transportation officials and environmental advocates welcomed the changes.

Wastewater Testing Programs Need Better Coordination, Data Standards

Wastewater surveillance systems are helping communities predict Covid-19 outbreaks, but lack of national coordination and standardized pose challenges to wider adoption, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Biden Administration Plays Up Billions for Rural Infrastructure

The White House released new information this week for places looking to access the cash and officials said to expect over $2 billion in funding announcements for rural areas this month.

On Streets With Pavement Art, Study Finds Drop in Crashes

There was an especially sharp reduction with pedestrians and cyclists getting struck by cars, according to a new report. The art projects include things like intersection murals and colorfully painted crosswalks.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Tearing Down an Urban Freeway

There’s growing interest and new federal money for removing highways running through city neighborhoods. But when it comes to reviving communities, what replaces the roads may matter just as much as demolishing them.

Pedestrian Deaths Were Up 17% in the First Half of 2021

A new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association provides the latest evidence of disturbing traffic safety patterns across the U.S. since the pandemic began.

How States and Localities Can Deliver Results With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Funds

COMMENTARY | The billions in infrastructure dollars flowing to governments must work for residents of all backgrounds and political affiliations. Oklahoma City’s approach may hold the key to success.

A Top Senate Democrat Signals Support for Billions More in Water Quality Grants for States

But Republican opposition to Biden’s energy policies could thwart the president's hope for a significant EPA funding boost.