Smart Cities

6G Promises Immersive Communications for Public Safety

The next-generation cellular network is poised to massively upgrade situational awareness for public safety agencies, experts say.

How One City Transformed Its Approach to Data

COMMENTARY | Carlsbad, California, had siloed data streams and didn’t effectively communicate between departments. It changed that and is using its smart city status to tackle today's biggest problems.

A Federal Program Looks to Connect Smart Buildings with Smart Policy

COMMENTARY | Buildings drive a third of the nation’s emissions. Smart buildings can change that with the right policies and programs in place.

Feds Prepare to Open New $500M Program for Transportation Tech

States and localities are among those eligible for the grants, which are aimed at funding projects focused on innovations like autonomous vehicles and roadside sensors.

How Little Rock is Harnessing Data to Become a Smarter City

“My team and I, we’re focused on getting things done, but with a data-driven approach,” says the mayor of Arkansas’ capital.

$26M Awarded for Hyperlocal Smart Cities Research

Researchers say they will pilot their work in three cities to integrate real-time technologies into streetscapes to build safe, equitable and secure communities.

How to Draft Effective Energy-Efficient Building Policies

A new report offers recommendations to governments about better design and implementation of these policies and the program evaluations.

On Streets With Pavement Art, Study Finds Drop in Crashes

There was an especially sharp reduction with pedestrians and cyclists getting struck by cars, according to a new report. The art projects include things like intersection murals and colorfully painted crosswalks.

3 Edge Computing Models for Integrated, Responsive Smart Cities

Edge computing will first be in private 5G deployments where massive amounts of data need low-latency processing, experts say.

3 US Cities Win Bloomberg Global Mayors Challenge

Cities in New Jersey, Arizona and Minnesota were selected for their unique programs to help residents get jobs and to accelerate opioid treatment.

As States and Localities Embrace Cryptocurrency, Problems Grow

While a handful of cities dove in last year, 14 states enacted laws regulating digital currency and many others introduced bills to facilitate transactions while preventing scams.

Infrastructure Law’s Digital Equity Goals Are Key to Smart Cities that Work for Everyone

COMMENTARY | Smart cities promise a shining future, but without deliberate efforts to include underserved communities they can worsen the digital divide.

Localities Pose Stricter Rules on E-Scooter Use, But Challenges Remain

After a pandemic-induced dip, scooter ridership is on the rise again, rekindling concerns about safety and other issues.

A Billionaire Wants to Build an Inclusive Utopian City. Government Leaders Are Skeptical.

Former Walmart executive Marc Lore envisions the world’s first 'woke city’ somewhere in the U.S., costing upward of $400 billion and with an application to live there.

26 Cities Awarded Arts Grants to Transform Blighted Areas

Bloomberg Philanthropies is partnering with the cities to help them revitalize streets and public spaces and make them safer through its Asphalt Art Initiative.

Tech Company Makes Case to Run a Local Government

A Nevada commission is studying the concept. But an executive a cryptocurrency firm says its plans for an "innovation zone" won't work inside an existing county.

Cities Embraced Technology During Covid But Still Lack Comprehensive Digital Policies

A white paper identifies gaps in technology governance in cities, including problems with accessibility, digital infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Algorithm Could Improve How Self-Driving Cars Take on Narrow Streets

Researchers have created a new algorithm that could help self-driving cars get around on narrow, crowded streets.

The US Cities 'Taking Bold Steps’ to Tackle the Most Pressing Challenges

Bloomberg Philanthropies selected 50 cities worldwide, including 14 here, as Bloomberg Mayors Challenge finalists for their innovative problem-solving ideas.

Cities Are Looking to Get Better Community Engagement By Paying for It

Compensating community members is just a part of what is called the co-design process, where project managers get to know the people, their lived experiences, and their values, to devise solutions.