New Technology

New York to Battle Senior Loneliness With Robot Companions

The state’s Office of Aging plans to distribute voice-activated companions to prompt connections and wellness checks.

Cities That Hyped Crypto Are Now Contending With the Crash

This month's cryptocurrency market meltdown is raising new questions about how far local governments and public officials should go getting involved with the virtual asset.

Mobile Driver's Licenses, Digital Credentials Can Protect Against Identity Theft

Standards for mobile licenses and credentials top the wish list of trade groups looking to steer the Biden administration’s action on combating identity theft and fraud.

Blockchain Could Power State Government Processes

States have been experimenting with blockchain-based voting systems, smart contracts for ID management and fintech sandboxes, but implementation challenges exist, report says.

Ransomware Getting Ahead of State and Local Governments, Survey Finds

While respondents acknowledge the growing threat from ransomware, most are unprepared to prevent it or respond to it.

Revamping Mobility With a Renewed Focus on Communities

COMMENTARY | As cities move back to pre-pandemic lifestyles, government and industry must come together and drive mobility toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

Millions of Electric Vehicle Chargers Are Coming and Cities Want a Say in Where They Go

Big cities and rural areas fear being left behind if they can’t keep up with the demand for chargers, but they also have to consider costs, competition for curbsides, equity and more.

Driverless Cars Won’t Be Good for the Environment if They Lead To More Auto Use

COMMENTARY | Studies show that when people can ride in a car without operating it, they increase their car use. That could increase traffic and pollution, unless government puts a price on car travel.

Taking Control of Ransomware With a Zero-Trust Strategy

COMMENTARY | Antivirus, sandboxing and similar detection techniques can’t keep up. It’s time for governments and agencies to transform their approach to thwarting malware.

Georgia Moves Voter Registration to the Cloud

The Georgia Registered Voter Information System will be housed on servers that give election officials a more secure and user-friendly system.

Detroit Tests Cloud-enabled Pavement Monitoring

In-vehicle sensors collect and analyze data and send it to the cloud where the city can access it as a GIS layer to see road surface ratings.

As States and Localities Embrace Cryptocurrency, Problems Grow

While a handful of cities dove in last year, 14 states enacted laws regulating digital currency and many others introduced bills to facilitate transactions while preventing scams.

Transportation Secretary Pushes for Government Support for Vehicle Innovation

Pete Buttigieg doubled down on the government's role in fostering a strong environment for emerging tech like electric cars and buses and automated vehicles. 

Why More Public Pension Funds Are Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The barriers for state and local institutional investors entering the crypto market are come down, including a clearer regulatory framework and more industry scrutiny.

5G in Government: Not There Yet, But Getting Closer

There are several areas where 5G capabilities can improve, including bandwidth potential, for governments.

Building a Cloud-savvy Workforce May Mean Rethinking Degree Requirements

Government and industry officials question how they can keep cloud positions filled when they require various college degrees and certifications, but onboarding is key.

Bill Supports the Expansion and Development of 6G Infrastructure

A bipartisan bill would establish a council to oversee and implement 6G broadband access across the country.

How Artificial Intelligence Technology and Data Can Increase Resilience in the New Pandemic Era 

COMMENTARY | While we can’t stop crises from happening, we can find ways to use technology and data to anticipate impact and help with recovery.

Most Organizations Embrace Hybrid Cloud, Report Shows

In a survey of U.S. and U.K. IT decision makers, three out of four reported onboarding a new cloud provider during 2020.

Two Keys to Delivering Exceptional Digital Citizen Experiences

COMMENTARY | The technology infrastructures many governments have weren’t built to handle the traffic they experienced during the pandemic. Here's how to meet fluctuating demand.