Parks & Recreation

5 Reasons Your Community Should Create More Green Spaces

COMMENTARY | A healthy community’s infrastructure isn’t only limited to roads, schools, and bridges. Investing in nature-centered spaces such as parks can contribute significantly to the community’s health and economy.

Atlanta’s BeltLine Shows How Parks Can Drive ‘Green Gentrification’

COMMENTARY | Cities can avoid the problem if they think about affordable housing at the start of their projects.

Mayors Try to Cope With Pickleball Craze

Demands for new facilities, along with noise complaints and paddle-toting attendees at city council meetings are just some of what they’re contending with as the sport's popularity skyrockets.

New Federal Cash Headed to Trail Projects Nationwide

Some of the money is from earmarks included in a recent federal spending package. The funding comes as bike and pedestrian trail use has been on the rise.

America's Crumbling Municipal Pools

Many public pools and aquatics facilities around the U.S. are decades old and in need of upgrades or replacement. The problem is particularly acute in poor neighborhoods and likely to become more pressing as summers grow hotter.

Beach Battles: Lawmakers Pushed to Increase Public Shoreline Access

Steep parking fees and other factors can pose barriers to visiting beaches, with some advocates saying restrictive policies reinforce segregation and racial inequality.

Can't Get There From Here: The Missing Middle Along Florida's Coast-to-Coast Trail

Bicyclists tell of having to ride along busy highways as officials say an unfinished segment may be years more in the making.

Historic Floods Hammer Yellowstone, Shuttering Park and Stranding Residents

A combination of heavy rain and rapid snowmelt has pushed rivers in the region to their highest recorded levels.

Despite Higher Costs, Vacationers Plan to Visit State Beaches, Lakes and Parks This Summer

Travelers also said that Covid-19 will not impact their trips during the next few months, according to a recent survey.

The States That Get the Biggest Boost From Parks and Rec Spending

More than 10,000 local parks and recreation agencies nationwide drive more than $200 billion annually in economic activity, according to a recent report.

Seasonal Worker Shortage Threatens Closure of Public Pools and Parks

State and local governments are scrambling to fill summer parks and recreation positions, raising wages up to $16 per hour to compete with private businesses.

The US Cities With the Largest Park Systems

Washington, D.C. held the No. 1 spot on the ParkScore index for the second consecutive year. Other top cities are spread across the country.

Interacting With Nature in Cities Can Reduce Loneliness

Local officials should improve access to existing green spaces, among other things, to help lessen loneliness, one study shows.

State Officials to Drone Operators: Please Stop Harassing the Animals

Wildlife officials in Colorado this week urged recreational drone pilots to avoid disrupting animals during flights, the latest example of a growing issue for state agencies.

10 Dog-friendly Cities for Summer Vacations

People who want to travel with their pets will find a variety of fun options, from beaches and mountains, across the country, according to one travel planning website.

Best and Worst States for Job Opportunities

South Dakota tops the list while Kentucky is No. 50 based on an analysis using 35 economic metrics.

From New Hampshire to California, Parks Departments Embrace Video Games

Esports leagues, where gamers of all ages compete online in tournaments, are an increasingly popular programming choice for parks and recreation departments.

Georgia Election Law Fuels Partisan Cancel Culture Debate

After Major League Baseball announced it was pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of the state’s election law, Sen. Mitch McConnell warned of “serious consequences.”

City Dwellers Gained More Access to Public Spaces During the Pandemic – Can They Keep It?

COMMENTARY | Will cities revert to familiar car-centric patterns, or build on the past year to create more outdoor spaces that are accessible and welcoming for all of their residents?

What Can Parks Do When Demand Rises as Budgets Decline?

Though there may be greater appreciation for the nation’s parks, many are still fighting for funding. Some states are finding solutions.