New Technology

How states can take a ‘quantum’ leap in economic development

Governments are eyeing quantum technology as a way to boost jobs and their economies. But adopting the hard to understand technology, one expert says, will require educating and upskilling your workforce.

‘Artificial intelligence is not innovation,’ it’s a tool. How governments use it will vary.

Some state and local governments may embrace AI wholly, while others may take a more measured approach. Either way, experts said, the competition to be first is moot.

AI is helping police solve more crimes, but some are still worried

At a recent Senate hearing, concerns were raised about false arrests and how little is known about the accuracy of some AI products.

County tests feasibility of 3D-printed affordable housing

Santa Barbara County is using a state grant to 3D-print an affordable home in what it hopes will be a demonstration project other communities can learn from.

What transportation officials need to consider when using AI

Artificial intelligence tools are proliferating in transportation. Two tech experts offer advice on how to approach the emerging technology.

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Unless states act soon, the ‘AI rich’ will ‘only get richer’

The industry is currently concentrated in only a handful of places in the U.S. States can change that.

Air taxis are taking off. Cities should start planning now.

A new report can help cities weigh safety, access and equity considerations when deciding where to locate air taxi hubs.

New Jersey Lawmakers Take Bipartisan Swing at Deepfake Regulation

The bill would expand identity theft statutes to criminalize deceit aided by artificial intelligence.

Governor Paves the Way for an 'AI Bill of Rights'

The Connecticut legislation calls for an inventory of the technology’s use in government and establishes an artificial intelligence working group to make recommendations.

Is Generative AI Bad for the Environment?

COMMENTARY | A computer scientist explains the carbon footprint of ChatGPT and its cousins.

ChatGPT Could Make Phishing More Sophisticated

The latest version’s greater “steerability” allows users to vary the style and tone of generated text to make scams even harder to detect.

Maine’s 3D-printed Wood-fiber Home

The recyclable, 3D-printed homes could help fill the housing gap while advancing sustainable manufacturing.

Can AI Tutors Give the Nation’s Workforce a Competitive Edge?

The number of workers needing new skills across a variety of emerging technology fields will soon outpace the nation’s ability to train them, but researchers at the Defense Department have a plan involving artificial intelligence.

Colorado Now Accepts Crypto for State Tax Payments

The Department of Revenue has added cryptocurrency as a payment type, allowing residents to pay individual and business tax through PayPal.

Utah Readies Mobile Driver’s License Rollout

While the technology for the mDL is ready, the challenge is creating an ecosystem of partners who accept the digital ID.

States Play a Central Role in the EV Charger Buildout

In many ways they’re in uncharted terrain as they plan for a $5 billion influx of federal funds to create a national network of electric vehicle charging stations.

25 Emerging Tech Trends Government Leaders Should Watch

The selected technologies in the 2022 Gartner Hype Cycle feature immersive tech, accelerated artificial intelligence and innovation around how products and services are built.

Bipartisan Senators Want Commodity Regulations For Cryptocurrency

A new bill would task the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with imposing more consumer protections and other oversight regulations on digital asset trading.

Mayors Endorse an Array of Emerging Technologies

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

New York to Battle Senior Loneliness With Robot Companions

The state’s Office of Aging plans to distribute voice-activated companions to prompt connections and wellness checks.