Marijuana tax revenues fall short of projections in many states, including Colorado

COMMENTARY | As the market matures both the price of marijuana and tax revenues associated with its sale will likely drop further in the future.

Democrats prove they have staying power in state elections

Plus, abortion rights and pot legalization win in Ohio, Philadelphia elects its first woman mayor, and a falsely accused member of "Central Park Five" joins New York City council.

Cannabis banking bill closer to a vote in the U.S. Senate

The bill would address a problem that has led to half of the nation’s cannabis dispensaries being robbed or burglarized.

After power play fails, Ohio Republicans face more ballot measure challenges

State legislators wanted to stop the public from voting on abortion rights to redistricting. Similar fights are playing out nationwide, as conservative lawmakers try to make it harder for liberals to pass policies at the ballot box.

What to expect in the first year of cannabis legalization

Twenty-three states have legalized recreational marijuana, but governments are still learning how to iron out the regulatory, business and safety considerations of pot legalization.

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As more states legalize pot, their uneven safety rules can pose a risk

Tests for marijuana potency and contamination vary across state lines.

Legal Pot Is More Potent Than Ever—And Still Largely Unregulated

As marijuana has become far more mainstream, potent and sometimes dangerous, uneven regulation at the state and federal levels leaves consumers at risk.

As Americans Kick the Smoking and Drinking Habit, Sin Tax Revenue Drops

Taxes on marijuana and vaping could replace the shrinking revenue, but analysts caution against setting new taxes without considering how they will impact behavior.

New Jersey Bill Would Track Deadly Car Crashes Involving Marijuana

The bill would require the state to publish information annually on how many car crashes involve drivers under the influence of cannabis.

States With Legal Pot Consider How to Protect Cannabis Workers

In some states, so-called labor peace agreements have figured prominently in efforts to set up legal pot marketplaces.

Democrats Plan to Take Another Pass at Cannabis Banking Bill

They are hoping a bill sponsored by Democratic and Republican senators will be more successful and finally address local governments’ concerns about crime.

Marijuana Banking Reform Left Out of Year-End Spending Deal 

The proposed changes would have cleared a path for state-regulated marijuana companies to access banking services, instead of doing business primarily in cash.

Permitting Revamp and Pot Banking Left Out of Must-pass Defense Bill

In brokering the National Defense Authorization Act, congressional negotiators didn’t include a controversial overhaul of environmental permitting for energy projects, or provisions to open banking to state-regulated marijuana businesses.

How Your State Can Reduce Fraud With Marijuana Tax Payments

COMMENTARY | Governments can be unaware of whether they are receiving the correct revenues from cannabis sales. But there are options available to help agencies root out noncompliance, improve forecasts, and potentially up collections.

Split Results in Marijuana Legalization Votes

Measures to legalize recreational cannabis won approval in two states, and failed in three.

Governors Split on Biden’s Call to Pardon Low-Level Pot Offenders

Most marijuana convictions are at the state and local levels.

Marijuana 'Sin Tax' Collections Show Signs of Outpacing Alcohol

In states where cannabis is legal, a new analysis finds excise tax collections from pot leading booze. But the money is a small share of state budgets and changes to the industry could affect revenues.

As Legal Marijuana Use Takes Off, How Can Regulating Bodies Keep Pace With the Laws?

COMMENTARY | With more states legalizing marijuana, government agencies must equip themselves with the technology and tools to regulate its use.

Local Leaders Beg for 'Substantial State Assistance, Immediately' to Combat Illegal Marijuana Farms

An Oregon county declared a state of emergency and is requesting $750,000, 45 new employees and the National Guard, which officials say is necessary because the illegal businesses are running rampant, depleting resources and spiking crime.

Indigenous Tribes Taking the Lead on Legal Weed

While the state dawdles on pot regulations, Native Americans in New York will likely begin sales before the end of the year.