Why Washington Metro’s leader is ‘bullish’ on post-pandemic transit

Faced with a drop in riders and major budget shortfalls, Randy Clarke doubled down on providing more service to D.C.-area riders. It seems to be working.

Feds open the door to $2B in Northeast Corridor rail improvements

The grant applications come as President Joe Biden, a longtime railroad fan, wraps up his first term and Amtrak ridership rapidly rebounds from pandemic-era lows.

As a critical deadline approaches, the Biden administration issues a flurry of regulations

The new rules cover subjects as varied as marijuana policy, vehicle pollution, civil rights for transgender students, and drinking water safety.

E-bikes are a ‘game changer’ for bike shares

Ridership on the systems in cities big and small after the pandemic is stronger than ever, and bike-share operators say the electric devices are a big reason why.

Under new partnership with feds, state AGs can investigate airline complaints

States have not been allowed to pursue air carriers for violating consumer protection laws since 1978, but a new partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation will give attorneys general power to probe and report violations.

Senate rebukes Biden administration on effort to reduce vehicle pollution

Three Democrats and one independent joined the chamber’s Republicans, arguing the Federal Highway Administration overstepped its authority in requiring states to track greenhouse gas emissions. But the president threatened to veto the measure.

New Houston mayor reverses course on bike, pedestrian improvements

Mayor John Whitmire ordered pedestrian islands removed, froze projects with bike lanes and suggested cyclists stick to “recreational” trails. It’s a big change in direction from his predecessor’s approach.

2022 was the ‘worst year ever for bicyclist deaths,’ new data shows

Safety advocates blame the upswing in cyclist deaths on larger, more powerful vehicles that have become more common on American roads in the last decade.

Biden administration mandates two-person crews on freight trains

The new rules from the Federal Railroad Administration come after nearly a dozen states passed similar requirements in the last decade.

Congestion pricing plan OK’d in New York

The plan would bring in billions of dollars for the city’s aging subway system. But some details of how it will be enforced are unclear.

Massive ships make protecting bridges a much tougher task

As officials evaluate replacing Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, they must consider the weight and size of increasingly large vessels.

Rebuilding the collapsed Baltimore bridge will be a ‘FAR bigger challenge’

While recent bridge replacements have been completed in a matter of weeks, this incident will be tougher to recover from and have wider impacts.

Automakers get some breathing room in EPA air pollution rules

The Biden administration is still pushing for a major shift to electric vehicles by 2032, but many Republicans remain skeptical.

$3.3B in federal grants announced for communities split apart by highways

The one-time infusion of cash for highway caps, bike trails and other improvements shows the Biden administration’s priorities for one of its most high-profile infrastructure initiatives.

Why is it so hard to build housing near transit stops?

Two recent studies look at the obstacles to building more apartments and other dense housing options near transit to address environmental, urban development and housing goals.

House passes spending bills in bipartisan vote

The package of bills provides additional funding for WIC and rental assistance, but drastically cuts funds funds for the largest state and local housing grant program and transit.

Biden administration explores using Tesla-style tech in federally funded EV chargers

Most automakers have announced plans to use the industry leader’s standards, which would give them access to Tesla’s Supercharger network.

WIC, rental assistance get funding boost in newly unveiled spending bills

But the bipartisan proposals for six bills would cut funding to housing and transit programs.

Traffic deaths decline slightly, but remain higher than before the pandemic

Safety experts have struggled to pinpoint why traffic and pedestrian fatalities have remained so stubbornly high.

New toll transponders cut costs for agencies and drivers

Illinois is the latest state to roll out sticker tags, which are gaining popularity over the clunky boxes that drivers have been mounting on their windshields for decades.