Infrastructure Update: $6B Federal Bridge Funding Boost Arrives for Small Localities

With thousands of city and county bridges in “poor condition,” local leaders say “It’s about time.”

Are Venmo and PayPal the Future of Turnpike Tolling?

The use of physical money is less and less these days, and one state senator wants to help the Pennsylvania Turnpike keep up with the times.

Transportation Secretary Pushes for Government Support for Vehicle Innovation

Pete Buttigieg doubled down on the government's role in fostering a strong environment for emerging tech like electric cars and buses and automated vehicles. 

How Governments Can Prevent Highway Snow Disasters

Transportation experts recommend ways for averting a weather fiasco like the one that shutdown Interstate 95 in Virginia, trapping thousands of motorists in their vehicles for more than a day.

Infrastructure Update: Adding E-bikes to Municipal Fleets

In Minneapolis, a city agency purchased four electric-assist bikes to help employees get around on the job. Departments in other cities have also been experimenting with the bikes.

Big Cars Are Killing Americans

COMMENTARY | The government can no longer allow the auto industry to treat walkers and bikers like collateral damage.

Infrastructure Update: Feds Stake Out Priorities for Highway Dollars

The Biden administration is moving to put its stamp on road funding that's going to states under the new infrastructure law.

Don’t Forget Driver Behavior, Highway Safety Advocates Plead

A prominent group of state road safety officials urged fellow advocates to focus on changing driver behavior—not just improving infrastructure—to fight a recent surge in traffic deaths.

Infrastructure Update: Governors Try to Unclog the Supply Chain

But are the proposals from the Republican state leaders all about politics? Or can they really help improve the flow of goods?

50+ Utilities Join Forces to Build Out US Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

Electric companies and the Tennessee Valley Authority want fast-charging ports available to EV drivers along major roadways by 2023.

Infrastructure Update: Proposals Emerge Calling For Gas Tax Cuts

Florida's governor is backing the idea of suspending his state's gas tax for six months.

No More Stairs: Cash Influx to Make Transit More Accessible

More than 25 million Americans have self-reported travel-limiting disabilities.

Infrastructure Update: The Outlook for Fare-Free Transit

Doing away with public transit fares is an idea that gained traction in recent years, with the pandemic spurring new interest. But views differ on whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

We All Should Be Rooting for the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force

COMMENTARY | Identifying the people and places left behind in the current economy is critical.

Why Communities Should Adopt Vision Zero to Curb Traffic Fatalities

COMMENTARY | Instituting Vision Zero strategies, which aim to redesign road systems and policies to reduce traffic fatalities, will minimize the economic, health care and safety costs associated with traffic accidents.

The Country’s Most Cost-Effective Highway Systems

North Dakota’s highways are in the best condition for the least amount of money, according to an annual report released this month.

Infrastructure Update: Diversity, Equity and State DOTs

The first Black president of the leading association for state transportation officials speaks with Route Fifty about race, equity and diversity issues confronting public infrastructure agencies.

Snowy Roads Will Be Cleared, But It Will ‘Take Extra Time’

The ongoing labor shortage has exacerbated existing plow driver hiring problems, transportation officials said.

Salmon to Swim Free as Infrastructure Money Flows

The Biden infrastructure law includes $1B to remove fish barriers in several states.

Buttigieg Emphasizes Need for Regional Cooperation on Infrastructure Grants

Speaking to city leaders, the transportation secretary also said his department would strive to make programs "user friendly" for communities of all sizes and highlighted road safety efforts.