Rural America

If Rural Towns Want a Stronger Local Economy, Why Do They Invest in Wall Street?

Several experts are creating tools and sharing expertise to develop an “ecosystem,” in which investing directly in local small businesses becomes a viable alternative to Wall Street for rural communities.

Rural Main Street Program Says Revitalization Starts at Home

A new initiative for small towns aims to move from simply recruiting businesses to incubating the business ideas that arise locally.

Lack of Access to Infrastructure Hurts Voter Participation in Rural America

Voter turnout is lower in rural places, something researchers say is a symptom of unequal amounts of civic infrastructure.

In the Face of Extreme Floods, Rural Communities Lack Forecasting and Broadband

Plans are in place to address the urban observation bias in national weather prediction, but the other piece—reliable broadband—could still be years away for places like Eastern Kentucky.

Texas Town Tries a New Model for Saving Rural Health Care

Federal pandemic aid that has helped many rural hospitals stave off collapse is rapidly drying up.

Dollar Stores Are the Fastest Growing Food Stores in the U.S.

Dollar stores are now the fastest-growing food retailers in the contiguous United States—and have doubled their share in rural areas, according to a new study.

Relocation Programs Continue to Grow in Numbers in Rural America

By one count, more than 50 rural communities offer some sort of incentive to entice new residents.

America’s Massive Gap Providing Mental Health Services

Counties are pushing Congress to help fix the problem, which is especially bad in rural communities. But whether lawmakers will do so as part of upcoming budget legislation is unclear.

States Steer More Money Toward Rural Roads

A federal infusion of grant money is paying for repaving and other safety improvements.

Broadband’s Rural Reach: How Electric Co-ops Reduce the Digital Divide

The Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Broadband Cooperatives plans to connect 200,000 rural residents via fiber within five years.

It’s Time for Congress to Step Up Its Support for Public Lands Counties

COMMENTARY | Local governments with huge swaths of federal land make important contributions to the nation’s economy, but also face unique challenges. Lawmakers should act to shore up the programs they depend on.

Rural Areas in 11 States to Receive $401M for High-speed Internet

The Agriculture Department says the grants and loans will help to improve service for 31,000 customers.

How Rural Communities Can Receive the Digital Infrastructure Support They Need

COMMENTARY | Bridging the rural-urban digital divide will depend on fundamental shifts in how we deploy money towards infrastructure in rural areas.

85 Airports Awarded Nearly $1B for Terminal Improvements

The federal dollars will go to airports in metro and rural areas across the country and will help pay for a variety of upgrades.

Small Towns Drew Most New Pandemic Residents

Major cities lost people to more remote, lesser-known areas.

New Program Aims to Help Rural America Tap More Federal Funding

The Biden administration initiative is starting in five states and there are plans to expand it.

Biden Administration Plays Up Billions for Rural Infrastructure

The White House released new information this week for places looking to access the cash and officials said to expect over $2 billion in funding announcements for rural areas this month.

3 Things That Influence College Graduates From Rural Areas to Return to Their Communities

COMMENTARY | While many students who grew up in rural areas leave for good after going off to college, some are returning to their roots. A scholar who studies education and small towns explains why.

Millions of Electric Vehicle Chargers Are Coming and Cities Want a Say in Where They Go

Big cities and rural areas fear being left behind if they can’t keep up with the demand for chargers, but they also have to consider costs, competition for curbsides, equity and more.

With $1.4B in Awards, USDA Seeks to Loosen Grip of ‘Extraction Economy’ on Rural America

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said a new package of loans and grants is meant to help build wealth outside of cities and suburbs.