State and Local Government

Three Alternatives to the Usual Strategies for Collecting Fines and Fees

A report from the Fines and Fees Justice Center lays out alternatives for cities looking to make collection practices more equitable and efficient.

Biden and Congressional Democrats in ‘Lockstep Agreement’ to Push for Lame-Duck Covid Deal

Negotiations on another round of coronavirus relief stalled before the election. Now congressional leaders in both parties are taking steps to revive talks before year-end.

Ready or Not, 5G is Coming: Governments Need To Be Prepared Today

COMMENTARY | 5G will revolutionize government operations. State and local governments must start preparing for it now to ensure they can maximize its benefits.

Three Ways Governments Can Maximize Covid-19 Funding Now

COMMENTARY | One of the most important things state and local governments can do with their remaining Covid-19 funding is to invest in digitization.

One City Council Tried to Dissuade Protesters from Targeting the Governor's Private Home. (It Didn't Work.)

The city council in Orem, Utah, convened an emergency meeting to pass an ordinance restricting protests that target public officials' private homes. Two days later, protesters were back at Gov. Gary Herbert's house.

Another Region Offers Remote Workers $10,000—and a Bike!—to Move

Northwest Arkansas will provide a cash incentive and a street or mountain bike to qualified remote workers who relocate to the area.

Traditional Thanksgivings Off the Table As Coronavirus Surges

As evidence grows that small gatherings are a driver of the current coronavirus surge, a growing chorus of mayors, governors, and public health officials urge people to skip the big meal with their extended family.

One Republican Governor Reversed Course on a Mask Mandate. Others Are Still Resisting.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declared an indefinite statewide mask mandate on Sunday as coronavirus cases continue to spike around the country, but other governors—including those in states hit hardest by the virus—haven't budged.

Local Health Departments Find New Ways to Provide Flu Vaccines

Agencies are holding drive-thru flu shot events and merging Covid-19 testing and flu vaccine sites, while officials stress that people need to get their shots.

Invasive Weed Found in Michigan Grows Six Inches a Day

The mile-a-minute weed, discovered at a nature center in Albion, can persist in the soil for up to six years.

Few Isolated Problems at the Polls on Mostly Smooth Election Day

In Michigan, officials worked to address misinformation spread through robocalls, while technical glitches slowed voting in some Georgia counties.

Jobs Recovery Slows for States and Remains Uneven

An analysis by Fitch Ratings found that job growth had slowed for most states as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations surge across the country.

Days Before Election, Officials Work to Combat Misinformation

Election officials across the country are waging public information campaigns and utilizing technology to fight misinformation campaigns ahead of Tuesday's election.

Attention, Lazy Garbage: This Bot Will Insult You Until You Vote

The free service, a product of the nonprofit Fight For The Future, sends daily text messages that urge you—impolitely—to go vote.

State and Local Leaders Raise Concerns About Remote Work Hurting Productivity

Government finance and administrative officials responding to a recent survey also said that their departments have taken on more work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia and Iran Obtained Voter Information to Meddle in Election, Federal Government Says

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Colorado aims to safely reopen ski resorts ... Wichita man accused of threatening mayor over mask ordinance is charged with criminal threat ... University of Michigan places students on lockdown as coronavirus surges.

States Are Getting Close to Spending Down Federal Covid Aid

Two surveys of state and local officials find that states and local governments are using up the money, but that restrictions on how it can be spent have been problematic.

Local and State Governments Spent $9 Billion on Small Business Aid

As the economy cratered during the pandemic, local and state governments offered an important financial lifeline for small businesses, according to a new report.

Eleven States Join DOJ in Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Police in Colorado take off-road vehicles to homeless encampment to provide vaccines and Covid tests … Can city recoup cancelled RNC costs? … Colleges require flu shots.

With Early Voting Crowds Come Long Lines, Last Minute Changes

More than 28 million people have already cast ballots for the presidential election as many states have changed absentee voting protocol to make it easier to vote early.