Public Health

Forceful Vaccine Messages Backfire With Holdouts. How Can It Be Done Better?

COMMENTARY | A communication strategy that is sensitive to psychological reactance could empower the holdouts to willingly get vaccinated instead of grudgingly comply with a mandate, writes a communication scientist.

Missouri Is the Next Front in the Covid Culture War

Can Eric Schmitt, Missouri’s anti-mandate attorney general, sue his way to the U.S. Senate?

Best and Worst Cities for Mental Health Care in America

Denver tops the list for best places while Dallas is in last place, according to a recent report.

GOP Governors Balk at Biden’s Business Vaccination Order

Deriding the mandate as ‘un-American,’ several Republican governors have promised to sue.

The Case for Building a Collaborative Intergovernmental System

COMMENTARY | No significant public initiative fits entirely within one government agency or even one level of government.

Hoping to Boost Vaccine Rates, One State Announces Grants for Primary Care Doctors

The Colorado program will use federal relief money to help health care practices boost vaccine distribution.

Counties and States Embrace Fentanyl Test Strips in Battle Against Opioids

Arlington County, Virginia announced that it would begin distributing the strips to addiction-prone people leaving the county jail, the latest in a growing number of government agencies to turn to the tests as a way to prevent overdoses.

State Efforts to Ban Mask Mandates in Schools Mirror Resistance to Integration

COMMENTARY | Southern states ignoring federal educational guidance is not new.

Another State Will Train Police to Draw Blood From Drunk Driving Suspects

Georgia will establish a phlebotomy program to instruct law enforcement officers on how to collect blood samples, the latest in a growing number of states to embrace the practice.

Calling All Unvaccinated Nurses: This State Will Hire You

Job ads for open positions in Nebraska’s state-run facilities highlight optional Covid-19 vaccines, a move that contradicts federal mandates for health workers and could cost the state some of its insurance reimbursements.

How Public Health Partnerships are Encouraging Covid-19 Vaccination in Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana and South Carolina

Four public health and communications experts explain how they are teaming up with nonprofits and other partners to encourage more people in their states and local communities to get the shots.

Alcohol Consumption Falls to Near 20-Year Lows, Poll Finds

Adults who say they drink beer, wine or spirits dropped to 60%, a Gallup poll shows. However, other research suggests alcohol consumption spiked dramatically during the early months of the pandemic.

Governor Has Oversight of Mask Decisions, A State Supreme Court Rules

Texas’ highest court issued a ruling Thursday that blocks school districts in Bexar County from enforcing mask mandates.

'Vaxfluencers' Getting Residents to Get the Shot

Public health agencies are paying local Instagram and TikTok celebrities to promote Covid-19 vaccines, a relatively new outreach strategy that, so far, seems to be working.

Survey: More than 40% of Employees Support Higher Insurance Rates for Unvaccinated

The responses indicate vaccinated American workers are calling for more punitive measures against their unvaccinated counterparts.

Cybercriminals Strike Another Hospital System

Hackers struck Memorial Health System, which operates facilities in Ohio and West Virginia.

The Coronavirus Could Get Worse

Delta is far from the last variant. But what shape the virus takes next depends on us.

Full FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine Prompts Swift Mandates for State, Local Government Workers

Following approval for the vaccine, some leaders across the country immediately tell public employees and college students to get vaccinated now.

You’ve Been Vaccinated. Now Prove It.

Critics raise logistical and privacy concerns over vaccine documentation.