Management Principles

Celebrating Public Service—and Public Servants

COMMENTARY | Government is asked to solve our toughest and most intractable problems. That’s why we need to celebrate the people who make a difference through government service.

The Montana Legislator's Censure Shows That American Standards of Political Decorum Are Failing

COMMENTARY | The move violates the spirit of legislative rules set by none other than Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of this country, more than 200 years ago. Those rules were written to protect minority views.

States Vote to End Subminimum Wage

Advocates for people with disabilities see progress in leveling pay and ending work segregation.

Can Performance Pay Help States and Cities Hang onto the Best and Brightest?

After years in which compensation tied to performance was considered a “failed experiment,” workforce pressures are bringing it back to the table again.

State & Local Roundup: Top Counties Return to Pre-pandemic Populations

Plus: Seattle gig workers get paid sick leave; Chicago and Wisconsin go to the polls; California’s insulin experiment hits a bump; Big gaps in electric vehicle ownership; and more news you can use from around the country.

Tips to Ensure Governors Start Off on the Right Foot

A recent report offers new officeholders guidance on how to hit the ground running.

An Attack on Auditor Independence Jeopardizes One State’s Fiscal Future

The Iowa Senate passed a bill that severely limits its auditor’s access to critical documents. The ramifications could be severe.

Data-Based Decision-Making Is Flawed When the Data Is Flawed

There are many reasons the quality of state and local data can be poor. Using that information can lead to unfortunate results.

What Keeps Public Employees In Their Jobs? It’s Not Just Pay

There are several factors more important than money in reducing staff turnover among government workers, a new study shows.

Diversity of US Workplaces Is Growing in Terms of Race, Ethnicity and Age – Forcing More Employers to Be Flexible

COMMENTARY | Employers need good strategies to hire and retain more workers of color and older workers. The mandatory diversity training and requisite skills tests many of them now rely on don’t measure up.

How to Transform the Public-Sector Workforce

COMMENTARY | Enact a strategy that embraces people, purpose, growth and learning in your organization.

How One State Is Excelling at Process Improvement

Every week Nebraska is contacted by other states to learn how it is saving staff time, streamlining projects and delivering better customer services. Here’s why.

Republican Governors Blast Biden for Infrastructure Labor Plan

They’re at odds over a proposal calling for contractors to agree to project-specific labor standards on federal job sites.

Managers, Err On The Side Of Too Much Communication

COMMENTARY | It's better for managers to give employees too much communication than too little, researchers report.

The Perks of Positivity May Depend on Race and Culture

The supposedly universal benefits of positivity may not generalize across races, research indicates.

For State Transportation Agencies, a Long Road To Increase Diversity

DOTs have often lagged when it comes to filling jobs with women and people of color. With a new emphasis on equity in the sector, there are signs that may finally be changing.

Government Leadership and the Power of Mindfulness

By teaching themselves to move beyond impulsive reactions, executives can become more thoughtful—and more effective.

How Employee Well-Being May Improve With a 4-Day Workweek

A new Gallup poll takes a look, but also finds that worker engagement doesn't necessarily rise by shaving a day from the standard full-time schedule.

Forest Service Rushes to Hire Enough Firefighters Ahead of Wildfire Season

Stakeholders warn shortages again threaten the Biden's administration's approach to combatting the fires.

5 Things Women Job Seekers Want

Women want better pay and work-life balance but also value working in diverse organizations, among other factors, a new Gallup poll reveals.