Midwest states launch new rail service, 12 years in the making

The new Borealis Amtrak service between Chicago and St. Paul has given rail advocates something to cheer about. But they hope other new projects can come online quicker.

Teens say distracted driving messages need to be catchier, more frequent and blunt

Young adults typically underestimate the risk of distracted driving, making it difficult for public safety officials to craft effective messaging.

Highway humor is over some drivers’ heads

States to drivers: READ OUR WITTY HIGHWAY SIGNS. Feds to states: YOU’RE NOT FUNNY.

Congestion pricing: If it can’t make it in New York, can it make it anywhere?

Other cities are considering it, but all eyes were on the city that never sleeps. By trying to quell controversy over the downtown toll plan, the New York governor sparked new questions about transit funding, environmental goals and political consequences.

New York governor blocks downtown tolling plan at the last minute

Citing economic hardships, Gov. Kathy Hochul put an indefinite hold on the congestion pricing plan for Lower Manhattan, upending a decade of planning to reduce traffic and air pollution.

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Boston-area commuter rail bounces back, while other agencies lag

The MBTA is luring riders back with more frequent service and more trains on the nights and weekends.

To drive revenue, cities turn to tech to fix their parking problems

Parking brings in $3 billion a year for state and local governments. That's why they are using new technologies to help push parking reforms aimed at streamlining enforcement and increasing revenues and environmental friendliness.

Spike in pedestrian deaths hits nearly all metros

The Memphis area leads the nation in pedestrian deaths, but almost all metropolitan areas have become more dangerous for walkers, according to a new report.

How bullish are Americans on EVs? It depends on where the nearest charger is.

People who live closer to public electric vehicle chargers view the cars more positively, even when accounting for people’s party identification and the type of community they live in, a new analysis shows.

New York’s slow progress moving to EVs highlights obstacles cities face

While the city has struggled to build public chargers for electric vehicles, it has made strides in electrifying its own fleet.

Drivers score win against Uber and Lyft in Minnesota

The ride-hailing companies dropped their threats to leave the state in exchange for lower guaranteed rates than were originally proposed and preemption of city laws. Similar fights are happening around the country.

Passenger rail keeps chugging forward during Infrastructure Week

Efforts to expand rail have reached significant milestones in recent weeks, from construction on the Northeast Corridor to new funding on Colorado’s Front Range.

Why Washington Metro’s leader is ‘bullish’ on post-pandemic transit

Faced with a drop in riders and major budget shortfalls, Randy Clarke doubled down on providing more service to D.C.-area riders. It seems to be working.

Feds open the door to $2B in Northeast Corridor rail improvements

The grant applications come as President Joe Biden, a longtime railroad fan, wraps up his first term and Amtrak ridership rapidly rebounds from pandemic-era lows.

As a critical deadline approaches, the Biden administration issues a flurry of regulations

The new rules cover subjects as varied as marijuana policy, vehicle pollution, civil rights for transgender students, and drinking water safety.

E-bikes are a ‘game changer’ for bike shares

Ridership on the systems in cities big and small after the pandemic is stronger than ever, and bike-share operators say the electric devices are a big reason why.

Under new partnership with feds, state AGs can investigate airline complaints

States have not been allowed to pursue air carriers for violating consumer protection laws since 1978, but a new partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation will give attorneys general power to probe and report violations.

Senate rebukes Biden administration on effort to reduce vehicle pollution

Three Democrats and one independent joined the chamber’s Republicans, arguing the Federal Highway Administration overstepped its authority in requiring states to track greenhouse gas emissions. But the president threatened to veto the measure.

New Houston mayor reverses course on bike, pedestrian improvements

Mayor John Whitmire ordered pedestrian islands removed, froze projects with bike lanes and suggested cyclists stick to “recreational” trails. It’s a big change in direction from his predecessor’s approach.

2022 was the ‘worst year ever for bicyclist deaths,’ new data shows

Safety advocates blame the upswing in cyclist deaths on larger, more powerful vehicles that have become more common on American roads in the last decade.