Electric Cars’ Looming Recycling Problem

COMMENTARY | Financial incentives to recycle spent electric vehicle batteries are eroding. That could spell environmental disaster.

Buttigieg Emphasizes He’ll Bring Local Perspective to Top Transportation Job

Transportation secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor, received a favorable hearing before the Senate committee considering his nomination.

Report: Stop Lines do Little to Encourage Drivers to Stop

Stop lines, the thick white bars painted ahead of intersections, do little to prevent crashes or influence driver behavior, a 14-year study found.

Can a Future Ban on Gas-Powered Cars Work?

With more than 270 million motor vehicles registered in the U.S. and a long tradition of powering cars and trucks with fossil fuels, how will it be possible to make the switch to electric vehicles?

‘Mobility Hubs’ Become Community Anchors in Minneapolis

City officials hope the concentration of various modes of transportation will encourage people to use public or shared transportation.

Trump Signs $900 Billion Covid Relief Package

The law funds special unemployment programs and $600 stimulus payments, as well as providing aid to people who need help with rent, struggling transit, schools and businesses.

Public Transit Has to Come Back

The pandemic shouldn’t become a pretext for giving up on subways and buses.

Suspended Road Tests Give Teens Easier Route to Licenses

Safety groups worry about inexperienced teens behind the wheel.

Biden Taps Pete Buttigieg, a Former Mayor and Presidential Rival, as Transportation Secretary, Reports Say

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Iowa decides against spending Covid funds on IT upgrades … Utah university votes to drop “Dixie” from name … New York governor accused of sexual harassment.

Michigan Lawmakers to Do Away with Automatic License Suspensions

Legislators approved a bill that will stop the suspensions of driver's licenses for most unpaid fines and fees.

Mile-by-Mile, Proposed Nationwide Bike and Foot Trail Sees Progress

Advocates for the trail say there are now over 2,000 miles of segments complete and that more money flowed toward the project this past year.

What Will Happen to Cities in 2021

COMMENTARY | Sifting through today’s clues to forecast the future.

Electric Cargo Bikes Are Debuting in City Fleets

Under a pilot program, parks employees in Portland, Oregon will conduct trail maintenance using zero-emission bikes that were specifically designed for municipal employees.

Lawmakers Want Data to Decide the Future of America’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

New legislation would launch a $10 million grant program to set the scene for what’s to come on the EV-use landscape.

San Francisco and D.C. Transit Agencies Consider Big Layoffs, Service Cuts

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Grocery stores with pharmacies buying medical-grade freezers for vaccines … Virginia looking for citizen members of its new redistricting commission … California governor denies parole for Manson follower.

Snitches Could Get Cash for Illegal Parking Tips

The proposal, currently before the New York City Council's transportation committee, would give citizens 25% of any fines resulting from reports of certain illegally parked cars.

Study: The Best—and Worst—State Highway Systems

North Dakota maintained its first-place ranking in the 25th Annual Highway Report, which uses 13 categories to evaluate the condition and cost-effectiveness of state-run highways.

Smart Concrete Could Pave the Way for High-Tech, Cost-Effective Roads

COMMENTARY | The life of structures could be extended, however, if damages were monitored in real time and fixed early on.

Under Biden, Infrastructure Is Back in Play. But Making a Deal Will Still Be Tough

If Republicans keep control of the Senate, many of the obstacles to a package under President Trump will remain. But advocates along the political spectrum still see hope for a compromise.

State and Local Leaders Tapped to Assist With Biden Transition

The president-elect’s “agency review teams,” including one focused on transportation, will in some cases be led by state and local government officials.