How a School’s ‘Bike Bus’ Won Over Students and Charmed the Internet

Nearly 200 kids in Portland, Oregon join a weekly bicycle ride to school, instead of relying on buses or drop-offs. The fun-spirited, pedal-powered convoys have drawn nationwide attention and the teacher behind them says they have many benefits.

Daytime Electric Vehicle Charging at Work Could Cut Costs

COMMENTARY | "With less home charging and more daytime charging, the western U.S. would need less generating capacity and storage," says one of the authors of a new study.

House Republicans Slam Buttigieg Over Infrastructure Law Rollout

They say the Transportation Department is flouting Congress with how it is managing programs funded by the $1.2 trillion package.

As Self-Driving Cars Hit the Streets, New Equity Concerns Emerge

States and localities will have a key role in ensuring vulnerable communities aren’t harmed by the new transportation technology, or miss out on its benefits.

The Emerging Concerns Over the Infrastructure Law Rollout

State and local leaders are happy to have the money. But state transportation officials are flagging issues they’re worried about, as Republican lawmakers chafe over Biden administration rules.

One County’s Solution to Controversial Confederate Road Names: Switch to Numbers

But dissenters argue it’s all part of a plot to erase their Confederate heroes from history.

One City's Proposed E-Scooter Ultimatum: No Sidewalks or No Scooting

The new plan under consideration in San Francisco would require all of the transportation devices to have anti-sidewalk technology or to stop operation.

States Partner With Hopes of Becoming Hubs for Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen could serve as an alternative way to power vehicles and there’s money in the infrastructure law to give it a boost.

Deaths From Traffic Crashes Finally Show Signs of Slowing Down

Fatalities on U.S. roadways fell in early 2022 for the first time in almost two years.

How State Laws Pose a Roadblock for One of Biden’s Infrastructure Goals

Many states have rules that favor drivers and highway projects despite pushes for alternative transportation, according to a new report.

Feds Prepare to Open New $500M Program for Transportation Tech

States and localities are among those eligible for the grants, which are aimed at funding projects focused on innovations like autonomous vehicles and roadside sensors.

Electric Vehicle Charger Plans in 35 States Approved by White House

It's a key step in unlocking $5 billion available for installing thousands of charging stations on highways around the country.

26 Freight Projects Selected To Share $1.5B of Infrastructure Grants

The U.S. Department of Transportation revealed the funding recipients on Thursday. Millions of dollars will go to cover costs like expanding truck parking, bridge and highway improvements and an interstate teardown.

The Growing Debate Over Where to Put EV Chargers in Rural America

States want more flexibility from the feds, arguing it is not a good plan to require high-capacity electric vehicle charging stations along highways in some remote corners of the country.

Against Federal Guidance, States Plan to Expand Highways

A new report says money from the infrastructure package could be funneled to “highway boondoggles.”

Rethinking Smart Cities

“Where’s the technology we’ve been talking about for years?”

Lawmakers Push Amtrak to Restore Cut Routes and Expand Service

But officials with the passenger railroad say they’re struggling with workforce shortages.

State AGs Want Power to Hit Airlines for Consumer Complaints

Thirty-eight attorneys general sent a letter to Congress seeking the change.

States Play a Central Role in the EV Charger Buildout

In many ways they’re in uncharted terrain as they plan for a $5 billion influx of federal funds to create a national network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Feds Order a Troubled Subway System to Make Immediate Safety improvements

The Federal Transit Administration chided the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for systemic safety problems, including dozens of injuries and a passenger’s death.