Washington State

Could this state's health ‘hub’ model treating opioid addiction go nationwide?

Washington state's model provides a walk-in, “one-stop shop” for substance-use disorder patients. U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell is now championing it in Congress.

As cities ban them from public spaces, homeless people scatter in search of refuge

Attorneys say bans could become more common nationwide if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns lower-court rulings in Oregon and Idaho that protect homeless people from being ticketed, charged or arrested for sleeping on public property.

US long-term care costs are sky-high, but one state's plan to help pay for them could be nixed

COMMENTARY | Washington state's WA Cares Fund collects a 0.58% tax out of residents’ paychecks to fund a new long-term care social insurance program. It’s not clear, however, whether the state’s strategy is going to work out.

Can the snarky ‘Save Our Yachts’ campaign save Washington’s capital gains tax?

The long-fought-for and hard-won tax has survived its legal challenges. Now it must survive the ballot.

In reversal, more areas allow high-speed police chases

Supporters of policy rollbacks say police pursuits can reduce crime; some experts aren’t so sure.

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Longtime state senator announces plans to retire

In an interview from earlier this year, Washington’s Karen Keiser discussed her nearly 30-year career and how to affect change in state legislatures.

Washington’s key climate law is under attack

In 2023, the state’s Climate Commitment Act generated more than $2 billion for projects to clean up transportation, shift to clean energy and help communities adapt to the effects of a changing climate. But this fall, voters will get a chance to shut it all down.

Washington’s cap on carbon is raising billions for climate action. Can it survive the backlash?

A repeal initiative blaming the state's climate law for higher gas prices could wind up on the ballot in November.

A seasoned legislator looks to help newcomers navigate the complex world of lawmaking

As state legislatures across the country prepare for the new session, Washington state Sen. Karen Keiser offers newly elected lawmakers advice in a new book that looks back on a 25-year career.

Nation’s Longest-Serving Governor Won’t Run for Reelection

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made a name for himself at home and nationally as an environmental champion.

How Washington Raised $300 Million for Climate Action From Polluters

The state's first "cap-and-invest" auction nearly doubled the price of carbon recently sold in California.

Localities Are Finding Creative Affordable Housing Solutions

There's an estimated shortage of 3.8 million housing units nationwide. Cities and towns are stepping up to help residents.

Murder Hornets in US Being Trapped With ‘Sex Spray’

The Asian giant hornet is killing honeybees in the west and may migrate east, which could have a devastating economic impact.

When Counties Need Fines, More Women Go to Jail

"Heavy reliance on monetary sanctions as a source of revenue creates an obvious conflict of interest for local governments: They need people to violate the law in order to keep themselves out of the red," researcher Kate O'Neill says.

States Lawmakers are Taking On Housing Policy Once Left to Locals

Legislators are looking at new—and sometimes controversial—ways to spur denser development and more affordable homes.

'Joints for Jabs' Vaccine Incentive Rolls Out in Washington State

Cannabis retailers can offer a joint to people who get Covid-19 vaccine shots. A former surgeon general is warning that some perks like this could raise public health concerns of their own.

New Environmental Justice Measures Might Revive Cap-and-Trade

In Washington, the passage of a bill that places a cap on carbon emissions and charges polluters for contributing to climate change comes as support for such policies wanes. How the law plays out could could have implications for national climate policy.

One State’s Plan to Ease the ‘Invisible’ Diaper Gap for Families

A third of families nationwide experience diaper need, regardless of age, race or income, data shows. Washington state will allocate funding for diaper banks in its latest budget to help close that gap.

Washington State Sets 2030 Goal for Phasing Out Gas-Powered Cars

The measure, awaiting a signature from Gov. Jay Inslee, comes after California set a similar target.