New toll transponders cut costs for agencies and drivers

Illinois is the latest state to roll out sticker tags, which are gaining popularity over the clunky boxes that drivers have been mounting on their windshields for decades.

E-bike incentives are a costly way to cut carbon emissions, but they also promote health, equity and cleaner air

COMMENTARY | Many incentive programs promote e-bike use, but they aren’t necessarily targeting the right people for the right reasons.

As traffic fatalities remain high, states and feds meet to swap road safety ideas

The gathering marked the second anniversary of the Biden administration’s push to reduce roadway deaths. The feds also used the occasion to announce that $1.25 billion in grants is available for its Safe Streets and Roads for All program.

Are the Build America rules slowing infrastructure progress?

State DOTs, transit agencies and the construction industry want the White House to make it easier to comply with rules designed to include American-made products in infrastructure projects.

FAA boosts airport infrastructure with nearly $1B in grants

The money, which is part of the 2021 federal infrastructure law, will help airports accommodate more passengers, make their facilities more accessible to people with disabilities and prepare for climate change.

A decade in, pedestrian deaths dip under Vision Zero

Advocates say New York’s experience with the traffic safety approach shows promise, but the city has deployed safety measures like bike lanes and redesigned intersections more often in whiter and wealthier neighborhoods.

Lackluster revenues force Maryland to trim transportation services

Gov. Wes Moore promised to promote equity and climate goals with transportation, but now his administration has to scale back on basic services.

Biden unveils $4.9B in big-ticket infrastructure grants

Three dozen projects got the green light and millions of federal dollars. The president also used the announcement to bolster his reelection campaign.

Airports are finally back to their pre-pandemic normal, Fitch says

The ratings agency in the last year has upgraded the bond ratings of several major U.S. hubs amid record travel.

Brightline gets another big boost from Biden to build Vegas line

The administration approved $2.5 billion in private activity bonds, making the private rail company the biggest user of the low-interest infrastructure loans.

Infrastructure ‘bootcamps’ help smaller cities win federal grants

The Local Infrastructure Hub has helped participating cities win millions of dollars to address pressing needs in transportation, climate, flood mitigation, rails, broadband and more.

City officials plead for more say in how AVs are deployed

Autonomous vehicle companies often cut out city transportation agencies with state laws that preempt local regulations. City leaders say that “handcuffs” them as they try to manage traffic and curb space.

Biden administration announces $623 million in EV charging grants for state and local agencies

The grants, which come as part of the 2021 infrastructure law, are intended to ensure chargers are built in underserved or remote communities.

Local transit agencies mimicking Uber and Lyft are seeing big ridership gains

Connect is so popular that it’s having trouble keeping up with demand, even as the Minnesota legislature allocated over $9 million last year to build out Connect and similar systems statewide.

GOP lawsuit over CO2 rules attacks Biden administration for overreach, pushes climate denial

Joined by 21 states, the complaint falsely claims there is “no consensus” on the causes of climate change. One environmental advocate said the argument is “like suing NASA for saying the world is round.”

States warn of ‘Band-Aids and duct tape’ for road maintenance

Lawmakers seek new funding sources as gas tax revenues begin a predicted decline.

States and localities in 2023: A look at the top stories of the year

The first half of the year was marked by the end of pandemic-era benefits. The second half was dominated by the shutdown. All the while, leaders were preoccupied with infrastructure, technology and flags.

Why 2023 emerged as a banner year for passenger rail

Many efforts that had been in the works for years started paying off this year, but passenger rail advocates hope even better things are on the way.

Transportation must adapt to an aging population and a changing climate

COMMENTARY | State and local leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to deliver mobility solutions that work better for everyone.

Feds tout pedestrian, cyclist safety measures in new road design rules

The Federal Highway Administration released long-awaited updates to its manual for traffic signs and road design. The newest edition comes as the country is in the throes of a major upswing in roadway deaths.