User Experience

Feds move to make gov websites more accessible to people with disabilities

It’s the first time the federal government has ever issued rules clarifying how the more than 30-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act applies online. But the new rules come with a hefty price tag for state and local governments.

Government software that shines: Solar permitting’s bright future in 2024

COMMENTARY | By automating the permitting process for rooftop solar, cities and counties can save time and money for their building departments and homeowners.

Gov. Josh Shapiro wants you to text him

The Pennsylvania governor joins New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy as trailblazers exploring direct text communications with constituents.

How to unlock a better user experience for constituents

COMMENTARY | People today expect smarter, simpler customer service thanks to the likes of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. States can deliver on that expectation by creating a single data source spanning all systems of record.

How communities can navigate the tangled web of federal grants

Streamlined grants management and cross-sector partnerships can help governments with limited resources overcome barriers to accessing federal grants.

Connect with state & local government leaders

How agency employees can help improve user experience

COMMENTARY | By leveraging nontechnical staff for automated testing, agencies can improve user experience and help residents gain the greatest benefit from digital government services.