Small Businesses

Covid Caused Cities to Rework Rules for Restaurants. Which Changes Will Stick?

Over the past year, cities have taken action that’s ranged from streamlining permits for outdoor dining, to providing benches for restaurants to use for seating.

Congressional Leaders Reach Deal on $900 Billion Covid Relief Package

The agreement reached Sunday does not include direct funding for state and local governments but does extend the amount of time they have to spend previously appropriated federal funds.

Nearly 1-in-6 Restaurants Are Closed, Some Permanently, Industry Group Says

The National Restaurant Association estimates there are now over 110,000 closures and says the industry badly needs government aid to get through the pandemic.

To Create A Strong Government Technology Ecosystem, Increase Inclusivity

COMMENTARY | It’s time we did more to support underrepresented entrepreneurs to improve local government services and increase inclusivity.

Governors Announce Small Business Aid Alongside Restrictions

States hope the money will help businesses survive public health orders.

States Go After Small Businesses on Amazon—and Sometimes Amazon—for Millions in Back Sales Taxes

The Supreme Court in 2018 gave states the power to make new rules for collecting sales taxes online. But back taxes on products sold by small businesses on Amazon’s marketplace are still a major point of dispute.

Local and State Governments Spent $9 Billion on Small Business Aid

As the economy cratered during the pandemic, local and state governments offered an important financial lifeline for small businesses, according to a new report.

In a Bid to Save Local Restaurants, Cities Open Streets and Parking Lots to Outdoor Dining

The popular "Streatery" program in Madison, Wisconsin could extend beyond its current October end date.

State Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Reimburse Restaurants for Costs of Stalled Reopening

Legislation before the New Jersey legislature would use federal coronavirus relief funds to reimburse restaurants, caterers and bars for preparations to resume in-person dining before it was canceled by the governor.

Thousands of Small Business Owners Have Not Gotten Disaster Loans the Government Promised Them

A top official said 99% of funds were paid, but only 55% of small business owners reported receiving the money. Borrowers were told there was a technical glitch, but the Small Business Administration would not answer questions about it.

Court Strikes Down Restrictions on Pandemic Aid for Small Business Owners with Criminal Records

The Small Business Administration has changed the rules following a lawsuit from small business owners with criminal records.

Small Business Owners with Criminal Records Sue Over Pandemic Aid Restrictions

Many small business owners with criminal records were shut out of the Paycheck Protection Program, which was designed to keep employees on payrolls during coronavirus lockdowns.