How One State Is Rolling Out an EV Charging Tax System

Iowa got a head start four years ago when it passed a tax on kilowatt hours sold. Here’s what they’ve learned so far.

‘Ghost Buses’ Haunt Transit Agencies and Frustrate Riders

Transit agencies should release canceled or delayed bus data to the public to avoid unhappy travelers, experts say.

As More Electric Vehicles Hit Roads, States Look to Replace the Gas Tax

Taxing drivers for the miles they drive and imposing fuel taxes on electricity sold at commercial chargers are just some of the options states are considering.

Nine ‘Mega’ Projects Score Grants Totaling Over $1 Billion

Nearly $300 million of the federal funding will go to a high-profile rail tunnel project linking New York City and New Jersey.

The Industries Most Affected by America’s Labor Shortage

COMMENTARY | Lawmakers and government officials need to seek out solutions now and build their workforce development strategies around them. 

Another City Expands Fare-Free Transit

The Seattle program will provide no-cost bus passes for public housing residents.

State & Local Roundup: Wealth Tax Proposals on the Rise

While some states debate the so-called millionaires taxes, others are weighting cuts to levies on income and property. Plus: News you can use from across the country.

Railroad Tracks Can be an Obstacle for High-Speed Internet Buildouts

State lawmakers are looking at the issue. Virginia’s Legislature wants to cap fees and streamline reviews for fiber infrastructure that crosses rail rights-of-way. Railroads say existing procedures are important for safety.

Tips for Winning Federal Transportation Grants

A Biden administration official had some advice for city leaders seeking funding for projects under the latest federal infrastructure law.

State Governments’ Railroad Expertise Gap

With billions in new money for projects in play, a top federal railroad official is urging states to get on track ramping up rail-focused staff.

How to Build a Better Bike-Share Program

When corporate owners ditched New Orleans's bike share, the community stepped up to rebuild it with a focus on equity.

Automated Vehicles Coming to Ohio Roads

The state will test trucks equipped with platooning technology along its Smart Mobility Corridor, and automated passenger vehicles will spend a year driving on rural roads.

How One City is Cutting Down Speeding in Its Municipal Fleet

Newly adopted technology has kept drivers within speed limits and reduced hard braking by more than a third, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.

A Massachusetts Law Protects the Right to Repair Your Own Car. Automakers Are Suing

The legal battle has major implications for drivers' pocketbooks, and for the climate.

Transit Agencies Seek to Boost Minority Contracting

Chicago and Philadelphia have signed an agreement that would allow small and minority-owned businesses to work for both agencies under one certification.

State AGs Urge US Supreme Court to Address Blocked Railroad Crossings

The problem of trains blocking roadways is getting worse and, according to 18 states, it can have life-threatening consequences.

With Federal Boost, Massive Bridge Project Finally Set to Move Forward

Plans to upgrade the interstate crossing between Ohio and Kentucky have been in the works for nearly two decades. Grants from last year’s infrastructure law will help to provide the funding needed to make construction possible.

Federal Memo on State Highway Spending Faces Sharper Criticism

The agency that issued the document outlining Biden administration road priorities maintains it is non-binding. But a federal watchdog says the memo should undergo congressional review and GOP lawmakers are pushing to rescind it.

Nearly 30 Years After the ADA, Transit Agencies Awarded Federal Money to Make Stations More Accessible

New York, which has by far the most stations that are not easily accessible to people with disabilities, was awarded the most grant money.

Lyft Offers Incentives to Drivers Who Switch to Electric Vehicles

The move comes amid new federal subsidies for EVs and as California is mandating emissions cuts for app-based ride-booking companies over the next decade.