States get streamlined access to Treasury’s Do Not Pay system for unemployment

The move comes as federal agencies work with states to combat the rise in jobless aid fraud following the pandemic.

Port aid, protections for highway and election workers signed into law

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed bills supporting Baltimore-area businesses and workers affected by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The Senate wants states to recover the billions lost to unemployment fraud during the pandemic

A bipartisan proposal would let states keep a quarter of the funds they recoup. It is similar to a House proposal passed last year.

Feds calls on states to reevaluate unemployment benefit accessibility

Access to unemployment has been declining and differs drastically across demographic groups. The Labor Department is urging states and territories to do something about it in new guidance.

The money's out the door in nationwide unemployment insurance modernization push

A Labor Department official said efforts to help states modernize their UI systems are trending in the right direction, but funding may be insufficient.

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Pandemic unemployment insurance fraud could have cost $135B, says government watchdog

The Government Accountability Office also says that cuts Congress made as part of the debt deal in June has hurt state efforts to prevent future fraud.

Hawaii’s wildfires led to fast tracking federal identity tools for unemployment claims

Unemployment is on the rise in Maui due in part to the drastic drop in tourism after the devastating wildfires. But the state's rapid deployment of an underutilized federal identity verification tool will help it get benefits to the people who really need it.

Unemployment insurance modernization takes hit in Congress

The funding reduction is part of the debt ceiling compromise, but the Labor Department says it still plans to focus on helping states combat identity fraud and strengthening the integrity of the UI system.

States See Record Low Unemployment Across the US

Black women, young people and people with disabilities are among the workers benefiting.

What State Unemployment Modernization Pilots Get Right

Pilot programs in two states focusing on identity verification for unemployment systems could set the stage for nationwide modernization.

Biden Will Veto Republican-Led Clawback of Unemployment Funding

The Office of Management and Budget says that the president would veto a Republican proposal to rescind American Rescue Plan Act funding for unemployment if passed by Congress.

Some States May Be Barring the Door to Unemployment Benefits

Nine states are requiring unemployment insurance applicants to verify their identity before submitting applications.

Colorado Expands Unemployment Insurance—And Others Are Watching Closely

Colorado’s low-cost approach to getting benefits out the door quickly could provide a model for adapting or modernizing public assistance programs elsewhere.

Republicans Want to Incentivize States to Recover Stolen Unemployment Benefits

The House Ways and Means Committee approved a bill this week that would let states keep 25% of any money they recover that was fraudulently obtained or improperly given out.

Congress and Watchdogs Scrutinize Covid Aid Lost to Fraud

Federal officials are still going after fraudsters who siphoned billions from emergency Covid-era programs, while also trying to prevent similar malfeasance in the future. State-managed unemployment programs are one area getting heavy attention.

Federal Watchdog Pegs Pandemic Unemployment Fraud at Over $60B

But the Government Accountability Office also cautioned that a firm estimate is tough to pin down. The analysis looks at an 18-month period starting in 2020.

The States That Saw Unemployment Rise or Fall in July

Fourteen states saw significant drops in unemployment, according to new federal data, as the Biden administration touted a record-high number of states with jobless rates at or below 3%.

More States Are Forgoing Extra Federal Food Aid

At least 16 states have opted out of receiving millions in pandemic food aid.

States Could Keep a Share of Recovered Unemployment Payments Under GOP Plan

The perk is part of new Republican legislation meant to force states to pursue more of the billions of dollars in benefits they wrongly paid during the pandemic.

States Need to Invest in Their Unemployment Systems, Labor Secretary Says

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told congressional lawmakers that the federal government also has to contribute to upgrading the system that the Government Accountability Office deemed a poorly performing government program.