State and Local Government

The Five Best Movies About State or Local Government

The glitz! The glamour! The government officials! In honor of this weekend’s Oscar Awards, here are our team’s top picks depicting everything from municipal water wars to prominent politicians.

Utah Set to Adopt a New State Flag

If the governor signs the bill, the state will join a wave of city and state flag redesigns across the nation and cap a process four years in the making.

Data-Based Decision-Making Is Flawed When the Data Is Flawed

There are many reasons the quality of state and local data can be poor. Using that information can lead to unfortunate results.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship Boosts Economic Growth

COMMENTARY | States should direct more money from incentives to small businesses and entrepreneurs and less to attracting large companies.

Ranking the Best and Worst City Flags

For the first time in nearly 20 years, a group of flag enthusiasts has released survey results grading the municipal banners, many of which have undergone recent redesigns.

State & Local Roundup: A Historic Week for a New Governor

Plus: Pennsylvania ditches state job degree requirements. Pickleball! News you can use from across the country.

Market Losses Deal Heavy Dent to State and Local Pensions

Last year saw unfunded liabilities for the nation’s largest public retirement plans climb by roughly a half-trillion dollars.

Why Neighboring States and Localities Should Collaborate on Cybersecurity

COMMENTARY | With $1 billion in federal grants on the way, it's a prime moment for governments to look at new ways to partner on cyber issues, including by reaching across state lines.

Congress Moving Ahead on New State and Local Government Financial Reporting Rules

The new requirements, tacked on to a must-pass defense bill, call for financial data to be standardized, machine-readable and searchable. State and local advocates argue the plan is an “unfunded mandate” that will create significant costs.

Now is the Time for State and Local Investments in Apprenticeships

COMMENTARY | The Inflation Reduction Act includes tax credits for developers to promote the use of registered apprenticeships on clean energy projects. State and local governments should take action to make sure these incentives result in greater access to good jobs for workers and successful outcomes for communities.

Making a Successful Shift to Digital-first Government

COMMENTARY | As they transition to providing more services online, there are ways governments can get creative working around talent shortages and entrenched bureaucracies.

Government Employee Input—‘Shark Tank’ Style

Missouri has a way for frontline state employees to pitch ideas to high-level judges in hopes of getting them implemented. It's based on a reality TV show.

The Future of Government Jobs: Change is Inevitable

But it may not be smooth for everyone in the state and local workforce. “Major disruptors are converging at a pace that we haven’t had happen, at least in my lifetime,” notes one expert.

The Power of State and Local Government Tech

Route Fifty and GCN join forces for the virtual GovExec SLG Tech Summit happening this week, Nov. 1-3. Tune in to hear from local leaders from across the country about how innovations in technology are improving operations and services.

The Future of State and Local Government Jobs

Public sector workplaces are expected to change dramatically in the coming years, with major implications for employees and agencies. In this special series, Route Fifty explores what’s ahead.

Federal Spending on Kids is Up, But Expected to Fall

Pandemic-era programs gave the funding a boost. As it phases out, more costs could shift to states and localities.

Rethinking How to Solve the Nation’s Housing Shortage

Industry experts are floating ideas they say could help, many of which would involve state and local policy-makers taking action.

‘Robo-lawyers’ are Coming. Are States Ready?

Automated legal services are becoming more widely available for routine proceedings, offering possible cost savings and other benefits. But for the emerging tech to thrive, experts say regulations need to be updated.

States Look to Help Tenants Pay for Air Conditioning as Climate Warms

“We don’t want anybody to pass away because of something we can fix; that’s just not right.”

New Data Resource Focuses on Racial Wealth Gap

The Black Wealth Data Center consolidates different data sets to allow users to compare inequities across their communities and the nation.