State and Local Government

Senate passes stopgap measure to avert government shutdown

The chamber approved the same “laddered” spending bill as the House in a 87-11 bipartisan vote.

Shutdown appears averted as House passes ‘laddered’ proposal

The continuing resolution extends SNAP through September, ensures other benefit programs are funded into early 2024 and avoids millions of workers being furloughed.

With a shutdown looming, states and localities ready plans

Officials say they could see an uptick in unemployment insurance claims, have trouble feeding low-income families and experience disruptions to air travel, among other things.

Why advocates for transgender rights are so thrilled with election results

After years of putting transgender issues at the center of the culture wars, several anti-trans candidates were defeated in Tuesday’s state and local elections. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

A dispute over Amtrak funding derailed a vote on THUD

The House GOP’s Transportation and Housing and Urban Development funding bill would cut $8 billion from the departments. But that’s not what scuttled the vote.

Democrats prove they have staying power in state elections

Plus, abortion rights and pot legalization win in Ohio, Philadelphia elects its first woman mayor, and a falsely accused member of "Central Park Five" joins New York City council.

Who should have land-use authority in green energy projects?

Michigan lawmakers are considering legislation that would shift some land-use authorities to the state to streamline renewable energy developments. But local governments and residents fear their voices will get left behind in the race to build green infrastructure.

Interest rates are rising, but states aren’t worried yet. Here’s why.

State and local governments generally use bonds to finance major infrastructure projects. But higher rates won’t bust budgets just yet. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

How more than $600M in COVID relief funds awarded last year went unreported

The problem is even bigger this year, according to the Government Accountability Office. The lack of reporting makes it difficult to track fraud, waste and abuse.

Why are Black homeownership rates still so low?

Local leaders are experimenting with creative financing, zoning changes and cooperative housing to reverse long standing housing discrimination.

A potential federal shutdown is yet another thing for election officials to worry about

Chaos in Congress could leave local election officials without the resources they need for 2024.

Understanding Gen Z in the public sector

Managers can benefit by better engaging and communicating with the newest generation of workers in cities, counties and states.

Shutdown averted: States, localities breathe a sigh of relief

Congress voted to fund the government for 45 days. For now, the agreement puts off hard decisions about what to do regarding public assistance programs and the tens of thousands of federally funded state workers that would be impacted.

Why this shutdown could be even more significant for states and localities

Not all states, cities and counties are the same when it comes to shutdowns, but some places will feel it more acutely than others.

Cannabis banking bill closer to a vote in the U.S. Senate

The bill would address a problem that has led to half of the nation’s cannabis dispensaries being robbed or burglarized.

Can pensions help address growing wealth inequality?

A new report finds that pensions have significant impacts on household wealth, increasing net worth across race, gender and educational attainment.

Why a government shutdown is complex for state and local governments

It will impact welfare, food stamps, housing and infrastructure, among other things. But planning for a shutdown is difficult for a myriad of reasons.

Should states and localities be worried about the U.S. downgrade?

Or about the possibility of another one amid the budget showdown in Congress? Fitch Ratings’ decision to knock the federal government’s credit rating down a notch last month doesn’t directly affect state and local credit quality. But it’s a warning shot.

How cutting red tape can encourage housing conversions

By streamlining zoning and broadening eligibility for adaptive reuse programs, Los Angeles and Kissimmee, Florida, encourage developers to convert business properties to desperately needed housing.

An underused approach to fighting cyberattacks

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center offers free services to help localities with cybersecurity. Why aren’t more governments using them?