With $9B in Transportation Funding, Minnesota Looks to Meet Climate Goals

The law is dedicated to improving roads, but requires that all highway expansion projects meet the state’s goal of driving down greenhouse gas emissions.

State DOT Streamlines Traffic Monitoring

With a cloud-based network management platform and cellular routers, the Indiana Transportation Department can easily monitor its statewide network of internet-of-things devices.

One State Targets Teen Drivers to Reduce Work Zone Deaths

As traffic deaths surge, contractors are calling on states to do more. One state—Oklahoma—will be the first in the nation to require teen drivers to complete a course on construction worker safety.

Fighting Climate Change, State by State

COMMENTARY | Across the country, state and local governments are accelerating their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. They are creating approaches that can be borrowed and improved upon.

Cities Nervously Watch Washington’s Debt Limit Talks

A default could mean putting off fixing broken streets and city budgets would take a hit.

Extreme Weather Is Disrupting Amtrak’s Trains—And Its Climate Benefits

The passenger rail operator is at the mercy of the freight companies that own most American tracks.

NHTSA Proposes a Pass-Fail Pedestrian Safety Rating for Vehicles

The scheme put forward by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration comes as pedestrian deaths are surging nationwide.

Local Leaders Cheer Changes to Rail Safety Bill

The legislation would mandate a study of frequently blocked crossings, among other safety measures.

Congestion Pricing in Manhattan Clears Federal Hurdle

The city still has to determine the details before New York becomes the first American city to charge for the right to drive on certain roads.

EVs Rev Up Cybersecurity Challenges

Without a meaningful way to secure and insure the electric vehicle infrastructure, EV owners, charging stations and fleet managers are vulnerable to hackers.

Republicans Cry Foul on Grants Going to Electric School Buses

House GOP members say a greater portion of the grants for less polluting buses should go to propane and natural gas buses.

Fast-Growing Cities and States Experience Growing Pains

Finding enough affordable housing and providing services are two of the top challenges that come with rising population growth.

Here’s Where Gas Prices Are Headed (for Now) and Why

Higher temperatures. Higher gas prices. The national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.64 on April 26, up 21 cents over the previous month, according to AAA.

Drivers More Distracted Now Than Before the Pandemic, Study Shows

Data shows that laws to prevent distracted driving have a near-immediate impact, but that the effect wears off quickly.

NYC Experiments with 'Microhubs' to Ease Street Congestion

Delivery centers will take some trucks off the streets to reduce double and illegal parking that snarls traffic.

New Vehicle Emissions Rules Could Speed the EV Revolution

But only if the U.S. gets a lot more minerals, factories and chargers.

Transit Agencies Turn to States to Avert Fiscal Cliff

With federal pandemic aid drying up, transit agencies are searching for ways to replace lost fares.

Cities Put on Notice to Install Signals to Help Blind Pedestrians Cross Streets

A federal judge, in a suit supported by the U.S. Department of Justice, recently ruled that Chicago had failed to make intersections safe for people with disabilities. It is the second such ruling against a major city.

An Initiative to Fawn Over: Funding for Wildlife Crossings Now Available

The grants will help state and local governments prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions and improve connections between habitats.

Norfolk Southern Has Spent Millions on Lobbying and Political Donations. Will It Pay Off?

Lawmakers in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. are pushing reforms to railroad laws as Norfolk Southern faces scrutiny over recent train derailments.