State Attorneys General

GOP attorneys general charge into battle over state election rules

If the 2024 election is contested, Republican AGs look well-placed to push conservative legal arguments that could directly influence court decisions and infiltrate the broader public debate, experts say.

AGs Urge Action on Households' Invisible Plastic Waste

In a letter, 17 Democratic state attorneys general called on the federal government to address "microfibers," the tiny bits of plastic most clothing sheds in washing machines.

Texas AG Says Counties Can Spend Covid Relief Funds on Extra Pay for Elected Officials Without Public Notice

The nonbinding legal opinion states local elected and appointed officials can receive up to $25,000 for work done during the Covid-19 pandemic on top of their regular salaries. Unlike other pay raises, these “premium pay” bonuses don’t need to be declared to the public ahead of time.

States Should Crack Down on Bogus Online Reviews, Advocates Say

They’re pushing for tougher enforcement efforts, along with stronger protections against lawsuits for consumers who post negative reviews for businesses on sites like Yelp.

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State AGs Want Power to Hit Airlines for Consumer Complaints

Thirty-eight attorneys general sent a letter to Congress seeking the change.

States Balk at Landing on California’s Restricted Travel List

California will ban state-funded travel to an additional five states due to laws and policies that target transgender and gay residents.

'Systemic Buy-In:' How New Jersey Approaches Police Reform

In New Jersey, comprehensive police reform began by listening to community members, law enforcement agencies and civil rights organizations, Gurbir S. Grewal, the state's attorney general, said during a Route Fifty event.

Customers Won't Wear a Mask? One State Says to Call the Police.

Updated guidance from the New Hampshire Attorney General's office instructs businesses to call local law enforcement for assistance if customers simply refuse to comply with a statewide mask mandate.

Republicans, Democrats Fail to Flip Attorney General Seats

Ten states held elections for the office of attorney general this year.

State AGs Call on DHS to Withdraw Student Visa Rule Change Proposal

The coalition of 22 state attorneys general objects to a proposed rule change that would place time limits on visas for foreign students and members of the media.

State Attorneys General Urge People Not to Vote Twice

Following a suggestion from the president that voters test whether their mail-in votes were counted by casting another at the polls, state attorneys general are begging voters not to follow the advice.

States Claim Drugmaker Owes $2 Trillion for Role in Opioid Epidemic

Forty-nine states and the District of Columbia say that OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma contributed to a crisis that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

State Attorneys General May Sue Trump Administration Over Changes to USPS

State officials are alarmed by recent changes at the U.S. Postal Service, which could threaten an election held largely via mail-in voting.

State Attorneys General Sue Over Clean Water Act Changes

They say that the new rule will lessen states’ abilities to combat pollution.

Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

State AGs track millions in false loan and unemployment claims.

Lawmakers Push for Special Prosecutors to Oversee Cases Involving Police Killings

Proponents say assigning special prosecutors to investigate when police officers use deadly force can eliminate a potential conflict of interest among local district attorneys who regularly work with police.

Minnesota Presses for Oversight of Minneapolis Police—Will Other States Follow?

In the absence of federal civil rights investigations into the conduct of local police departments, some states may begin to implement their own consent decree programs.

California AG Seeks More Power To Battle Merger-Hungry Health Care Chains

Now that COVID-19 has slammed the health care industry, especially the small practices that are barely seeing patients, California is likely to see a lot of health care system mergers.

Democratic State Attorneys General Push Back on Trump Social Media Order

The executive order would direct federal agencies and state attorneys general to investigate social media companies for alleged bias in their content moderation policies.