IT Budgeting

Report: State CISOs Need to Throw Their Weight Around

Budgets are tight and talent is scarce, but the cyber leaders can change that with their increasing sway within governments.

Google's Eric Schmidt Tells Trump to Upgrade Government IT

The discussion occurred at a time when Trump's attitude toward IT modernization is mostly uncertain.

Route Fifty Viewcast on Wednesday: Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Register and join Route Fifty News Editor Dave Nyczepir and two local government officials for a livestreamed discussion about current cyber challenges.

For State CIOs, the Time Has Come to Be Agile

“Waterfall has led us into a lot of wasted time and effort,” says Maryland’s state chief information officer, David Garcia.

The Benefits of Michigan’s Cyber Infrastructure

IT centralization and having a technocrat for a governor helps, according to the Great Lake State’s chief information officer.

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‘Internet of Things’ Brings New IT Challenges for State Governments

As the number of sensors being deployed continues to soar, there are important data storage, security and analysis needs to consider. “Start the learning curve now,” says Michigan’s deputy chief security officer.

Putting Hybrid IT Blind Spots in the Rearview Mirror

There might be potholes along the way but state and local agencies have the ability to steer clear of them.

McAuliffe on Cybersecurity: ‘It’s Something That Every Governor Needs to Focus On’

Virginia’s governor and cybersecurity champion spoke with Route Fifty about his primary policy priority as the 2016-17 chair of the National Governors Association executive committee.

Route Fifty Viewcast on June 9: Strong Cybersecurity for State and Local Governments

We’ll discuss how to think about effectively protecting agency IT assets and safeguarding public sector information. Register today for this free event.

Government Agencies Continue Their Shift to Hybrid IT, But Few Will Go All In

Security concerns, lacking skills, budget constraints and legacy systems all impose barriers to a complete migration to the cloud.

Minnesota Governor’s Big Cybersecurity Spending Plan Gets Iffy Support in Legislature

Debate about funding levels reflects national discussion about whether states are investing enough to keep computer systems and data safe from hackers and other threats.

Is Your State Prepared for a Cyberattack on Top of a Natural Disaster?

NASCIO doesn’t think so, so it’s developed a government response planning guide for cyber disruptions.

Virginia’s New IT Procurement Vehicle Paves the Way for the ‘Internet of Things’

Agency flexibility from the state to local levels is key to adopting new technologies and attracting a younger workforce, says Verizon’s Maggie Hallbach.

Auditor’s Review Points Out Cybersecurity Weaknesses for Missouri’s Local Governments

Inadequate password controls and granting employees too much access to information are some of the issues pinpointed.

Making the Case for Cyber Defense Spending in Local Government

Here’s how IT leaders in one Arizona county are working to demonstrate the return on cybersecurity investments: “When [decisionmakers] see that value, it makes sense.”

States Still Haven’t Gone All In on IT-Enhanced Productivity

A new report makes the case for reducing government headcounts and stronger CIOs.

When It Comes to Cyber Defense, Colorado Spends to Secure Its Information Resources

Faced with 8.4 million security events a day, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology continues to identify controls in need of additional funding.

How Georgia Greatly Improved Its Data Infrastructure

It took the Peach State about seven years, but its data accuracy is now in the 90th percentile.

Why Local Governments Need to Take Cybersecurity More Seriously

The IT security risks are high and the resources for effective defense aren’t always there.