Public Health

As Covid-19 Vaccine Demand Dips, Community Health Centers Take the Lead

Their mission is to close vaccination gaps between the most vulnerable and everyone else.

Block of Three Northeast States Will Move Toward Reopening

Governors in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut plan to ease limits on businesses beginning May 19. States in other parts of the country have already gone further unwinding pandemic-era rules.

Millions Are Saying No to the Vaccines. What Are They Thinking?

COMMENTARY | Feelings about the vaccine are intertwined with feelings about the pandemic.

Cash for Jabs? Officials Look to Cash Perks to Boost Vaccine Uptake

West Virginia's governor announced a $100 incentive program this week. In Detroit, people can get a $50 debit card for driving someone to a vaccination site.

In the Tales Told by Sewage, Public Health and Privacy Collide

Sewage epidemiology has been embraced in other countries for decades, but not in the U.S. Will Covid change that?

Another Soda Tax Bill Dies. Another Win for Big Soda

A bill that would have allowed California cities and counties to once again pursue taxes on sugary drinks was just shelved in the legislature without a hearing. Public health advocates blame the political — and financial — clout of the soft drink industry.

A Year Into Covid, States Debate Public Health Shutdown Powers

Lawmakers in many states are angling to relocate, reduce, or otherwise refine the power to make public health decisions.

CDC: 4 in 10 Transgender Women Tested Positive for HIV in Major Cities

The report shows the unequal toll HIV still exerts — with particular consequence for Black women and Latinas.

A First-of-its-kind Investment in Home Care is in the Works. But Will it be Enough?

The American Jobs plan would allocate $400 billion to assist in home health care, a historic investment, but one expert says it may not be enough.

Syphilis Cases in California Drive a Record-Setting Year for STDs Nationwide

New data released Tuesday from the CDC shows sexually transmitted infections reached an all-time high in 2019. The biggest spike was in syphilis cases, which rose 74% between 2015 and 2019. Leading the country in syphilis is California, where men who have sex with men make up half the cases.

Deep Cleaning Isn’t a Victimless Crime

COMMENTARY | The CDC has finally said what scientist have been screaming for months: The coronavirus is overwhelmingly spread through the air, not via surfaces.

No Extra Vaccines for Hot Spot States, White House Says

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had requested a boost in Covid-19 vaccines to help combat a rising number of infections in her state.

When to Reopen

COMMENTARY | Let’s stop pretending that pandemic rules that made sense in April 2020 still make sense a year later.

How Two Local Governments Got Covid Vaccination Registrations Right

From system failures to overbooked appointments, the technology many governments relied on to manage vaccinations crashed and burned. But New Orleans and Dallas County found software that worked.

12 Months of Trauma: More Than 3,600 US Health Workers Died in Covid’s First Year

The Guardian and Kaiser Health News investigated U.S. health care worker deaths during the pandemic, providing a window into the workings and failures of the nation's health system.

The Futility of Vaccine Passports

Domestic vaccine passports are fine on the surface, but they don’t provide help to the people who need it most.

GOP Governors Take Action to Block Covid ‘Vaccine Passports’

The Biden administration is making clear it is not planning to pursue a federal proof-of-vaccination program.

Vermont Is 1st State to Give Minority Residents Vaccine Priority

Covid cases have disproportionately affected the state's Black residents, so officials are moving them to the front of the line for vaccination before the state expands eligibility to all.

States Are Growing Fewer Trees. Forest Owners Say That’s a Problem.

Washington produces about 8 million seedlings a year for reforestation on state and private lands, but many other states have closed nurseries or cut production in recent years, leaving small forest owners without a crucial supply of trees.