Risk Management

See something, say something: Ethical hackers strengthen cyber resilience

Cities and states are increasingly adopting vulnerability disclosure policies that encourage “white hat” or ethical cybersecurity researchers to identify and report security weaknesses in government websites and systems.

EPA withdraws cyber audit requirement for water systems

The agency asserted that it still “remains committed” to helping states protect their water systems, despite legal challenges to its formal mandate.

Cybersecurity Standards Gain Ground in Counties

More counties are embracing voluntary cybersecurity frameworks to evaluate their risk and better protect their assets, a recent report shows.

Why you should consider outcome-based security

Agencies can better align their cybersecurity and business priorities when they have affordable risk management solutions that deliver measurable results.

When data science shortcuts are a bad idea

Auto-ML can help non-data scientists write programs, but the resulting applications may be flawed, biased or useless, an expert says. Still, agencies can minimize risk and optimize the use of citizen data scientists.

Connect with state & local government leaders

Cyber, digital services, workforce primary focus for state CIOs in 2023

Identity and access management, cloud and application modernization rank as the big three technology priorities.

State calls for threat sharing and ransomware payment bans

Texas’ Department of Information Resources said localities should be required to report incidents and called for a state ban on paying ransomware demands.

Groups at risk for hate crimes can tap new cyber funds

Nonprofits applying for funding to combat hate crimes in New York can now include cybersecurity projects in their applications.

Managing the Risks Inherent to Smart Cities

A new guide for non-technologists aims to help local officials avoid technology and policy pitfalls.