All Aboard: Passenger Rail Is Rolling Along the Atlantic Coast

Two Southern states have set record-high ridership numbers and are looking to expand their networks. Here’s how they did it.

DOT Awards $94 Million for Innovative Transportation Tech

The Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation Grants Program made 59 awards for demonstration projects leveraging automation, connected vehicles, sensors and drones as well as smart grid and intelligent traffic signal technologies.

How to Build a Passenger Rail Network from Scratch

Tennessee wants to expand rail in the state. Routes could be a critical link in a national network built with federal money, but right now service is minimal.

$700M in Grants for Local EV Chargers Announced

The competitive grants are designed to install electric vehicle chargers in local communities where private entities are otherwise less likely to build them.

Governor Recommits Maryland to Highest National Climate Goals for EV Sales

Gov. Wes Moore's decision reverses one by former Gov. Larry Hogan to pause Maryland's participation in meeting the California standard for electric vehicles.

State and Local Officials Press to Increase Rail Safety Regulations

They want railroads to tell local emergency responders if hazardous materials are going through their towns, and have asked the feds to study the proliferation of longer trains.

Why the Humble City Bus is the Key to Improving US Public Transit

COMMENTARY | High-quality bus service is the fastest route to rapid, comprehensive public transit in the United States. This country was once a leader in bus transit, and with adequate funding, it could be again.

$185M in Grants to Reconnect Communities Severed by Highways Announced

Federal transportation officials unveiled the dozens of cities and communities selected for grants under the infrastructure law.

A Troubling Trend: Pedestrian Deaths Continue to Rise

The number of people killed on U.S. streets in early 2022 was 5% higher than the same period a year earlier, showing a dramatic increase over the last decade.

Biden Administration Recognizes States’ Role in Highway Spending

A new memo from the Federal Highway Administration that replaces one from last year explicitly acknowledges the role of states in deciding how to use federal highway dollars—allaying concerns raised by Republicans in Congress.

California Is Racing to Electrify Trucks. Can the Industry Keep Up?

As frontline communities demand relief from diesel pollution, trucking advocates warn the state is moving too fast.

Governments Aim to Reduce the Big Barrier to E-Bike Adoption: The Price

Officials are experimenting with rebates, vouchers and tax credits to lower the cost of electric bicycles and ease car congestion.

The Biden Administration Aims to Make EV Charging as Easy as Filling Up

The first comprehensive standards for public electric vehicle charging stations will help ensure reliability and accessibility.

How Communities Balance Speed and Safety on the Roads

COMMENTARY | Many solutions to slow down traffic elongate travel times. However, several compromise solutions exist that allow travelers to reach their destination quickly and improve road safety.

Ohio Gov. DeWine Calls for Stricter Regulations on Railways after East Palestine Derailment

“We should know when we have trains carrying hazardous material that are going to the state of Ohio.”

Kansas City Hopes Its New ‘Inclusive’ Terminal Will Bring More Flights and Visitors

The old terminal in Missouri’s largest city lacked convenient bathrooms, food options and security. The $1.5 billion replacement fixes many of those problems.

To Bring Down Traffic Deaths, Feds Launch Another Safe Streets Initiative

The Transportation Department has enlisted dozens of organizations that have committed to taking action to make the roads less dangerous.

How One State Is Rolling Out an EV Charging Tax System

Iowa got a head start four years ago when it passed a tax on kilowatt hours sold. Here’s what they’ve learned so far.

‘Ghost Buses’ Haunt Transit Agencies and Frustrate Riders

Transit agencies should release canceled or delayed bus data to the public to avoid unhappy travelers, experts say.

As More Electric Vehicles Hit Roads, States Look to Replace the Gas Tax

Taxing drivers for the miles they drive and imposing fuel taxes on electricity sold at commercial chargers are just some of the options states are considering.