Feds Launch $1B Initiative to Rework Infrastructure That Cut Apart Cities

The Biden administration says places that prioritize community outreach as they design project proposals will have an advantage over others.

Taking the Friction Out of Regional Transit Payments

With an upgraded app, Cleveland-area riders can buy fares for 14 transit agencies across the region.

Republicans Look to Reverse Biden’s Infrastructure Permitting Changes

They’re raising concerns that reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act will slow down projects, now that the Biden administration has scrapped a Trump-era rules rewrite.

Instead of Relief at the Pump, California Moves to Put Cash in Pockets

State leaders are opting for direct payments up to $1,050, rather than a gas tax suspension as they look to provide residents a break from skyrocketing prices.

The Push to Ban New Gas Stations is Coming to Los Angeles

L.A., the capital of car culture, could be the first big city to enact such a ban.

Biden's Push on Gas Tax Relief Will Likely Fall to States

His plan to suspend the federal tax to help ease high gas prices has low odds of passing Congress. The president says states are in a solid financial position to take action, but experts have doubts about whether gas tax holidays at any level are good policy.

The States Shifting Road Safety Dollars Away From Safety Programs

Some in Congress are asking why states are redirecting the federal money at a time when crashes and highway deaths are on the rise.

Why It's So Hard to Convince the Public on Transportation Projects

Drivers and engineers often hold very different attitudes on transportation that directly contradict those of transportation planners, new research shows.

Can't Get There From Here: The Missing Middle Along Florida's Coast-to-Coast Trail

Bicyclists tell of having to ride along busy highways as officials say an unfinished segment may be years more in the making.

School Districts to Receive $500M in Federal Funds to Buy Electric Buses

The Biden administration recently announced the new funding for this year, in addition to $5 billion in infrastructure act funds, for school districts to replace polluting diesel buses. But making the switch to electric will be challenging for some communities.

City Official: State Transportation Agencies Block Street Safety Progress

The Idaho city council president told congressional lawmakers that state policies are designed to make sure vehicles go fast. She and others offered local solutions to make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Work Zones Cause Crashes—but Only Sometimes

Researchers found that there are more vehicle accidents in work zones on busy roads, among other things.

Driverless Taxis Hit the Streets

California regulators gave Cruise the go-ahead to charge passengers to ride through San Francisco in its autonomous vehicles, but public safety skepticism remains.

Two States Cancel Highway Expansions After Years of Planning

Advocates in favor of scrapping highway projects hope that increased public pressure and scrutiny from the Biden administration will halt others.

Automated Buses Will Still Need Skilled Human Operators

Even as buses incorporate more automated features, the complexity of driving near pedestrians and in changing weather will require trained human operators, a new report says.

Feds Unveil $368M in Grants for Dozens of Rail Projects

The money will go towards upgrades on both freight and passenger lines in 32 states.

Battle Over Status of Uber and Lyft Drivers Returns to the Ballot Box

Massachusetts voters will decide if the drivers are treated as employees or contractors. It’s the latest dispute to play out between labor advocates and the ride-booking giants.

Roadside Objects Can Trick Driverless Cars

Researchers found that cardboard boxes and bicycles placed on the side of the road caused vehicles to permanently stop on empty thoroughfares and intersections.

A Bike Advocate Mayor on a Mission to Create ‘People-oriented’ Streets

Emeryville, California Mayor John Bauters, who has gained notice for his punchy tweets about cycling and pedestrian issues, explains his broader vision for transforming the city.

When Self-driving Cars Crash, Who’s Responsible? Courts and Insurers Need to Know What’s Inside the ‘Black Box’

Decision-making processes of self-driving cars are difficult to understand, but the growing field of “explainable AI” may help provide some answers.