Feds hope more data access will improve states’ SNAP delivery

The U.S. Agriculture Department is working to help states address card skimming and other persistent problems in the SNAP program.

Cloud adoption essential, but still challenging

Pittsburgh has racked up some early successes with its cloud migration, but a combination of limited finances, technical debt and the need to educate employees slows progress.

State leaders count up modernization wins

Tech leaders say gains in system processing speeds, security and customer experience make the case for modernization.

The future of government is (still) digital

More than 20 years after a report foresaw a government dominated by digital services, an update finds that a lack of tech savvy workers and funding are hampering efforts to realize that vision.

State CIOs look ahead to a collaborative, automated future

A survey of state technology leaders found that the CIO role has evolved from one concerned with building a state’s own tech infrastructure to one focused on acting as a broker of services. The change comes amid increasing automation, use of AI and cybersecurity challenges.

The money's out the door in nationwide unemployment insurance modernization push

A Labor Department official said efforts to help states modernize their UI systems are trending in the right direction, but funding may be insufficient.

Three years since the start of the pandemic, unemployment insurance fraud is still a multibillion dollar problem

Several states have recently reported increases in fraudulent claims. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade systems, emerging threats are putting pressure on states to modernize even further.

Unemployment insurance modernization takes hit in Congress

The funding reduction is part of the debt ceiling compromise, but the Labor Department says it still plans to focus on helping states combat identity fraud and strengthening the integrity of the UI system.

Agency execs strive to maintain modernization momentum

Government leaders want to keep up the pace of COVID-era innovation, but do so more securely, a new report finds.

State expands streamlined, automated licensing

Wisconsin’s successful migration of its occupational licensing system to the cloud now includes business licenses.

Public safety relies on behind-the-scenes technology

COMMENTARY | Reliable emergency response, citation management and crime analysis technologies give responders the data they need quickly and accurately.

Most government software stinks. Here’s what you can do about it.

COMMENTARY | When IT systems align to their end users’ day-to-day processes, tasks and needs, agencies can increase productivity while more than making up for any marginal cost differences.

Digital Driver’s Licenses Expand

Maryland has become the first state to offer digital licenses and IDs for both Apple and Android devices. At least 17 states allow for digital licenses.

What State Unemployment Modernization Pilots Get Right

Pilot programs in two states focusing on identity verification for unemployment systems could set the stage for nationwide modernization.

Officials Say They've Fixed a 'Sorting' Breakdown in Virginia Booze Raffle

The error allowed some entrants to win multiple bottles of rare bourbon despite steep odds. Authorities say they’ve worked to limit the future possibility of human error and Excel mistakes.

State turns to the cloud to manage transportation projects

The Delaware Department of Transportation will track $3 billion in spending over the next five years with a cloud-based capital program management solution.

State and local agencies weigh procurement outsourcing

Facing a shrinking workforce and a largely paper-based procurement processes, more public sector agencies are pushing routine purchasing tasks to third parties.

One-stop access to city’s childcare, jobs, business services

The MyCity portal will act as a centralized data repository that streamlines services application and delivery for New York City residents and enables greater information sharing across government agencies.

A fight against floppy discs evolves into a prison rights crusade

Incarcerated man asks court to compel prisons to dump ‘Stone Age’ technology.

UI modernization, identity verification limit state fraud loss

Halfway through a four-year modernization of its unemployment insurance management system, New York state’s Labor Department aims to create a more seamless and secure user experience.