State and Local Government

The Pros and Cons of the Debt Deal for States and Localities

The deal doesn’t claw back billions of dollars promised under the infrastructure and climate laws, but it does keep federal spending flat and adds work requirements for food stamp recipients.

Fighting Climate Change, State by State

COMMENTARY | Across the country, state and local governments are accelerating their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. They are creating approaches that can be borrowed and improved upon.

Local Governments Escape Ruling that Could Have Upended Property Tax Laws

The Supreme Court ruled that cities and counties cannot keep surplus funds from the homes they sell after residents fail to pay property taxes. But local officials nationwide are breathing a sigh of relief that the court didn’t go further.

Skills-Based Hiring: How the Public Sector Can Use It to Their Advantage

COMMENTARY | Government can’t compete with the private sector in pay, but placing a greater emphasis on practical skill sets could give it an edge.

Mental Health Statistics Reveal a Crisis in America

County officials are asking Congress for more funding and to change a pair of Medicaid rules that will allow governments to provide more mental health services.

Celebrating Public Service—and Public Servants

COMMENTARY | Government is asked to solve our toughest and most intractable problems. That’s why we need to celebrate the people who make a difference through government service.

Proposals Floated for Streamlining Broadband Permitting

House Republicans and Democrats debated more funding, removing environmental reviews and putting a “shot clock” on approvals in an effort to get the $42 billion in funding to much-needed broadband projects faster.

‘Tide Is Going Out’ on Election Deniers, Scrutinized Georgia Official Says

While conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election are waning, they’re still shaping policies about election administration in many parts of the country.

How an Auditor Shortage Could Hurt Local Governments

Fewer auditors have led to a lag in financial reporting and is threatening to translate into more costs for governments.

Three C-Suite Roles That States and Cities Need

COMMENTARY | The private sector offers a glimpse into new leadership roles that can help state and local governments foster a better work environment.

How Florida Became the Center of the Republican Universe

Gov. Ron DeSantis has racked up solidly conservative policy wins. But will his record resonate with voters in the middle?

Tennessee’s Rightward Shift

Long-brewing tensions at the Tennessee Capitol burst into public view Monday, as Republican House members began the process of ousting three of their Democratic colleagues for participating in an anti-gun protest in the chamber last week.

Four Ways to Improve Refugee Resettlement in the US

COMMENTARY | Geopolitical unrest and the detrimental impacts of climate change will continue to increase the flow of refugees requiring resettlement. Here’s how state and local governments and nonprofits can effectively prepare to meet increased demand.

The Five Best Movies About State or Local Government

The glitz! The glamour! The government officials! In honor of this weekend’s Oscar Awards, here are our team’s top picks depicting everything from municipal water wars to prominent politicians.

Utah Set to Adopt a New State Flag

If the governor signs the bill, the state will join a wave of city and state flag redesigns across the nation and cap a process four years in the making.

Data-Based Decision-Making Is Flawed When the Data Is Flawed

There are many reasons the quality of state and local data can be poor. Using that information can lead to unfortunate results.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship Boosts Economic Growth

COMMENTARY | States should direct more money from incentives to small businesses and entrepreneurs and less to attracting large companies.

Ranking the Best and Worst City Flags

For the first time in nearly 20 years, a group of flag enthusiasts has released survey results grading the municipal banners, many of which have undergone recent redesigns.

State & Local Roundup: A Historic Week for a New Governor

Plus: Pennsylvania ditches state job degree requirements. Pickleball! News you can use from across the country.

Market Losses Deal Heavy Dent to State and Local Pensions

Last year saw unfunded liabilities for the nation’s largest public retirement plans climb by roughly a half-trillion dollars.