State and Local Government

The Case for Going Big With Infrastructure Spending

One mayor sees a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” with the wave of public works dollars, but he’s also concerned ambitious projects could get passed over.

Public Health Workers Still Fighting the Pandemic, Even as Policy Makers Move On

"It's not over," warns Dr. Georges Benjamin of the American Public Health Association in an interview with Route Fifty.

Sharp Rise in Abuse Targeting Mayors Highlighted by New Study

The findings show female mayors of color were especially likely to face threats.

Why Young Workers Don't Want Government Jobs—and What To Do About It

COMMENTARY | A recent survey of millennials and Generation Z adults paints a grim picture for the future of the government workforce. Here’s how states and localities can change the "disheartening" situation.

Why Public Service and Public Servants Should Be Celebrated

COMMENTARY | Public service has lost its luster. It's time to change that.

States and Cities are Moving to Make Virtual Hearings Permanent

In the nation's statehouses and city halls, officials want remote meetings to outlast the Covid-19 crisis. Disability advocates are among those who support the idea. Others worry about the loss of in-person interactions and diminished oversight.

States and Localities Score Wins in New Covid-19 Spending Deal

There aren’t any clawbacks of state aid and the package would extend greater latitude for spending ARPA dollars on infrastructure.

Ransomware Getting Ahead of State and Local Governments, Survey Finds

While respondents acknowledge the growing threat from ransomware, most are unprepared to prevent it or respond to it.

New Data Show a Major Gender Gap in Local Government Leadership

Fewer than one in three top appointed local officials are women, according to the analysis. Curious how your state stacks up? Tools released with the research allow users to look at trends and comparisons across the country.

Three Essential Reasons Governments Must Embrace Remote Work

COMMENTARY | If state and local governments want to be competitive in the job market, then they need to embrace remote work.

Commerce Secretary Outlines Priorities for Billions in Local Broadband Spending

Gina Raimondo said roughly $50 billion her department is overseeing will go first to communities without service, or where speeds are slowest. She also promised flexibility for states.

White House Releases Guidebook for Infrastructure Law

It's meant to help state and local officials better understand the programs available under the $1.2 trillion package.

Governments Turning to Data to Find Solutions to Equity Issues

It’s easy for leaders to pronounce that they’re going to make a fairer state or locality. Here's how several states, counties and cities are utilizing information to achieve their goals.

Small Cities Worry Cybersecurity Money Won't Reach Them

Ransomware attacks have wreaked havoc on state and local governments. There are new federal cybersecurity grants to help but small places may lack the staff resources to get them.

Treasury Provides Added Flexibility and Clarity With Final ARPA Rule

State and local advocates seemed generally pleased with final guidelines for the relief law's $350 billion pandemic aid program. The rules offer a big win for smaller localities in particular.

Census Recounts Fail to Account for Covid Chaos, Cities Say

Communities that believe the pandemic made it impossible for census workers to get an accurate count of their populations may have trouble qualifying for a recount and miss out on state and federal funding.

Looking Back at 2021 in State and Local Government

States and localities demonstrated their resilience as they navigated a second year marked by the pandemic. There are plenty of pressing issues on the horizon heading into 2022.

How Waterfront States and Cities are Harnessing Their Blue Economies

Communities are becoming strategic about planning the use of their shorelines rather than relying solely on tourism and recreation to generate water-related revenue.

How to Effectively Manage the Growing Multigenerational Workforce

Baby boomers are becoming a smaller part of government staffs. An expert provides guidance on developing and retaining Generations X, Y and Z.

A Look at How 150 Governments are Planning to Use ARPA Funds

A new online dashboard offers insights into what cities and counties intend to do with the federal pandemic aid.